bestDJs advantages over competitors

  1. Rich DJ experience of more than 20 years, allowing you to create an atmosphere and ensure a good mood at the event.
  2. Wide range of DJ music styles (from club music to pop music, music of different epochs (disco 70-80, 90’s, 2000’s), individual playlists). You can be sure that the DJ will play music that the guests like.
  3. Artificial intelligence application, thanks to which we know what specific songs people listen to in 2023 year in Ukraine.
  4. Professionalism in work. Professional DJ equipment (Pioneer DJ decks, mixers, controllers), seamless transitions between tracks, no prerecorded mixes. DJ does only the work of a DJ – plays music, and, for example, all technical issues are done by specially trained technicians.
  5. A large selection of professional equipment for any event (sound, light, special effects).
  6. Any related services at the customer’s request – individual selection of sound, light equipment, individual playlists, etc.

We use the latest technology with artificial intelligence to select the music for each party:

  • our robots regularly analyze Ukrainians music preferences – we know exactly what songs are listened to now in 2023 year both in Kyiv and all over Ukraine;
  • deep analysis of a huge amount of data, and as a result, we organize the list of songs according to their popularity.

This unique product was created in 2018 exclusively for bestDJs to keep up with the times and provide our clients with truly popular music.

Our robots collect gigabytes of statistical data about the music people listen to every month. No one in the world is able to process this amount of information. The robot easily groups and organizes songs.

As a result, all the actual music for the event is divided into different categories for different tastes of the audience. Thanks to this innovative tool a DJ at the party easily plays music that guests like.

For thematic parties, we are guided by personal tastes and many years of experience.

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