How much was Pacha sold for?

€350 million

Pacha Group, the Ibiza-based company behind the world-famous nightclub franchise, has been sold to venture capital firm Trilantic Capital Partners for €350 million. News of the sale first emerged in October, when Pacha founder Ricardo Urgell told a local newspaper that the deal was “practically done.” The figure quoted …

How much was Pacha sold for?

Is Pacha a good brand?

Today a world-famous brand, Pacha is an institution of the Ibiza clubbing scene and remains true to the island’s original party spirit. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A GUIDE?

What is the Pacha Collection?

Curvaceous, soft and low-slung, the Pacha Collection is a joyfully modernist creation which embraces both extreme comfort and effortless versatility. Iconic designer Pierre Paulin’s vision was to create a sensation of ‘sitting on clouds’. A little ahead of its time in 1975, the modular Pacha Collection is finally coming into its own today.

Who is the founder of Pacha?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we asked the founder of Pacha, Michelle, to share her entrepreneurial journey. Originally a lawyer, Michelle founded Pacha, a start-up company that sells organic and eco-friendly feminine hygiene products, including sanitary pads.

Is the modular Pacha Collection finally coming into its own?

A little ahead of its time in 1975, the modular Pacha Collection is finally coming into its own as GUBI reissues this timeless and characterful collection. “GUBI is delighted to reissue this timeless and characterful collection and play a part in building Paulin the legacy he deserves.” JACOB GUBI, OWNER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF GUBI

Is Pacha Ibiza for sale?

The Trilantic venture capital fund has decided to put Pachá up for sale for an amount of between 400 and 500 million euros.

Is Pacha Ibiza up for sale?

Universo Pacha is reportedly on sale for around €500 million thanks to a year of record profits bolstered by the return of tourism in places like Ibiza and Mykonos. Trilantic may sell all of its share or keep a minority stake, depending on the level of interest.

When did Pacha Barcelona open?

The first Pacha club opened in the beach town of Sitges in 1967 and first expanded to Barcelona and the Catalan coast. In Ibiza, Pacha opened a club in 1973, and then expanded into the hotel business with El Hotel Pacha.

When did Pacha Barcelona open?

What is Pacha Barcelona?

Pacha Barcelona isn’t just a club, it represents everything Pacha represents around the world: wherever you are, Pacha always offers the best parties and artists a city can offer. The place is very attractive, due to its casual and elegant atmosphere. This club is the big pearl among the nightclubs located at Barcelona’s Port Olímpic.

When did Pacha start?

The story of Pacha started in the late 70’s and was therefore already a well-known location in the 90’s. This means that, by that time it measured 450 square meters. The club was one of the first official clubs of the island. In 1993 Pacha expanded to have the capacity of housing 3000 party people.

Did you know the first Pacha Nightclub opened in Sitges?

Did you know that the very first Pacha nightclub opened in Sitges, on the Costa Dorada, way back in 1967? Some would say it’s fitting then that – having conquered the globe, from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro – one of the world’s most famous entertainment brands has finally settled in Barcelona, just a few miles from where it all began.

When did Pacha Ibiza open?

Pacha Ibiza opened in 1973 and is the earliest superclub in Ibiza. [citation needed] Built in Ses Feixes and facing Ibiza Town, Pacha was designed to resemble a farmhouse. The club was featured in the 2004 film It’s All Gone Pete Tong and has capacity of 3,000. From 1998 to 2017, Pacha Ibiza was the venue for the DJ Awards.

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