What is the capacity of Pacha Ibiza?

3,000 people

The Pacha Ibiza nightclub has a capacity of 3,000 people and has 5 rooms with different atmospheres. The main room is where the most famous parties are held and where international DJs play. On the upper deck, there is a terrace with more relaxed music.

What is the capacity of Pacha Ibiza?

When did Pacha Ibiza open?

Pacha Ibiza opened in 1973 and is the earliest superclub in Ibiza. [citation needed] Built in Ses Feixes and facing Ibiza Town, Pacha was designed to resemble a farmhouse. The club was featured in the 2004 film It’s All Gone Pete Tong and has capacity of 3,000. From 1998 to 2017, Pacha Ibiza was the venue for the DJ Awards.

How many VIP rooms does Pacha Ibiza have?

With 8 brilliant VIP rooms, an open-air terrace and a huge main room, Pacha Ibiza attracts tons of enthusiastic party lovers from all over the world. The club has a total capacity of 3000 guests and still finds itself filled to the brim on all their party nights.

How much energy does Pacha Ibiza use?

The takings on the opening night of Pacha Ibiza, in June 1973, were 40,000 pesetas, $300 in today’s money. Back then, the club had just 15 employees, compared to over 400 people nowadays. Pacha’s energy consumption at that time was a paltry 300 watts; today it uses 40,000! 5.

Do you need Pacha Ibiza?

If you wanna join someone who knows how to party, you need Pacha! Pacha Ibiza first opened its doors during 1973 and has come to be known as one of the most charismatic, energetic and mystical night clubs in Ibiza.

Is Ibiza just partying?

Ibiza for many years has been known as a party island, but this is simply not the case. The island also has a relaxed and peaceful side to it. Ibiza is suitable for both the young and the old looking for something more than bars and clubs.

Is Ibiza a party island?

Ibiza is one of those places that’s perceived as one big crazy party island that never sleeps… but it’s so much more than that! It’s a charming island with beautiful beaches, delicious food, and yes, lots and lots of parties! If you want to enjoy Ibiza properly and get to soak in all the fun, here are a few survival tips: 1. When to go to Ibiza

How to have the Best Ibiza party experience?

For the best Ibiza party experience, describe the ideal game plan, from morning until night. This all depends on if you’ve gone to Ibiza to see some of your favorite DJs or if you’re just going with the flow, but ideally, start the day off with a healthy and nutritious meal.

What is a Tuesday night party in Ibiza?

Ibiza knows what is best for your nightlife. Amnesia club has the arrangements for the Tuesday nights in which top-class music have been played and people anxiously wait for the Tuesday during 16 weeks. You must have to plan for attending one of these parties during your visit to this island. Missed Tuesday night party?

How to schedule a boat party in Ibiza?

You can get the scheduling of the parties from the online resources. Nightlife is all about parties and Ibiza offers one of the most special forms of the parties known as “Boat Party”. You will get a chance to visit a boat party on every holiday as there is no holiday without a boat party in the sea, in Ibiza.

What does Pacha mean in Ibiza?

1. Although many people think Pacha started in Ibiza, in actuality, the original Pacha was founded in the seaside town of Sitges in 1967, 35 km southwest of Barcelona. 2. The word Pacha (pronounced pa-cha with the accent on the second syllable) means “lord” or “master” in Turkish.

What does Pacha mean in Ibiza?

Why is Pacha Ibiza called Pacha?

By 1973, he had opened Pacha Ibiza, now the Balearic island ’s most legendary after-dark hotspot. The sentiment of the name held: those paying a visit to Pacha’s dancefloor over the decades went in search of the good life—united by a love of hedonism, glamour, and spiritual escape through music.

What does Pacha mean in Turkish?

2. The word Pacha (pronounced pa-cha with the accent on the second syllable) means “lord” or “master” in Turkish. The idea to call the nightclub Pacha came from owner Ricardo Urgell’s wife, Marisa Cobos, who joked that the money they earned from the club would enable them to live like ” pachas “.

Is Pacha a good brand?

Today a world-famous brand, Pacha is an institution of the Ibiza clubbing scene and remains true to the island’s original party spirit. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A GUIDE?

Why is Pacha Ibiza famous?

The world’s most iconic nightclub where heritage, music and glamour combine. An electric mix of authenticity, spontaneity, fun and kudos. Since 1973 Pacha has been the inherent pioneer of Ibiza’s dance and cultural movement, where the cherries and the island of freedom go hand in hand.

What is Pacha Ibiza famous for?

While the iconic cherry symbol can be seen outside its clubs around the globe, the most famous is undoubtedly the one in its spiritual home. Pacha Ibiza opened in the 70s, back when the island was a little known bohemian retreat. Here’s a look at the history of this legendary institution in the world of clubbing.

Is Pacha the Sassiest club in Ibiza?

By the 1980s and 90s, Ibiza was the island of personalities, and Pacha, as the sassiest, glitziest club, was “the place to be and be seen”. Any celebrity worth their salt partied there.

What happened at Pacha Ibiza last year?

Last year, Pacha Ibiza opened the season to a sell-out crowd on its first night, which hosted 3,795 people after almost 1000 days of closure due to COVID, with record-breaking sales on drinks. Popular DJ Solomun was there to welcome revellers ready to embrace Ibiza again (Picture: Jony Ferrer)

What do you wear to Pacha?

Officially, Pacha has much the same dress code policy as most of the other clubs. That means shorts, trainers and sunglasses are welcomed for general admission. That said, Pacha is the one club where people do tend to make that bit more of an effort to dress up.

What is Pacha’s dress code?

Pacha’s dress code is quite strict. You must be smartly dressed or somewhat dressed to impress. The bouncers will be looking for well-dressed people before opening the doors. That means that there is some dress code that you should avoid at all costs. Here is a highlight of Pacha’s dress code for men and women.

What do you wear to Pacha?

What should a girl wear in Pacha?

Aim for something high class and sophisticated with colors such as red, black or white would be the safest option. Avoid something too flashy like a hot pink dress or something too revealing. Most girls opt for a dress or a skirt in Pacha but classy and chic slacks can look good with a silk top and a blazer.

What should you wear on a Patagonia trekking trip?

This means leggings, water-resistant pants, base layer tops, fleece pullovers, and a shell jacket. With Patagonia’s ever changing weather conditions, you may find yourself getting warm while trekking and want to peel off a few layers, or vice versa when it gets chilly in the evening. Try to bring moisture-wicking or dri fit clothing.

What to do in Pacha?

On the terrace, overlooking the beach, the DJs spin hip-hop and r’n’b. You can get on the guest list to Pacha easily enough through nightlife experts You Barcelona.

Why is Pacha called Pacha?

The name “Pachá” came from a remark made by Marisa Cobos, Urgell’s first wife, who told him that with the money he was going to earn, he would be living like a Pachá (a Turkish/Ottoman Prince). The first Pacha club was Pacha Sitges, which Urgell founded together with his brother Piti Urgell.

The word Pacha (pronounced pa-cha with the accent on the second syllable) means “lord” or “master” in Turkish. The idea to call the nightclub Pacha came from owner Ricardo Urgell’s wife, Marisa Cobos, who joked that the money they earned from the club would enable them to live like ” pachas “. 3.

Does Pacha still exist?

To this day, Pacha remains true to the original Ibiza spirit. “Pacha is synonymous with all the classic values you’d associate with Ibiza,” says dance music legend Pete Tong, who is a member of Pacha’s board of directors, having formerly held a five-year residency with the Ibiza club.

Why is Pacha called Pacha?

What was the first Pacha club?

The first Pacha club was Pacha Sitges, which Urgell founded together with his brother Piti Urgell. In 2002, the Spanish Government decided to award the Gold Medal of Merit for Tourism to Ricardo Urgell. Pacha Ibiza opened in 1973 and is the earliest superclub in Ibiza. [citation needed]

Is Pacha a true Ibiza nightclub?

The legendary Ibiza nightclub saw its first party in 1973 and has since established itself as an institution of the island’s clubbing scene. To this day, Pacha remains true to the original Ibiza spirit.

What is Pacha?

Pacha is often translated as “world” in Quechua, but the concept also includes a temporal context of meaning.

What does Pacha mean in Persian?

Pacha (dish), a Persian word in many languages for boiled cow or sheep feet. Pacha (Inca mythology), a concept of space-time and the spheres of the cosmos Pacha Khan Zadran, a powerful militia leader, politician and Pashtun nationalist in the southeast of Afghanistan

What is roots of Pacha?

Roots of Pacha is very much a time-management game. Your day-to-day will consist of farming, fishing, gathering, talking to villagers, tending to animals, attuning new animals, hunting for new seeds, cave delving, and more. There is nothing out of the ordinary here regarding life sims in general.

Is roots of Pacha worth playing?

But from a player’s perspective, I’m grateful for how much game I have left to play. With some minor performance issues and the sheer amount of content Roots of Pacha offers for only $24.99 USD, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the game to anyone who enjoys Stardew Valley, Fae Farm, or any other life or farming simulator.

What did you take away from roots of Pacha?

The main thing I took away from Roots of Pacha is how massive the game is. At over 40 hours played, there is still so much that I haven’t discovered. Between finding all the animals, fish, and recipes, finding love, unlocking all the caves, and more, I could easily put another 50 hours into the game.

Who owns the Pacha Group?

More than fifty years on from taking a leap of faith and switching career paths, Ricardo Urgell, owner of the legendary Pacha group has eased his grip on his beloved Pacha with the sale of some of his personal shares to Trilantic Capital Partners.

What is Pacha Group?

Pacha Group is an Advertising, Sales, Marketing, and Printing business. Over the years it has Increased revenue to over $3M and subsequently sold the business as an exit strategy, to indulge in a new career. • Develop Marketing Team Leadership Team…

Who owns Pacha Ibiza?

You will hardly find a club as successful and legendary as Pacha Ibiza . This world famous brand of nightclubs was owned by a Spanish family who founded it on the mainland of Spain in 1967. They opened Pacha Ibiza in 1973 and recently sold to an international conglomerate in 2016.

When did Pacha start?

The story of Pacha started in the late 70’s and was therefore already a well-known location in the 90’s. This means that, by that time it measured 450 square meters. The club was one of the first official clubs of the island. In 1993 Pacha expanded to have the capacity of housing 3000 party people.

Who owns Pacheca wine?

With 140 acres along and sloping down to the Douro River, the property is mentioned in an April 1738’s document as “Pacheca”, owned by Lady Mariana Pacheco Pereira. In 1903, by the hand of its new owner, the noble Jose Freire de Serpa Leitao Pimentel, the wine production significantly increased.

Can you wear shorts at Pacha Ibiza?

What is the dress code? No person shall be admitted to Pacha wearing beachwear such as bathing suits, flip flops, men vests, nude torsos. Also in the VIP area no person shall be admitted wearing shorts, sportswear such as tracksuits, sport shoes, sweatshirts, caps, etc.

How much is VIP at Pacha?

STANDARD PACHA IBIZA VIP TABLES – IN MAIN ROOM For groups up to 10 people Pacha VIP begins at 250€ per person. This includes VIP entry, a table in the VIP area and drinks to the value of 250€pp. Sunday VIP Tables start from 300€ per person.

How much does Pacha Vip cost?

For groups up to 10 people Pacha VIP begins at 250€ per person. This includes VIP entry, a table in the VIP area and drinks to the value of 250€pp. For groups over 10 people, Pacha VIP begins at 300€pp. This includes VIP entry, a table in the VIP area, and drinks to the value of 300€pp Sunday VIP Tables start from 300€ per person.

How much is VIP at Pacha?

Where are Pacha Vip tables located?

Your second best option would be the Pacha VIP tables located in Zones B, C, and 11. And last but not least, the VIP tables situated in Zones 1 and 4. Contact us today for more information about Pacha VIP table cost and VIP table bookings.

How much does a Pacha Ibiza table cost?

Prices range from 350€ to 600€ per person, depending on which are and day the booking is for. Check for Pacha Vip Manager information on the pricing of the day and area you are looking for. Contact us today for more information about Pacha Ibiza table price and VIP table bookings.

How do I contact Pacha Vip manager?

Check for Pacha Vip Manager information on the pricing of the day and area you are looking for. Contact us today for more information about Pacha Ibiza table price and VIP table bookings. You can send us an e-mail at vip@ibizatables.com or Whatsapp +34 691 273 993.

Is Ibiza a big party place?

Ibiza, the White Island, is one of Europe’s most popular party islands. It is a slice of heaven in the Mediterranean, and its beautiful beaches attract partygoers worldwide. The nightlife on the island is incredibly varied, too, and the vibe is bohemian and free-spirited.

What are the best parties in Ibiza?

Today, the party island is full of vibrant, bustling clubs, including Eden, sister clubs Ushuaia and Hi, DC10, Ibiza Rocks, and O Beach Ibiza, among others. Ibiza events range from eighteen-hour-long raves to glamorous poolside parties as the island only continues to evolve, offering heaven to almost any type of partygoer.

What is Ibiza famous for?

Ibiza, the ‘white isle’ is one of the Balearic islands, off the coast of mainland Spain. It’s a beautiful place full of culture and history. Ibiza is also the European home of clubbing and house music. At night, the tiny island springs to life with massive parties in large nightclubs that hold thousands of people.

Is Ibiza a big party place?

What is the ultimate Ibiza party guide 2023?

The Ultimate Ibiza Party Guide 2023 has laid out the roadmap, now it’s up to you to make the most of this extraordinary party island. Let the music guide you, and let Ibiza’s energy captivate your soul. Cheers to an epic party season ahead!

Is Ku Club a good place to party in Ibiza?

Once known as Ku Club, this Ibiza club has the honour (and the privilege – sorry for the pun) of being the largest club in the whole world. It is the best place to party in Ibiza if you like this gigantic kind of parties, but don’t worry if you don’t: we are sure you will find this Ibiza club very entertaining.

How did Pacha Ibiza get its name?

When Ricardo Urgell first opened the nightclub Pacha in Catalonia in the late 1960s, he took its name from a comment his first wife made: she told him that with the money he was going to earn, he would live like a pachá, an Arabian prince.

When did Pacha Ibiza reopen?

In 2022, when Pacha Ibiza reopened after having closed for nearly three years owing to COVID-19 pandemic, there was a sell-out crowd of 3,795. Solomun was on the decks, and the club broke records for the sale of drinks. Pacha Ibiza celebrates it’s landmark birthday with a 50th Anniversary Party on Wednesday 2 August.

What is the biggest super club in Ibiza?


Privilege (originally known as the Ku Club), is a current Guinness World record holder for being the world’s largest nightclub. Privilege has the capacity of accommodating 10,000 people at a time.

What is the biggest club in Ibiza?

In terms of capacity the biggest club in Ibiza is Privilege in San Rafael which can accommodate 10,000 part-goers. In terms of reputation there’s no such thing as the “biggest club”as venues come and go over the years. Having said that some of the more famous clubs include Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaïa, Ni Ibiza and Privilege.

When do superclubs open and close in Ibiza?

Typically the superclubs in Ibiza have opening parties in May then host many themed events throughout the party season before closing around the end of September. Some smaller clubs continue to operate during the winter months and hold elaborate events over Christmas and the New Year.

What is the biggest super club in Ibiza?

Does Ibiza have a club scene?

In conclusion, Ibiza’s vibrant club scene is a haven for music enthusiasts and partygoers from around the world. From iconic venues like Pacha and Amnesia to hidden gems like Underground and Club Chinois, the island offers an unparalleled nightlife experience.

What is the largest nightclub in the world?

According to official statistics published in the 2003 edition of Guinness World Records, Privilege is by far the world’s largest nightclub covering an area of 69,968 sq ft (6,500 m 2) and holding 10,000 clubbers. Designated areas of the club include the Coco Loco bar area, and the La Vaca dance area (now known as the Vista Club).

Who is the founder of Pacha?

Pacha Group is a Spanish holding company specializing in the leisure, entertainment and hospitality businesses. It was founded in 1966 by Ricardo Urgell.

When was roots of Pacha released?

Roots of Pacha was released for Windows and macOS via Steam on April 25, 2023. During development, there were also plans to release it for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as for the Nintendo Switch. The game was eventually delisted from Steam.

What do the cherries in Ibiza mean?

Conceptually the twin cherries hold the meaning of lust, love and self-indulgence. But if it started in Sitges, how did it get to Ibiza? At the time, the island was one of the favourite retreats for artists, whether they were painters, actors, writers or musicians.

What do cherries symbolize?

The fruit has been associated with feminine fertility, duality, balance, growth and protection in ancient cultures. In modern times, cherries represent purity, playfulness and innocence along with romantic symbolism. Cherry blossoms are an important cultural icon in Japan during Hanami festivals.

Why is Ibiza so Green?

For such a warm and sunny destination, Ibiza remains remarkably green throughout the year. It was around five million years ago that the Pitiusas (the name given to Ibiza and Formentera by the Greeks, translating as “the pine-covered islands”) were separated from the mainland, and Ibiza’s own unique vegetation and wildlife began to form.

What to wear to Amnesia Ibiza?

Amnesia’s dress code for VIP is ‘elegant/casual’. Flip flops, tank tops or swimsuits will not be permitted, and men should wear long trousers, jeans and shoes or casual/urban trainers.

What is the dress code for Amnesia Ibiza?

Amnesia, Ibiza has two areas; the Main Room and the Terrace. The dress code policy for both the areas is casual/elegant, depending upon the kind of party being held on that particular night. If you want to dress up a little fancy, you can always opt for a nice cocktail dress or even a gown.

What to wear in Ibiza?

Generally speaking, men can adhere to a smart casual dress code in Ibiza. No beachwear, football jerseys or topless appearances are allowed. It is always a safe bet to have a casual short sleeve shirt with a collar paired with jeans and a well-chosen pair of trainers. If you are going into the VIP areas, then men are expected to dress smartly.

Do you need a bathing suit in Ibiza?

You don’t need much more than a bathing suit for your beach trip to Ibiza. On the whole, the dress sense of Ibiza is pretty laid-back, even in the evenings. The island is known for its bohemian vibes, hippy spirit, and barefoot luxury – particularly in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia.

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