Can you do silent disco with Bluetooth headphones?

The Bluetooth Transmitter makes it easy for anyone to become a Silent Disco DJ, while on the go. Our Bluetooth Transmitter is hands-free, wireless and includes a lapel microphone, which can be used to speak over the music to guests through the headsets, ideal for walking tours, conferences, yoga and work-out classes.

Can you do silent disco with Bluetooth headphones?

What is a silent disco?

A silent disco is a type of party where everyone wears wireless headphone sets that are connected to the same channel, allowing them to listen to the same music everywhere. It works by utilizing FM transmitters, receivers, and stereo earphones or professional-grade headphones with no sound element emitted from the source itself.

Should you bring your own headphones to a silent disco party?

If you’re bringing your own headphones into the silent disco party, the PowerLocus is a pretty solid option to consider. It connects instantly to any Bluetooth device, it’s highly comfortable, and it has long battery life. In terms of comfort, these headphones are hard to match.

Are silent disco headphones leaking?

Another important aspect of silent disco headphones is the no-leakage design. If the sound leaks outside, the ‘silent’ party will lose its meaning. If all the headphones at the party are leaking, I can safely say the party will be ruined.

What are the best silent disco headphones?

If you’re looking for silent disco headphones that you can use on your own, the Talent RF-309 is worth a look. The design and functionality of these headphones can be compared to Silent Sound System and Party Headphones. And, they come in a solo pack. The Talent RF-309 features an adjustable headband and ear pads both lined with soft cushions.

Can you use silent disco headphones on your phone?

You can play 3 channels / music playlists simultaneously by connecting each of the 3 transmitters to any 3 different audio devices of your choice. These can include phones, laptops, MP3 players, tablets and DJ equipment.

What factors should you consider when buying silent disco headphones?

Apart from the usual factors like comfort and durability, you also need to consider the wireless technology used, audio channels, and more. Here’s a quick guide to the different factors to look at when buying your own silent disco headphones: How much are you planning to spend?

Do you need a DJ for a silent rave?

One of the best parts of a silent rave is that you don’t need to book a DJ or go to a special venue. All you need is an open space, unique lighting, and some silent disco equipment. Follow the below tips on how to host a successful silent disco. Choosing the right venue is important for hosting any party – the right room can set the right vibe.

How do I host a silent disco at home?

To make silent discos work you need four things; between one & three radio transmitters, a bunch of wireless party headphones, a music source for each transmitter, and some friends ready to dance.

How to host a silent disco?

Unlike raves and other concerts, you can host a silent disco right from the comfort of your own home. To transform your space into the best party scene, you’ll need dark curtains, ambient mood lights, and a good internet connection. Once you have that all set up, create your own party playlist and send it to everyone to save to their phones.

Do you need headphones for a silent disco party?

Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing. If you’re throwing a silent disco party at home or in your backyard, you can use any of our recommended wireless headphone models.

How do I choose the best silent disco sound & lighting?

The best silent disco sound and lighting come from smart devices, which require an internet connection to operate. To ensure your silent disco is one for the ages, check your internet connection as you set up your event.

How do I host a silent disco at home?

How much is silent disco headphone?


QtyUnit price

How much do silent disco headphones cost?

The Factory Sell Silent Disco Headphones package offers 20 headphones and three transmitters all below $850. You can also choose from other packages that include anywhere between 2 to 150 headphones and multiple transmitters. The headphones use RF technology and receive signals up to 500 meters away.

What’s in the silent disco party headphones bundle?

Silent Disco Party Headphones Bundle – 10 Wireless Headphones, 1 Transmitter with 1500ft Range, and 1 Headphone Light Control Keypad | Ideal for Weddings, Events, Conferences, and More! Only 7 left in stock – order soon. Need help? Woot!

How do I add a transmitter to my Silent Disco headphones?

1. ADD HEADPHONES Choose your silent disco headphones from our Power Amp² line, or our Certified Refurbished Power Amp¹ line. 2. ADD TRANSMITTERS Choose how many matching transmitters you want. Each one gives you the ability to broadcast a unique music source.

Can I Rent Silent Disco equipment for my event?

We make it dead simple to rent silent disco equipment for your event. Each rental package can be completely customized, and always includes professional-grade wireless headphones, a powerful music transmitter, connecting cables and instructions. All packed and shipped in a custom case to ensure your items arrive safe and sound for your event.

How many transmitters do you need for silent disco?

three transmitters

You will need one transmitter for each channel you want to transmit. You can have up to three transmitters sending out three separate audio signals at once. Connect the transmitter to your audio source like a DJ mixer, laptop, tablet, or phone using one of the included audio cables.

How many channels does a silent disco transmitter have?

At The Silent Disco Company, our wireless transmitters have a 500 meter range, in which people can listen to their music. Meanwhile, the wireless transmitter also has a three channel selection, which can be connected to an iPod, laptop or to a DJ performing at your party, giving your guests the choice of music to choose from.

What equipment do I need for silent disco equipment setup?

For your Silent Disco Equipment Setup, all you need to supply are three audio source devices. Your rental includes all three transmitters. Along with those, if you need cords or adapters, we include them too. You can use three cell phones or a combination of laptops, tablets, and cell phones to play the music.

How many transmitters do you need for silent disco?

How to set up a silent disco?

How to set up a silent disco – When setting up the silent disco, it is important to make sure you have different styles of music prepared to suit a variety of your guests. As the wireless headphone connection has three different channels, this means you can link up the wireless transmitter to three different music stations.

Are silent disco headphones rechargeable?

Our silent disco headphones are LED wireless and rechargeable, meaning that there is no hassle of constantly having to change the batteries. The volume and channel of music can also be adjusted through the headphones. Silent Disco Transmitter – For all silent parties it is important to have a wireless transmitter.

What do the colors of silent disco headphones mean?

Our silent disco headphones glow blue for channel 1, red for channel 2, or green for channel 3.

What are the features of the silent disco headphones?

Each channel has their own LED light – red, green and blue. Our headphones also have their own adjustable volume control, and a 10-12 hour battery life. They are an essential component of the silent disco setup, as they allow each individual to control their own audio experience.

What is a silent disco Bash?

At a silent disco bash, attendees fill the venue wearing glowing headphones, dancing to the channel of music they love most. The headphones’ LED colors light up the space, and the energy is amped. Anyone who wants to take a break and chat can do so easily without yelling over the music.

How do disco headphones work?

They are equipped with a wireless receiver that tunes into the radio frequency signal transmitted by a silent disco transmitter. The headphones allow the wearer to listen to music at a volume that is comfortable for them, while others around them cannot hear the music.

Is a silent disco better than a traditional sound system?

Good question. In fact, a silent disco atmosphere is more conducive to holding a conversation with your friends than at a venue with a traditional sound system. There’s no need to lose your voice screaming over the booming music. Simply slide the silent disco headphones partially or completely off and chat freely.

Do you listen to your own music at a silent disco?

One unique part of a silent disco party is that everyone can listen to their own music. Each silent disco headphone set can connect to each guest’s phone so they have full control of the music for their dancing.

Does a silent disco have a DJ?

No, at a silent disco, each person has their own headphones and can choose which channel they want to listen to. This means that everyone can listen to the music they want to hear. You can even have more than one DJ playing different types of music at the same time.

How do I set up a silent disco?

There are various silent disco apps that can be used for help with supplying music. Music streaming apps and smartphones are compatible with the silent DJ equipment, so getting set up with a multi-channel disco can be as simple as grabbing a few headsets, opening up Spotify and choosing what music to play.

Where should a silent disco party take place?

A silent disco party makes your venue choice easy since it can take place nearly anywhere – your home, a wedding venue, a local event space. When choosing a venue, you should consider the number of guests you’re inviting to ensure you don’t rent a space that’s too big. For starters, you risk losing the party vibe if you have guests too spread out.

Do silent disco headphones need to be turned on?

However, the beauty of silent disco headphones is that you only need to turn them on. Because the receivers are already programmed into the radio frequencies that the transmitters broadcast, they will automatically play the music when that channel is selected. There’s no need for Bluetooth or infrared, just good old-fashioned radio waves!

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