Is 85 decibels loud for a wedding?

Since we are all the targets of dangerous decibels, we need to remember, “Be decibel-wise: under 85 keeps hearing alive.” When interviewing bands or DJs for a wedding, insist that you want the music to be no louder than 80 dB—and then be prepared for bewildered faces.

Is 85 decibels loud for a wedding?

How many decibels is a wedding band?

Most wedding bands will be in the range of 95 – 105 dB, depending on the size of band and instruments playing. Is 95 decibels loud enough for a wedding?

How loud is 85 decibels?

The decibel scale runs from 0 dB (sounds barely hearable to the human ear) up to 130 dB, the threshold of pain. 85 decibels is a high noise level on the decibel scale. It is 15 times more intense than the 70-decibel level considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safe for human hearing.

What is a sound limiter in a wedding venue?

Most limiters are equipped with a ‘traffic light’ system that will warn venue staff and musicians when volume levels are due to exceed the decibel limit. Whilst some are just are visual aid of the noise level in a room, other sound limiters will cut the power supply to the performance area when tripped. Why do wedding venues have sound limiters?

How loud is your music?

Noise levels are measured in Decibels (dB), the higher the number the louder the sound. Here’s a link to a chart that shows the typical dB levels of most activities. As you can see normal conversation is around 60 – 65dB, most live music can be between 90 – 100dB. A really loud rock band, for example, can be as much as 105dB.

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