Is Pacha Ibiza up for sale?

Universo Pacha is reportedly on sale for around €500 million thanks to a year of record profits bolstered by the return of tourism in places like Ibiza and Mykonos. Trilantic may sell all of its share or keep a minority stake, depending on the level of interest.

Is Pacha Ibiza up for sale?

What is the capacity of Pacha Ibiza?

3,000 people

The Pacha Ibiza nightclub has a capacity of 3,000 people and has 5 rooms with different atmospheres. The main room is where the most famous parties are held and where international DJs play. On the upper deck, there is a terrace with more relaxed music.

When did Pacha Ibiza open?

Pacha Ibiza opened in 1973 and is the earliest superclub in Ibiza. [citation needed] Built in Ses Feixes and facing Ibiza Town, Pacha was designed to resemble a farmhouse. The club was featured in the 2004 film It’s All Gone Pete Tong and has capacity of 3,000. From 1998 to 2017, Pacha Ibiza was the venue for the DJ Awards.

How many VIP rooms does Pacha Ibiza have?

With 8 brilliant VIP rooms, an open-air terrace and a huge main room, Pacha Ibiza attracts tons of enthusiastic party lovers from all over the world. The club has a total capacity of 3000 guests and still finds itself filled to the brim on all their party nights.

How much energy does Pacha Ibiza use?

The takings on the opening night of Pacha Ibiza, in June 1973, were 40,000 pesetas, $300 in today’s money. Back then, the club had just 15 employees, compared to over 400 people nowadays. Pacha’s energy consumption at that time was a paltry 300 watts; today it uses 40,000! 5.

Do you need Pacha Ibiza?

If you wanna join someone who knows how to party, you need Pacha! Pacha Ibiza first opened its doors during 1973 and has come to be known as one of the most charismatic, energetic and mystical night clubs in Ibiza.

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