DJ U-Ra (Yuriy Mykhalchuk) is quite an influential personality in Ukrainian DJ-culture. 20 years of experience in the professional scene with the geography of performances from Morocco to Maldives. Outstanding DJ, he is able to work at any event and implement all musical ideas without exception!

DJ U-Ra has rich creative and promoting experience: huge KissFM parties, the best electronic dance music magazine DJmag (Ukrainian edition) director and editor-in-chief; “FUNKFUSION” radio show producer on “Renaissance» radio (96,8FM), head of KissFM booking agency, many producer of soundtracks to silent movies.

DJ U-Ra’s career started in 2000 at the legendary Kyiv club ULTRA. At the same time he started producing the first radio shows on SuperNova radio. Later DJ U-Ra started organizing concerts on KissFM radio birthdays (ATB, Chicane, Darude).

Thanks to close connections in the British club business, in 2005 DJ U-Ra organized the first Godskitchen festival in Ukraine, and in 2008 he started to publish the most popular electronic dance music magazine DJmag.DJmag

Meanwhile, his most popular radio show “FUNKFUSION” has been airing on Renaissance 96.8FM since 2006.

The year 2009 was marked by his successful concerts and discos at massive Gogolfest festival, and in 2011 DJ U-Ra composed and produced the soundtrack to the movie “Two Days”. “Children & Doves”, “Dniprelstan”, “Keep Silence, Sadness, Keep Silence” (Chardynin), “11” (Dzyga Vertov), “Othello”, “Provocateur”, “Multagitprop”, “Uncle’s Apartment”, “A Berry Of Love”.

In 2012, he started a DJ booking agency on the KissFM radio station – the largest DJs booking agency in Ukraine, and in 2015 he was a member of the jury at the First All-Ukrainian light and sound tournament LVSdesign, later its head.

Every year DJ U-Ra participates in various projects, constantly expanding his DJ and promotion activity. Any non-standard ideas in the organization of holidays and DJing, always find new embodiments.

To book a DJ, call us by phone +38067-547-32-75 or (044) 229-22-11 (Kyiv). Working hours 9:00 – 20:00.


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