How do I host a silent disco at home?

To make silent discos work you need four things; between one & three radio transmitters, a bunch of wireless party headphones, a music source for each transmitter, and some friends ready to dance.

How do I host a silent disco at home?

How to host a silent disco?

Unlike raves and other concerts, you can host a silent disco right from the comfort of your own home. To transform your space into the best party scene, you’ll need dark curtains, ambient mood lights, and a good internet connection. Once you have that all set up, create your own party playlist and send it to everyone to save to their phones.

Do you need headphones for a silent disco party?

Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing. If you’re throwing a silent disco party at home or in your backyard, you can use any of our recommended wireless headphone models.

Do you need a DJ for a silent rave?

One of the best parts of a silent rave is that you don’t need to book a DJ or go to a special venue. All you need is an open space, unique lighting, and some silent disco equipment. Follow the below tips on how to host a successful silent disco. Choosing the right venue is important for hosting any party – the right room can set the right vibe.

How do I choose the best silent disco sound & lighting?

The best silent disco sound and lighting come from smart devices, which require an internet connection to operate. To ensure your silent disco is one for the ages, check your internet connection as you set up your event.

How to do a disco party at home?

2 – Ultimate Disco Decorations: First of all , disco ball is a must! You can add some more colour lights and effects like smoke and bubbles to make the party more fun and exciting. You can also put some balloons and ribbons on the wall, or put DIY paper disc music boxes around the house, or even set up a DJ booth.

How to organize a disco party?

The most important element of your disco party is the disco ball! You can purchase or rent a disco ball at a party store to hang on your ceiling to set the mood for your party. Hang posters of bands and popular idols from the 70s (The Bee Gees, Farrah Fawcett, The Brady Bunch) on the walls. Get a black light and hang black light posters up as well.

How do you make a disco ball for a party?

A disco ball is an essential for this party theme. Making your own mirror ball is as easy as can be, and you’ll only need four supplies to put it together: a paper lantern, holographic bird tape, tape or glue dots, and some ribbon. Your DIY disco ball is sure to add some sparkle to your event! 2. Balloons

How to do a disco party at home?

How do you bring a disco theme home?

Some popular decorations you can add to bring your disco theme home include bright balloons, streamers, and glowsticks. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a proper silent disco without a disco ball to transport you right to Studio 54. With proper music and the right venue, you’re nearly all the way to a great party setup.

How many headphones can you have on silent disco?

Any amount of headphones can be added to main transmitter (3 or 4 channels) so you can have 3, 4 types of music playing on different silent disco headsets.

How many headphones do I need for a silent disco party?

If you’re throwing a silent disco party at home or in your backyard, you can use any of our recommended wireless headphone models. If you have more than 100 guests, we recommend that you get 10-20 spare headphones as backups so everyone can participate. You don’t want to run out of headphones! Don’t forget the food and drinks.

What is a silent disco?

A silent disco is a type of party where everyone wears wireless headphone sets that are connected to the same channel, allowing them to listen to the same music everywhere. It works by utilizing FM transmitters, receivers, and stereo earphones or professional-grade headphones with no sound element emitted from the source itself.

Does Silent Sound System have RF headphones?

Silent Sound System is one of the industry leaders of silent disco in the US. Their Starter Package has everything you need to get your feet on the ground, and their headphones feature a vibrant and clever design. The Silent Sound System Starter Package includes nine RF headphones.

Can you use Spotify for a silent disco?

Music Streaming Apps for Android or iOS There are a vast number of music streaming apps available on Android or iOS that you can use for your silent disco, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Tidal, and Deezer.

What are the best silent disco apps & music streaming services?

There’s a wide range of silent disco apps and music streaming services on the market including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud and YouTube Music.

How do I set up a silent disco?

There are various silent disco apps that can be used for help with supplying music. Music streaming apps and smartphones are compatible with the silent DJ equipment, so getting set up with a multi-channel disco can be as simple as grabbing a few headsets, opening up Spotify and choosing what music to play.

What is a silent disco & how do they work?

In this article, we’re going to discuss all things silent disco, and give you the information you need to ensure your DJ gig goes to plan. So, what is a silent disco and how do they work? Otherwise known as a headphone party or silent rave, the equipment uses radio transmitters to broadcast music wirelessly to LED headphones.

Will a silent disco be without wireless headphones & transmitters?

Without wireless headphones and transmitters, it won’t really be a silent disco. Luckily for you, we know just the company. Party Headphones has been the silent disco business for over 8 years, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, which means you are in good hands.

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