How much is a band for a wedding NZ?

Typically, a band will set you back anywhere from $1500-$5000 versus a DJ who’ll usually come in between $600-$2000.

How much is a band for a wedding NZ?

Who are the best upbeat wedding bands in New Zealand?

Wedding Bands on Findaband. We’ve selected our picks of the very best upbeat wedding bands in New Zealand. Check out videos by wedding bands like Pepperjacks, The Pickups, Kid Radio and Blue Steel now and find the perfect band for your big day. The Day Trippers specialise in psychedelic rock, soul and rock and roll from the 60s and 70s.

Where can I buy wedding rings in New Zealand?

Temple and Grace are New Zealand’s favourite destination store for gold, platinum and diamond jewellery. Our range of jewellery includes engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond jewellery and more. Over the years, Temple and Grace has grown to be synonymous with stocking the finest quality wedding rings in New Zealand.

Are Peter W Beck & Dora wedding rings made in New Zealand?

We are authorised New Zealand stockists for Peter W Beck and Dora men’s wedding rings. Apart from 18K gold, some of the popular Peter W Beck wedding bands for men are made in titanium and zirconium. With an elegant collection on offer, all men’s wedding bands stocked by Temple and Grace are 100% New Zealand made.

Who are partybands?

and with sound tracks etc, it is a breeze! Partybands is an easy and trusted way to hire a band for your event. Established in 2006, we have been providing great entertainment in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and all over NZ ever since!

Is a wedding band or DJ more expensive?

First, consider your budget: a wedding band can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, while DJs typically don’t cost more than $2,000 or so. Next, consider the style of your wedding and your guests– DJs are able to provide a breadth of music while bands offer a more lively, interactive experience.

How much does a wedding band cost vs a DJ?

The average cost of a wedding band vs. a DJ in 2022 was a $2,400 price difference. The cost of bands and DJs varies based on the hours booked, the number of members and the required equipment. According to our internal study, a live band costs $3,900 and a wedding DJ costs $1,500.

Can a DJ play live music at a wedding?

It’s not impossible though, even if you have a limited budget, as there are wedding entertainment companies that have bands that do both. Some DJs incorporate live music into their set, either by playing the drums themselves or having extra musicians play along to a track.

Why are bands more expensive?

“Bands are typically more expensive for a few reasons, they have more overhead costs (band members, booking agents, equipment, etc.),” says Keyees. “You not only have to take into account the event time frame, but also the time to practice and learn specific songs that the couple may request.

What are the pros and cons of a wedding band?

A major pro of a wedding band is that you and your guests will get to enjoy live music all night long (and some offer musicians that can play during your ceremony as well!). While you may be limited artist-wise, live bands are extremely well-versed in different genres.

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