Can you go clubbing in a shirt?

While most establishments prefer collared shirts with trousers, some fancier places allow many varieties of T-shirts and jeans. And here comes your chance to get dapper, evergreen night out club outfit ideas, where plain T-shirts whether collared or not, make a great statement with blue denim types.

Can you go clubbing in a shirt?

Can a girl go clubbing by herself?

Sure. I do that more than occasionally, as my friends really don’t like clubbing. I would not go clubbing expecting to meet people and make friends. Its possible, but the music is so loud that you won’t really get to make conversation.

Why can’t men wear shorts in nightclubs?

It comes down to standards. Shorts aren’t generally considered proper attire at a full service club, one that offers coat check, VIP, or bottle service. The more casual dress is, the lower standards become. A well dressed crowd is a better behaved crowd.

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