Who owns stereo nightclub?

Stereo nightclub

LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45.5159°N 73.5581°W
OwnerThomas Piscardelli
Who owns stereo nightclub?

Stereo was founded in 1998 by DJ-producer Angel Moraes and is currently owned by Tommy Piscardelli. The nightclub has a two floor configuration with the afterhours portion of the club located on the upper floor and a smaller nightclub ‘StereoBar’ which serves alcohol during sanctioned hours on the lower floor.

Why should you go to a Stereo nightclub?

Stereo nightclub is a great place to eat, drink, and be merry. The nightclub offers great music and keeps the environment energetic. The decor is gorgeous, and the ambience is beautiful. The moment you enter the nightclub, your mind feels fresh, and your heart feels light. That’s the charm of the Stereo nightclub..

Who are the Stereos?

The Stereos Top40, 80s, Classic Hits, Pop, Rock The Stereos are a Hawkes Bay based, high energy party band who can cater for every event with professionalism and commitment to quality. Talking In Circles 80s, Acoustic, Classic Hits, Pop, Rock, Top40

Who owns Pacific Stereo?

The story of Pacific Stereo began in 1960, when Thomas C. Anderson, a salesman for the General Electric Company, purchased Pacific Radio Supply, then a wholesale parts distributor in Berkeley, Calif., for $35,000. He converted the store to retail, and by 1965 he had dropped the parts business to concentrate on retail stereo sales.

Who owns celebrities nightclub?

There’s just something extraordinary about the space that’s carried throughout the years,” – Alvaro Prol, co-owner of Celebrities Nightclub.

What is Celebrities Nightclub?

Celebrities Nightclub, or simply Celebrities, is a gay bar and nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The club opened in 1978, and underwent a $1 million renovation in 2013. The venue is recognized by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation.

Who owns celebrities nightclub?

Was there a live band in the Millionaire Club?

There were no live bands in the Millionaire Club. However, the Stringfellows hired named DJs including Peter Tyler and Brett Sinclair. In 1980, he sold the Millionaire Club to Granada Ltd and he then moved with his whole family to London. There he opened Stringfellows Covent Garden.

Is ‘liv’ the most successful nightclub in Miami?

He’s also at the peak of an impossibly successful run at the top of Miami nightlife, an industry he has helped shape. LIV, Grutman’s nightclub nestled beneath the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, has been the highest-grossing club in Miami for the past five years and one of the most successful in America.

Is Heaven a gay club?

Heaven quickly established itself as the centre of the (then understated) gay London nightlife. Until it opened, most gay clubs were small hidden cellar-bars or pub discos. Heaven brought gay clubbing into the UK mainstream and gave London a club to rival New York’s gay super club at the time, The Saint .

Who owns Sound Nightclub in LA?

Kobi Danan, owner of the nightclub Sound in Hollywood, has a talent for throwing dance music shows in potentially difficult environments.

How do I contact Sound nightclub?

For more information on SOUND Nightclub along with scheduling a tour and requesting an event proposal, please email events@soundnightclub.com or call 323.962.9000. There is a convenient lot just south of the club on Las Palmas at 1634 N. Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028.

What is Sound nightclub?

The setup is armed with a 3D mapping system which controls both the mood and atmosphere of the venue, providing a different experience every night. Sound nightclub is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with DJs encompassing techno, house and other underground dance music genres. The name says it all: Sound.

Who owns Sound Nightclub in LA?

Where is the best small-club sound in Los Angeles?

The Bootleg You’ll find the best small-club sound in L.A. at the Bootleg — at least in their front room, though the larger theater space in back is good, too. The somewhat hidden independent venue, which opened in 2006, is home to screenings, live theater and music.

Who is the owner of Sound United?

Expanding audio outfit Sounds United has announced today that it has entered into an agreement to buy up the audio brands currently owned by the Onkyo Corporation. Brands covered include Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra. When was Sound United founded? Sound United was founded in 2014. Who are Sound United key executives?

Who is the owner of Stereo Montreal?

Thomas Piscardelli

Stereo nightclub

Address858 rue Ste-Catherine est
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45.5159°N 73.5581°W
OwnerThomas Piscardelli

Who is La Vie en stereo?

Morales was an owner of Stereo nightclub located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a resident DJ, he played many 16 hour “La Vie en Stereo” sets, which happened monthly for 9 years from 2003 to 2012.

Who is stereobuyers?

He opened StereoBuyers in 1999 and has been serving the New York audiophile community ever since. Located in a Red Hook warehouse, StereoBuyers rarely opens its doors to the public. Like a treasure-filled cave, the warehouse is chock full of thousands of pieces of rare high-end audio equipment that often sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

Who owns Stereo Skateboards?

Despite retiring from skateboarding in 1995, Lee continued co-managing Stereo Skateboards with co-founder and former professional skateboarder Chris Pastras. In 2018, the two longtime friends celebrated the company’s 26-year-anniversary.

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