How do I contact the Ministry of Sound record label?

+44 (0)20 7740 8600

We are Ministry of Sound Limited of 103 Gaunt Street, London SE1 6DP,, +44 (0)20 7740 8600. We provide editorial content focused on dance music club culture and information about our company. What does this Policy cover? We at Ministry of Sound Limited take your personal data seriously.

How do I contact the Ministry of Sound record label?

Who is Ministry of Sound Records?

Ministry of Sound Records is a global entertainment record label. Over the last 15 years the label has established an exciting roster of talent, successfully launching the careers of acts such as Eric Prydz, Example and Wretch 32 to name a few.

How do I contact Ministry of sound?

Ministry of Sound 103 Gaunt Street London SE1 6DP Tel.+44 (0)20 7740 8600 © Ministry of Sound 2022 Jai Dog Rescue Charity Partner Privacy Policy Terms of Entry Terms of Use

Is Ministry of sound a good label?

Not only are Ministry of Sound a hugely successful electronic label: they are also the UK home for global superstars Doja Cat and Tate McRae, leading the charge and forging the global strategy, as well as Joey Bada$$ and Alamo Records’ roster.

Where can I find contact information for a record label?

You can find good, accurate music industry contact info with record label email addresses for pretty much every label you can think of via the A&R Registry. This will save you a lot of online search time, although you can also try to find this info on the label website, by sleuthing around LinkedIn or Twitter, or by doing a bit of Googling.

How do I get signed to revealed recordings?

It all comes down to great music. If you make great electronic music you will get signed by us. Of course, the music style has to fit our label. We are looking for electronic music that is original, fresh, melodic, catchy, and/or are festival bangers.

Who is Revealed Recordings?

Revealed Recordings Demo Submission, Contacts, A&R, Links & More. Dutch DJ/producer Hardwell presented his very own imprint Revealed Recordings in 2010. The young house sensation revealed a fresh and open-minded label.

How do I get signed to a music label?

MTV and other music-programs will sometimes host shows searching for the “next big star” of some particular style. Record a professional demo. If you want to get signed to a label, you need to have a high-quality demo recording of your music to share.

How do I see all my recordings available?

To see all your recordings available and how much storage you have left, follow these steps: From the main menu, select your profile name. Select Recordings. Select DVR Manager. From the DVR Manager, you can:

How do I get signed to revealed recordings?

What is revealed pro?

We launched Revealed Pro for producers who desire feedback on their recent productions. Even if we believe your track doesn’t suit our label, you will still receive short feedback (usually 2-4 sentences) on how it can improve. With Pro you can also send us new versions so we can help guide you to deliver the best possible demo.

How do I submit a demo to the Ministry of Sound?

Submit your demo to MINISTRY OF SOUND (UK) Use the ‘Add a track’ button below to select files from your device, or just drag and drop them somewhere onto this dashed region. Fill in the missing information and confirm your upload by clicking ‘Submit/Save’-button at the end of this form. Supported file formats: . mp3 .

How do I get to the Ministry of sound?

Once arriving at the station, turn left out of the university exit, and take the second left onto Gaunt Street. If you are travelling by bus, you can reach the Ministry of Sound via routes C10, 63, or any bus heading to Elephant & Castle.

How do I submit a demo?

If you are submitting a demo please do so by email and send no more than 4 streaming links where your music can be heard. We are unable to accept attachments so please do not send mp3′s or any other files, as they will not be listened to. Send your submission to: We no longer accept demos submitted by post.

Where is the Ministry of Sound radio station based?

The station is based near the Ministry of Sound, at 103 Gaunt Street in south London. The station can trace its history back to a one-hour-long, syndicated radio programme called the “Ministry of Sound Dance Party” which was produced in a tiny studio in the MoS offices using Pro Tools from 1996, by Robert Sharp.

Can I wear a T-shirt to Ministry of sound?

Jeans, t-shirts and branded trainers are all fine. We advise against wearing tracksuits and caps. Shorts are allowed as long as they are smart (no tracksuit style or sports shorts).  We work hard to make sure Ministry of Sound looks ready for you to party so we ask that you do the same. Where can I buy tickets?

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