New Year’s Eve & Christmas Party DJ Hire

диджей на презентацию

A DJ for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party is a great solution. The festive atmosphere, supported by professional DJ, will be remembered for a long time, and photos from the Christmas party will be a great reason for regular talks among friends.

Christmas party is the most long-awaited one, and only with professionals you can be sure of its success.

You can hire a DJ for Christmas event with equipment and a host by phone +380(67) 547 — 32 — 75 or (044) 229 — 22 — 11 (Kyiv).

bestDJs advantages over competitors

If you offer your guests a cozy friendly atmosphere with a charismatic host and an energetic DJ, they will turn the Christmas event into a real celebration!

DJ always looks good, he has a 20+ years experience and a perfect collection of dance music and special effects. The host is sociable and attentive to the audience, a real master of words. And such a professional duet of DJ and host let you to celebrate Christmas at the highest level.

Сергей Федотов на Новый год

Our core services are:

  • DJ for a Christmas – a wide range of music styles (from club to pop music, music of different epochs (disco 70-80, 90s, 2000s), individual playlists) – you can be sure that the DJ will play music that all the guests like;
  • host for the Christmas event – popular hosts Kirill Kapustin and Sergiy Fedotov;
  • Christmas party concept and the program of celebration;
  • thematic Christmas’s music;
  • musical accompaniment for the Christmas party;
  • popular songs from movies, New Year’s chops and backing for contests, as well as fanfares and chimes on New Year’s Eve;
  • smoke machine, metafan (scattering “rain” of glitter and confetti);
  • DJ equipment and radio microphone for the host;
  • powerful sound system (minimum 1000W);
  • lighting system for festive atmosphere;
  • Christmas disco;
  • equipment delivery, installation-dismantling, setup and maintenance.

You can order extra:

  • Christmas decorations, balloons;
  • musicians for the Christmas party;
  • concert featuring popular artists.

With bestDJs host and DJ you can celebrate New Year’s Eve or Christmas at a high level! DJ as well as the host can work Christmas’s event as in Kyiv, and in another city of Ukraine.

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