What does ACL music stand for?

Austin City Limits

The Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival is an annual music festival held in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas on two consecutive three-day weekends.

What does ACL music stand for?

What is the ACL Music Festival?

Inspired by the KLRU / PBS music series of the same name, the festival is produced by Austin-based company C3 Presents, which also produces Chicago ’s Lollapalooza. The ACL Music Festival has eight stages where musical groups from genres including rock, indie, country, folk, electronic, and hip hop perform for fans.

What does ACL stand for?

FOR THE MOST CURRENT FEDERAL REGULATIONS: Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 622 – Fisheries of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic Definitions: Annual Catch Limit (ACL) is the amount of fish that can be harvested from the stock each year.

What are the dates & hours of ACL?

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2023 will take place at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas on Oct. 6-8 & 13-15. Check out our website for the most up to date information: www.aclfestival.com

Does ACL Festival have side-stage access?

*Side-stage access is subject to capacity limits and artist discretion, but we will do our best to get you where you want to go. ACL Festival features a diverse lineup of acts every year with 8 stages, more than 125 performances – and best of all, two weekends.

What is the biggest music festival in USA?


Dubbed the “World’s Largest Music Festival,” Summerfest offers music lovers more than 800 different bands performing on 12 different stages over the course of three consecutive weekends.

What is the biggest music festival in the United States?

Lollapalooza One of the biggest music festivals of the United States is Lollapalooza. This annual music festival takes place in Chicago and was founded in 1991 by Perry Farrell. Nowadays, it has grown to one of the most popular and diverse music festivals in the world.

What is the Big Ears Festival?

Featuring music from virtually all music genres, The Big Ears Festival is a four-day music festival that hosts everything from indie rock to classical music performances. The festival prides itself on offering an incredible range of music. Performances are held in concert halls, dance clubs, and even churches throughout the city.

How many music festivals are there?

Your search has returned 319 festivals! From California to New York City, Music Festival Wizard has all the info you need for festivals across the United States this summer with dates, tickets, lineups, and travel.

What is Austin’s best large-scale music festival?

ACL happens inside Austin’s “most beloved park,” the famed 350-acre Zilker Park where Barton Creek meets Lady Bird Lake. Longtime fans say the festival’s carefully curated lineup, October dates and embrace of Austin’s food and arts culture make it one of the best large-scale festivals in the country. 12. Rolling Loud Miami

Who puts on ACL?

This brings us to the music festival, which began in 2002 and was inspired by the ACL television show. Austin PBS doesn’t run the festival, though — it’s run by another Austin-based company called C3 Presents which, if you’re in the festival scene, you’ll know also puts on Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival.

Who puts on ACL?

What should I do if I have an ACL injury?

It may help to take precautions and speak to a physical therapist about ways to reduce this risk. The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is a part of the knee that is prone to injury. Learn about the causes and symptoms of an ACL injury here, as well as about the treatment options and recovery time.

What is an ACL injury?

Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect one bone to another. The ACL, one of two ligaments that cross in the middle of the knee, connects your thighbone to your shinbone and helps stabilize your knee joint. ACL injuries often happen during sports and fitness activities that can put stress on the knee:

What is ACL reconstruction?

ACL reconstruction is the current standard-of-care surgical treatment for ACL tears. This procedure typically uses a graft, or a piece of tissue, placed in the knee in a minimally invasive surgery that uses small incisions. Most ACL surgeries performed at HSS are ACL reconstructions.

Who is most likely to tear an ACL?

People of all ages, physical conditions and abilities can tear an ACL. Active women experience a higher incidence of ACL injuries than men because their biomechanics tend to put more stress on their knees. ACL injuries are also common in children, especially as youth sports become increasingly competitive.

How many people went to ACL?

The city of Austin says about 450,000 people go to the Austin City Limits music festival every year. Those thousands of festival goers have big impacts on businesses near Zilker Park.

How common is ACL injury?

Now that we have reviewed the basics of the knee joint and ACL, let’s get into some ACL tear statistics. The incidence of ACL injury occurs between 100,000 to 200,00 times within the United States. The raising ACL injury rates now affect 1 in 3,500 people in one study or 78 in 100,000 in another.

How many stages does the ACL Music Festival have?

The ACL Music Festival has eight stages where musical groups from genres including rock, indie, country, folk, electronic, and hip hop perform for fans. The concerts continue from 10 AM to 10 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the festival with various stages spread out in the park.

Which sports have the highest ACL tear rates?

Various sports have their own ACL tear statistics, with girls’ soccer having the highest injury rate ( 12.2) followed by boys’ football ( 11.1 ), with boys’ basketball players ( 2.3) and boys’ baseball athletes ( 0.7) having the lowest rates.

Can you return to sport after an ACL injury?

Some sobering news is that 56% of people do not return to competitive sport after an ACL injury ( 17 ). Additionally, evidence suggests up to 24% of people can re-injure their knee after returning to sport, however this risk is significantly reduced in people who pass important return to sport criteria ( 18 ).

What year did ACL start?


The inaugural Austin City Limits Music Festival took place in Austin’s Zilker Park in September 2002.

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