Sergey Fedotov – Professional Host and DJ

Сергей Федотов

Sergiy Fedotov’s success owes much to his innate charisma. A cheerful skeptic with invaluable life experience. With him there is always a holiday and a good mood. Therefore, wherever Fedotov performs, a positive mood is guaranteed!!!

Sergiy Fedotov has a unique feature to dispose to himself and fascinate with his personality. Mature, knowing many secrets of life, he easily finds an approach to people.

Сергей Федотов

Whether it is a schoolchildren’s graduation or an Birthday party, a corporate party or a wedding celebration, Fedotov subtly feels the mood of the audience and accurately anticipates its desires. He is always more than a host. He is the main show program of the evening.

As the host of Ukraine’s most popular radio show “Alarm Clock” on Russian Radio Ukraine, he regularly participates in many public events of the radio station across the country and is not limited to his work as a host at the Jazz Koktebel festival and Eurovision qualifiers.

Кирилл Капустин и Сергей Федотов
Monatik and Vera Brezhneva as guests of Kirill Kapustin and Sergiy Fedotov on Russian Radio Ukraine

Working with Sergiy Fedotov, you will easily come up with the theme of your holiday, make a suitable scenario plan and get a lot of pleasure from communicating with this person.

It is surprising that even ordinary thematic contests in his conduct are perceived in a new and as never before exciting. Therefore, all events with Sergiy’s participation are interesting and tantalizing.

To book Sergiy Fedotov on your holiday, call us by phone (044) 229-22-11 or 067-547-32-75.


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