Denys Rozgon

A real hero of the holidays, whose colorful bass and masculine majesty make women’s hearts beat even faster!

As a DJ, I can give people the music they are really waiting for. Let’s finally have some real fun, and not just think of a DJ as a tribute to fashion!

Denys Rozgon’s excellent musical taste and inner flair make him stand out among many others! The attractive appearance of a real man, constant eye contact with the audience and charisma inspire a sense of trust in this DJ.

His musical preferences start with pop music, which has become his favorite for many years, and extend right up to the new releases that have just come out of the studio. During the holidays, Denys is skillful with both the microphone and DJ equipment, so the events are a phenomenal success!

Denys Rozgon always knows how to surprise the audience, give the holiday a great mood and give great music to all participants of the holiday!

Working on radio and television has always been in line with my musical preferences. DJing became another need that is now being successfully realized. I am a happy man!

Music from the top of the charts and timeless classics, folk anthems and symbols of entire eras… Denys Rozgon erases any obvious boundaries of musical preferences. His music causes euphoria and allows you to fully enjoy the holiday!

Denys Rozgon has the latest DJ equipment and a powerful computer with a huge collection of music and special effects. Whether it’s a disco, an awards ceremony or a special event, he will always find the right music or accompaniment. The microphone in Denys’ hands becomes a powerful weapon that can add live energy to the show!

Today, technology has advanced so much that it offers DJs unlimited possibilities. Everything that we can imagine in our minds can now be safely realized! It’s incredible!

Denys Rozgon will give a head start to every live band performing cover versions of famous songs, because his work is not limited by time and repertoire, physical abilities and a set of instruments. The music of a DJ always sounds the way we are used to listening to it! No falsity and only first-class sound! A professional DJ is the most rational solution for today!

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