Disco 80s & 70s For Events


Nostalgic music that has become so tightly integrated into our lives that we can no longer be dispassionate about it. Abba, Arabesque, Boney M, C.C. Catch, Modern Talking, Bee Gees, Ottawan.

This music has continued to live its full life for over 40 years. It is still relevant and never ceases to delight millions of fans across the country.

Disco has become the epitome of unbridled energy and absolute joy. Mirrored balls and neon lights became the standard of disco decor, and the driving rhythm and live orchestrated melodies became integral elements of modern popular songs.

Everyone who was lucky enough to grow up in the 70s and 80s remembers those golden years with a smile. We still have a favorite frequency in the receiver, self-assembled playlist on a flash drive in the car, and in the closet, as a piece of something eternal, still lie flared jeans, striped gaiters, hanging colored jacket and neatly stacked in a box shoes on a thick heel.

Disco has always been the music of the most louche and hedonistic parties. Its name is closely associated with the appearance of the world’s first full-fledged discotheques, when dancing reached the level of mass entertainment industry. It is noteworthy that to this day we choose disco of the 80s and the second half of the 70s for fun.

Toto Cutugno, Baccara, Bad Boys Blue, Alphaville, Savage, C.C. Catch, Ottawan, Arabesque (Michaella), Boney M continue their successful touring activities, performing at both major dance venues and exclusive private events. These famous artists have been identified with the best and finest for decades, giving events an exceptional and inimitable atmosphere.


Just in the era of the 70’s – 80’s came the development of DJ culture, which had a strong impact on disco music.

First, there were programmable drum machines, which successfully replaced the drummers, making the rhythm powerful and dominant.

Secondly, synthesizers were widely used, which became a strong basis for the instrumental part of the songs.

And, thirdly, the appearance of samplers set a new sound, without which all modern pop music can’t do without (for example, the bass line in Donna Summer’s song “I Feel Love”, recorded by Italian producer Giorgio Moroder).

Today, disco is the most danceable, enchanting and spectacular trend in music, giving the public the ultimate party experience!

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