When did Hï Ibiza open?

28 May 2017

Located on the main road in the tourist resort of Playa d’en Bossa, it opened on 28 May 2017, on the site of the legendary club Space. Space opened its doors in 1986, in those days still combined with the Aguamar water park.

When did Hï Ibiza open?

Is H Ibiza the future of clubbing?

Welcome to the future of clubbing. Officially the World’s Number 1 Club, Hï Ibiza has been continually pushing the boundaries of what the nightclub experience can be since 2017. Pairing world-class residents, state-of-the-art design and pioneering sound technology, every detail of Hï Ibiza puts you, the clubber, at the centre of the experience.

Is Hi Ibiza the world’s No 1 club?

Once again, in 2023, Hi Ibiza has been awarded the title of ‘World’s No. 1 Club’ in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs! Hï Ibiza, a glamorous addition to the White Isle, is a relatively new nightclub that opened its doors a few years ago. It’s located in Playa d’en Bossa and can fit up to 5,000 people.

When will H Ibiza re-open?

In 2016, Ushuaïa Group announced that they would be taking over and after a massive six-month refurbishment, the club was ready to re-open under the name “Hï Ibiza” for the summer of 2017. Despite being relatively new, Hï Ibiza has carved out a name for itself due to the stellar clubbing experiences it brings to its enthusiastic party animals.

Where is H Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza, a glamorous addition to the White Isle, is a relatively new nightclub that opened its doors a few years ago. It’s located in Playa d’en Bossa and can fit up to 5,000 people. This nightclub operates from the same building that was previously called “Space”.

Is Hi Ibiza dress code strict?

Elegant-casual. No flip-flops, tank tops, swimwear, backpacks, uncovered torsos, football / basketball team jerseys, as well as any ideological attire that might offend the attendants’ sensitivities are allowed into the premises. Professional cameras are not allowed into the premises.

What is the dress code in H Ibiza?

Dress code: No flip-flops, tank tops, swimwear, sports jerseys, backpacks, uncovered torsos, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sports shoes or headgear and / or football / basketball team jerseys, as well as any ideological attire that might offend the attendants’ sensitivities, are allowed into the premises of Hï Ibiza.

What is not allowed at H Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza will not be held responsible for adverse weather conditions. Drink in moderation. It is your responsibility. Drug use is harmful to your health. Unauthorised recording is not allowed. GoPro attachments like selfie sticks, monopods and other professional photography equipment are not allowed at this event.

Is Hi Ibiza dress code strict?

Do you have to dress up to go to Ibiza?

While it’s almost unheard of to get into the major clubs in Las Vegas, Miami or NYC without dressing up to a certain degree, the rules on Ibiza are much more relaxed, the only exception being if you’re going as VIP.

Is there a dress code at Ocean Beach Ibiza?

Ocean Beach is one of the most popular venues in Ibiza where party lovers from all over the world visit to enjoy fantastic parties all night. While the general atmosphere at Ocean Beach is very relaxed and comfortable, they do have a pretty strict dress code policy for the venue.

How old do you have to be to go to Hï Ibiza?

18 or older

Customers must be aged 18 or older to enter Hï Ibiza. Anyone younger than 18 or anyone who is unable to prove their age via valid identification will be refused entry.

What age do you need to enter a party in Ibiza?

This depends what kind of party you want to enter. 1. For most venues, eg super-clubs like Pacha, Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza, Amnesia or Eden, smaller clubs like Octan or Bora Bora, other daytime venues like O Beach Ibiza or Ibiza Rocks and also for all boat parties you will need to be 18 years old and often show an ID.

Do I need a passport to go to a club in Ibiza?

The vast majority of clubs in Ibiza will accept a valid passport or driver’s license to grant entry. Your driver’s license will need to have a photograph and your full name to be considered a valid form of ID. It is always worth checking the official policy of the venue you wish to attend to avoid the disappointment of being turned away.

Does H Ibiza have an over 18s policy?

Hï Ibiza operates an over 18s policy. Anyone under the age of 18 will be refused entry. Early arrival is advisable to secure admission. Opening times are not fixed and may change on the day. Hï Ibiza will not be held responsible for adverse weather conditions. Drink in moderation. It is your responsibility. Drug use is harmful to your health.

What to wear to a club on Ibiza?

It’s the one club on Ibiza you won’t feel overdressed dressed-to-the-nines. Don’t fret though, you can still turn up in casual club wear (unless you’ve wangled VIP, that is, in which case long trousers are mandatory for men!).

Where is the #1 club in the world?

Hi Ibiza has been voted The World’s No. 1 Club, as the results of DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs 2023 poll are announced.

Which international clubs are in the top 20?

International clubs in the top 20 include: The R&A (Scotland), Royal Melbourne (Australia), Muirfield (Scotland), Morfontaine (France), Sunningdale (England) and Shanqin Bay (China), which is the first club to make the top 20 from the continent of Asia in the history of Platinum Clubs of the World.

How many international Golf & Country Clubs are in the top 100?

This year the Top 100 International Golf & Country Clubs represent 30 countries, 14 clubs garnered Platinum status from Asia; 10 clubs are located in Great Britain and Ireland, and 11 Clubs are from Continental Europe with the addition of 13 new Golf & Country Clubs added to the Top 100.

Where is the #1 club in the world?

Which football club has the best players in the world?

Liverpool had some of the best players around them like Ian Callaghan, Ian Rush, Alan Hansen, Steven Gerrard, and Fernando Torres. Without any doubt, it reserves a spot in the top 10 football clubs in the world. Chelsea is truly one of the best football clubs in the world.

Which is the strongest Italian football club in the world?

Bayern still remain among the strongest clubs in world football. 3. AC Milan: AC Milan are the most successful Italian club of all time. Juventus have won more domestic titles than them, but Milan’s success in Europe makes them the pick of the Italian clubs.

What is the world’s best nightclub?

Hï Ibiza (Spain) Considered the best nightclub in the world, Hï Ibiza is located in Spain and can be considered a “temple” of electronic music. Here you will be able to enjoy the best dj’s in the world and dance to all the sessions.

Which is the best nightclub in the world?

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 25 best clubs in the world: 25. Yalta Since its inception in 1991, Yalta Club in Sofia, Bulgaria, has forged a reputation as one of the best nightclubs in the region.

Which country has the most clubbing clubs?

The USA takes the title of No.1 clubbing country back from the UK, clocking an impressive total of 16 clubs in this year’s list (up from 13 in 2021). Four new US clubs have joined the poll: two in California, one in Boston (MA) and a new Las Vegas venue operated by Zouk (of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur fame).

What are the best nightclubs in Brazil?

Sirena is one of the most popular nightclubs in Brazil, and it’s known for their amazing beach setting. The club offers a wide variety of music types but they’re best-known for hosting some of the world’s top trance DJs like Gabriel & Dresden!

What are the best nightclubs in the world for 2023?

Below, we’ve curated a list of the best nightclubs in the world for 2023. 1. Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin 2. Fabric, London 3. Papaya, Zrce Beach, Croatia 4. Space, Miami 5. DC-10, Ibiza 6. Zouk, Singapore 7. Echostage, Washington, DC 8. Green Valley, Brazil 9. Printworks, London 10. Octagon, Seoul 11. Amnesia, Ibiza 12. WOMB, Tokyo 13.

Can you smoke at Hi Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza also has two expansive outdoor areas to chill and use as a smoking area, in addition to an alfresco balcony that is accessible to general admission customers on selected nights.

Can you smoke at Hi Ibiza?

Will you hit the cigarettes in Ibiza?

You won’t hit the cigarettes in Ibiza because we’re the vape generation, so instead we’ll sit around sucking on little robot dildos and blowing out vast plumes of apple-scented android fog, because we want to live forever even if we look like massive tools doing so.

What was the vibe like at Hi Ibiza?

The bar and outside area was a lot more roomy but there was no music so the vibe was absolutely crap. I believe Hi Ibiza must find their own ratings to say they are the #1 club in the world. It was the worst experience I’ve had on the island. Packs and Ushuaia were amazing compared to this.

Can you drink alcohol in Ibiza?

And you will drink alcohol in Ibiza because at the Stoke Travel Ibiza Villa we have a €10/all-you-can-drink deal on beer and sangria. In da club you won’t drink alcohol because it’s super expensive, but even then you will probably buy a bunch of rum colas and then combine your hangover with bankruptcy.

Are there cannabis clubs in Ibiza?

There are a fewer number of cannabis clubs in Ibiza than in the other cities around Spain. However, again, it is tougher to get into these clubs as a tourist. Just like any other place in Spain, if you are caught smoking, buying or distributing weed in public, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble.

How much is a table at Hi Ibiza?

Hï Ibiza Table Prices. Tables start at €1,500 and go up to €8,500 depending on the position in the club, date, and party.

Who is the founder of Pacha?

Pacha Group is a Spanish holding company specializing in the leisure, entertainment and hospitality businesses. It was founded in 1966 by Ricardo Urgell.

Where did Pacha come from?

1. Although many people think Pacha started in Ibiza, in actuality, the original Pacha was founded in the seaside town of Sitges in 1967, 35 km southwest of Barcelona. 2. The word Pacha (pronounced pa-cha with the accent on the second syllable) means “lord” or “master” in Turkish.

What does Pacha mean in Turkish?

2. The word Pacha (pronounced pa-cha with the accent on the second syllable) means “lord” or “master” in Turkish. The idea to call the nightclub Pacha came from owner Ricardo Urgell’s wife, Marisa Cobos, who joked that the money they earned from the club would enable them to live like ” pachas “.

Why is Pacha Ibiza called Pacha?

By 1973, he had opened Pacha Ibiza, now the Balearic island ’s most legendary after-dark hotspot. The sentiment of the name held: those paying a visit to Pacha’s dancefloor over the decades went in search of the good life—united by a love of hedonism, glamour, and spiritual escape through music.

When was roots of Pacha released?

Roots of Pacha was released for Windows and macOS via Steam on April 25, 2023. During development, there were also plans to release it for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as for the Nintendo Switch. The game was eventually delisted from Steam.

What time should I arrive at Hi Ibiza?

Arrival before 1:30 am is advisable; please let us know when you and your group are planning to arrive.

When is the best time to go to Ibiza?

Clubs in Ibiza generally start to open sometime in May or June but more and more nightspots emerge as time goes on. Hardcore clubbers who want the biggest selection of parties every night should aim to be here in July or August when the calendar is busiest.

How do I get to Ibiza?

Ibiza’s small airport is served by numerous air routes, particularly from Spain and the UK. For a more sustainable, slow travel experience, you can take a ferry from Barcelona or Valencia year-round. Local ferries connect to other Balearic Islands that sit waiting to be explored.

Is there a public parking near H Ibiza?

Platja d’en Bossa,S/N, 07817 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Islas BalearesGoogle Maps By Car There is a public parking next to Hï Ibiza. Be safe: if you drink, don’t drive. There is a Taxi rank next to Hï Ibiza if you don’t think driving is the best choice. Event Opening Times Opening Hours We are usually open from 11:30 pm to 06:30 am.

Is there a taxi rank next to H Ibiza?

There is a Taxi rank next to Hï Ibiza if you don’t think driving is the best choice. Event Opening Times Opening Hours We are usually open from 11:30 pm to 06:30 am. Please check our calendarfor info on our events. Opening & closing times may be subject to change. Access To the Event Security Policy

Is it hot inside Hï Ibiza?

We were crushed in the main room and it was so warm. Could hardly breathe let alone dance. Couldn’t see Tale of Us as we had to leave early due to the club being so overcrowded and warm.

Why is Ibiza so expensive?

Asked why Ibiza is so expensive, Finardi said by email that the island is popular with upmarket travelers who want a combination of “beautiful scenery, high quality restaurants and bars, chic shopping experiences and lively nightlife.”

Another way Ibiza can be expensive is if you’re eating and drinking in the fancy bars, restaurants and beach clubs. Again, this is going to set you back because you’ll pay a premium for a beautiful location. But, to be honest, I wouldn’t say it’s much more expensive than the UK.

How much does it cost to fly to Ibiza?

ESTIMATED EXPENSE: $640 – $923 USD for a roundtrip ticket. Flying to Ibiza can be expensive. It depends on where you’re flying from, obviously. But it also depends on when you’re flying. Flights are at their most expensive during high season which generally runs from May through August. The low season (November to April) tends to be much cheaper.

Why is Ibiza so expensive?

Is Ibiza a good place to buy property?

Yes. Ibiza is one of the most expensive places in Spain to buy property. According to SpainHouses.net, you’re now looking at paying in the region of €5,900 per square meter of property on the island. That’s more than double the Spanish mean and adds up to an average property value of a whopping €2.1 million.

How much does it cost to drink in Ibiza?

I’d heard horror stories about the prices in Ibiza. Tales of water costing €10 for a tiny bottle and cocktails costing €30. The truth is that if you’re visiting the big nightclubs and bars in Ibiza (mostly around San Antonio) then yes, it is very expensive. Entrance and drinks in the clubs are sky high.

Who is playing in Ibiza July 2023?

  • Sunday 23 July 2023. SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA. Lineup. …
  • Monday 24 July 2023. F*** ME I’M FAMOUS! Lineup. …
  • Tuesday 25 July 2023. TIËSTO. Lineup. …
  • Wednesday 26 July 2023. Lineup. DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE. …
  • Thursday 27 July 2023. Martin Garrix. Lineup. …
  • Friday 28 July 2023. Calvin Harris. Lineup. …
  • Saturday 29 July 2023. ANTS. BBC Radio 1 Dance.

What does 2023 mean for parties in Ibiza?

2023 means the confirmation that the parties in Ibiza are here to stay. The pandemic is getting further and once again, people from all over the world is expected to visit the island. It’s normal, the White Island is the most festive island in the Mediterranean and its clubs have everything you need to have unlimited fun.

What is the Ibiza calendar?

Our Ibiza Calendar contains listings and line ups for clubs, superclubs, parties and boat parties to cover Ibiza Events in 2023.

What’s happening in Ibiza in July?

Check out our Ibiza July calendar to find the best events from DnB to disco, house to trance, and so much more. ICYMI, Ibiza has properly kicked off! The best clubs in the world are currently being taken over by die-hard ravers, the biggest DJs and hip-hop stars in the world, the glorious sun, and pure hedonism.

Are there any unreal Ibiza July events coming up?

Here are just some of the unreal Ibiza July events coming up that we’re dying to check out. Armed with some truly outstanding support including Vintage Culture, SOSA, Solardo, Purple Disco Machine, Mall Grab, and John Summit in July, Fisher continues his residency at Hi, one of the best clubs in the world. It’s going to be unreal.

When did Privilege Ibiza shut down?


Privilege is closed since 2020 and will also not open in summer 2023.

What happened to privilege in Ibiza?

And some of the spectacular statues which usually decorate the club, have been left to deteriorate outside The world’s biggest superclub Privilege in Ibiza has fallen into disrepair with overgrown bushes covering its entrance and grime smeared across its dilapidated facade after it was forced to close two years ago due to Covid.

When did Privilege Ibiza shut down?

Is privilege open in 2023?

Privilege is closed since 2020 and will also not open in summer 2023. *** TEMPORARILY CLOSED – Privilege is closed since 2020 and will also not open in summer 2023. *** Of course the ‘World’s Biggest Club’ is on Ibiza, but even such an accolade doesn’t prepare you for the scale of what you’re facing with Privilege.

How does Privilege Ibiza use cookies?

The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Performance”. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data. Privilege Ibiza is temporarily closed since 2020. Privilege Ibiza 2023 was also closed.

Why is Ibiza nightclub in disrepair?

Periódico de Ibiza reports that the night club has fallen into a state of disrepair, “because, after two years closed and without maintenance, the premises need conditioning.” Images published in British tabloid The Daily Mail show the site looking rundown, with peeling paint, rusting metal and overgrown shrubbery.

Did Hï Ibiza replace space?

Since the club closed in 2016, it has since been bought by Ushuaïa Entertainment and was reopened in 2017 under the name Hï Ibiza.

When did H Ibiza reopen?

In 2017, Hï Ibiza opened in Space Ibiza’s original location. Space Ibiza announced in 2021 that it would reopen its doors in 2022. This resulted in the new Space Bar near Cafe Mambo, though the club night is yet to return to Ibiza, however the club has since opened at a new location in Riccione, Italy.

What happened to Space Ibiza?

Following a 27 year run where it grew into one of the best-loved clubs in the history of Ibiza, being named best club in the world 11 times, Space closed down in 2016, with Hï Ibiza, sister venue to Ushuaïa, taking over the Playa d’en Bossa site and opening the following year.

Will Space Ibiza reopen in 2022?

After closing its doors in 2016, the iconic Space Ibiza is set to return next year in 2022. The flagship Ibiza venue will re-open on the White Isle with a brand new restaurant, bar, and club night. Space Ibiza owner Pepe Roselló revealed that Space Sun Beach will be a musical-themed restaurant and bar located on the sunset strip of Sant Antoni.

Who owns space in Ibiza?

Space in its current form began in 1989 when Pepe Rosello, Ibiza nightclub owner since 1963, took over the establishment, which in the four years since it was built had housed a conference hall with a discothèque. The opening policy agreed with Spanish licensing laws, which state that an establishment must close for at least two hours a day.

Are the Martinez Brothers closing?

The Martinez Brothers’ final farewell at Hï Ibiza: Tuesday, October 3. The Martinez Brothers, our cherished Bronx duo and former DC-10 favorites are gearing up to bid adieu to their iconic Tuesday nights at Hï Ibiza for 2023.

What did Hi Ibiza used to be?

Space was located in Platja d’en Bossa on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, close to the airport. In 2017, Hï Ibiza opened in Space Ibiza’s original location.

What will H Ibiza do in 2023?

With world-class residents, carefully curated lineups, state-of-the-art design and pioneering sound technology, Hï Ibiza’s 2023 season will showcase the club’s continued dedication to evolving the clubbing experience on every level.

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