What is the longest set at Sunwaves?

27 hour and 40-minute

Joseph Capriati, a master of marathon DJ sessions, smashed the record for longest non-stop performance at Sunwaves Festival in Romania this past weekend with a 27 hour and 40-minute set. Over the years, Sunwaves has become the go-to festival for DJ titans to show off their endurance behind the decks.

What is the longest set at Sunwaves?

How long is Marco Carola’s set at Sunwaves?

Over the years, Sunwaves has become the go-to festival for DJ titans to show off their endurance behind the decks. Last year, Dubfire kicked Marco Carola off his marathon set throne with a 26 hour and 30-minute set during the event’s 24th edition.

What is the longest heatwave on record?

The ongoing Chinese heatwave is already the longest on record since the National Climate Center started keeping records in 1961. As of August 17, 2022, 262 separate weather stations throughout the country had recorded temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) or above, and eight had also topped 44 C (111F).

What is the longest wave?

The Longest Wave transcends the action sports genre by capturing obstacles outside of the legendary athlete’s professional life in an intimate, cinéma-vérité style, revealing Naish balancing the pursuit of excellence at sea with the demands of life’s complications on land.

How many days is sunwaves?

SUNWAVES is the first and biggest biannual music festival in Romania, that goes for 5 days and 5 nights.

Is Sunwaves changing the date?

Sunwaves reaches its 27th edition and continues, but it is changing the date. We hope this pandemic ends quickly and well, so that we can spend beautiful moments together at Sunwaves. We leave below the statement of the organizers regarding the change of date of the festival and more details.

When is Sunwaves Festival?

Hello, new and old friends, it’s time to meet again in Mamaia Nord for our 30th edition of SUNWAVES FESTIVAL ::: #SW30. The Spring Edition is scheduled to start on April 27th until May 3rd, so begin planning your Romanian musical vacation.

How long does it take to enrol with Sunwave?

Note that Sunwave must allow the government mandated rescission period to elapse prior to submitting an enrolment request. It will take a minimum of 5 business days from the day you sign up before Sunwave can confirm your enrolment with your local utility. 10.

What is Sunwave?

Built on the belief that SUD treatment providers and behavioral health facilities can deliver better patient care with a unified platform, Sunwave was intentionally developed for those operations and unique needs.

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