What is the plot of silent disco play?

Tamara is 15. Rejected by her mother, who’s moved on to a new relationship, she’s forced to live (and cope) with her embittered father, a man harbouring a secret that will deeply impact their lives.

What is the plot of silent disco play?

Who wrote Silent Disco?

Silent Disco is a play by Australian playwright Lachlan Philpott. It concerns two teenagers – one of whom is Aboriginal – at a Sydney public school. The play premiered at the Stables Theatre in Sydney from April-June 2011, directed by Lee Lewis, for Griffin Theatre Company, Australian Theatre for Young People and HotHouse Theatre.

When is Silent Disco coming to New Theatre?

Shining the light on a society that has seemingly lost its way in dealing with its troubled youth, New Theatre presents from 24 March, a long-overdue revival of Lachlan Philpott’s award-winning contemporary Australian play, Silent Disco. Tamara is 15.

What does the iPod symbolize in silent disco?

After you seeSilent Disco Exploring Themes: The prop as symbolIn Silent Disco, the ipod becomes a symbol of the time in which the play is set. Characters use the ipod to escape from difficulties in their lives, to disengage with theenvironment around them, and to tap into another world or perception of the world.

Who are the cast of Silent Disco?

Fraser CorfieldSam StrongLachlan PhilpottLee LewisKai RaisbeckJustin NardellaGlen DulihantyStefan GregoryRoss GrahamNatasha Marich Silent Disco CastSquidTamaraDanePetchall Meyne WyattSophie HensserKirk PageCamilla Ah Kin Interview with Director, Lee Lewis and Writer, Lachlan Philpott Writer – Lachlan Philpott Director – Lee Lewis

What kind of music is silent disco?

At a silent disco, each DJ typically plays a different genre of music. One DJ might be playing electronic dance music, another spinning hip-hop and R&B tunes, while the third is playing pop music. Each DJ’s set corresponds to a color that lights up on the dancers’ headphones.

What is a silent disco?

A silent disco is a type of party where everyone wears wireless headphone sets that are connected to the same channel, allowing them to listen to the same music everywhere. It works by utilizing FM transmitters, receivers, and stereo earphones or professional-grade headphones with no sound element emitted from the source itself.

What kind of music is silent disco?

What are the best silent disco headphones?

If you’re looking for silent disco headphones that you can use on your own, the Talent RF-309 is worth a look. The design and functionality of these headphones can be compared to Silent Sound System and Party Headphones. And, they come in a solo pack. The Talent RF-309 features an adjustable headband and ear pads both lined with soft cushions.

What is a silent concert?

A silent concert (or headphones concert) is a live music performance where the audience, in the same venue as the performing artist, listens to the music through headphones.

How do I choose the best silent disco sound & lighting?

The best silent disco sound and lighting come from smart devices, which require an internet connection to operate. To ensure your silent disco is one for the ages, check your internet connection as you set up your event.

What are the pros of a silent disco?

Unlike a conventional disco using a PA speaker system, silent discos are pretty quiet, (well, aside from people having a great time and singing along). Because the music is only audible in the wireless headphones, silent parties are very neighbour friendly. No speakers, no noise, no fuss.

How does silent disco work?

Silent disco works through wireless headphones. The DJ wears a transmitter that sends the music through radio frequencies to your headset, just without all of the noise you would normally hear at a party or concert. Each transmitter has its own frequency channel.

How long does a silent disco party last?

Outside the headphones, a silent rave is silent, which gives the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing. Typically, these events last as long as the headphones do, which can be up to 10 hours with the right headphones. One unique part of a silent disco party is that everyone can listen to their own music.

Why are silent discos popular at music festivals?

Silent discos are popular at music festivals as they allow dancing to continue past noise curfews. Similar events are “mobile clubbing” gatherings, where a group of people dance to the music on their personal music players. [citation needed]

What’s the point of a silent disco Reddit?

I wanted my guests to feel like they could enjoy themselves and hang out without having to shout at each other, or go outside to escape the noise from the dance floor.

Do people listen to the same music at a silent disco?

Does everyone listen to the same music at a silent disco? One of the best parts of a silent disco is everyone can listen to their music channel of choice. If you have multiple DJs, or even just multiple MP3 players, you can stream up to 3 stations, letting your guests pick their favorite to dance to.

Does a silent disco have a DJ?

No, at a silent disco, each person has their own headphones and can choose which channel they want to listen to. This means that everyone can listen to the music they want to hear. You can even have more than one DJ playing different types of music at the same time.

Do silent disco headphones need to be turned on?

However, the beauty of silent disco headphones is that you only need to turn them on. Because the receivers are already programmed into the radio frequencies that the transmitters broadcast, they will automatically play the music when that channel is selected. There’s no need for Bluetooth or infrared, just good old-fashioned radio waves!

Do people listen to the same music at a silent disco?

How do you change the music channel on a silent disco?

To change channel you simply press the switch button on the side and the headsets will instantly change to the next channel. Because there are three channels of music playing, people will be singing to different music at the same time. This makes silent discos great fun and allows you to play a variety of music on each of the three channels.

Why should you have a quiet disco party?

Perhaps the biggest reason why your party will be way better is because it will be unique. Silent discos may be on the rise, but they certainly aren’t the norm. If you want a party that stands out and keeps people talking about it days and days later, then a quiet party is one you should consider.

What is silent disco at ACL?

How it works: With your pair of Quiet Events headphones you can adjust the volume and choose between our three DJ’s with the flick of a switch. Each headset has a color LED that shows which channel you’re listening to. You can dance along with those tuning into the same DJ as you; it’s super social.

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