Is blowing on vinyl bad?

Do not blow on records with your mouth. Invariably, you are spewing spit/food/liquid that is not pH neutral all over your record collection.

Is blowing on vinyl bad?

Why do some vinyl records never sound good?

Lots of pops, clicks and cracks. It just seems that some records don’t have the desired quality from the factory. It is hard to believe that this is the case in today’s high-tech modern world, but it is. I have done a fair bit of research on this and it seems to be accepted in the vinyl community that some records will never sound good.

What are the most common issues when buying new vinyl?

The most common issues he cites are bubbles on the record surface and off-center pressings – both of which I can vouch for as being a huge headache when buying new vinyl. Four out of five records is a bold claim, and it’s important to note that the video is almost two years old now.

What should you do if a vinyl record is faulty?

Until that happens, the best thing you can do as a vinyl consumer is vote with your feet. Don’t put up with poor quality; send a clear message to the industry at large and return a record if it’s faulty. There is a growing concern in the vinyl community around quality control. To avoid disappointment, watch out for these KEY faults.

Is quality control a problem for vinyl records?

However, while the resurgence in consumer interest for vinyl records is undoubtedly something to celebrate, there is a growing concern within the vinyl community surrounding quality control. In a world where music is essentially free, and vinyl is sold as a premium product and experience, this is a worrying trend that needs addressing.

Do new turntables crackle?

When you first set up your turntable, you may notice some surface noise in the form of popping or crackling. To resolve this, allow for 15 to 20 hours of playback so the stylus can be broken in. This should reduce the surface noise heard during playback.

Why does my turntable Crackle?

Dust and dirt lodged in the record grooves act as an obstacle for your turntable’s stylus, and when the stylus hits one of these microscopic particles it will jump and create that popping sound associated with crackle. Static build-up on the record is another very common cause of crackle.

Do new turntables crackle?

Why does my turntable make a noise?

When you first set up your turntable, you may notice some surface noise in the form of popping or crackling. This should reduce the surface noise heard during playback. In addition, it’s important to ensure your record and stylus are clean. Even new records should be cleaned before use.

Why does my vinyl record make a crackling noise?

You hear crackling noises on vinyl due to obstruction on the surface of the record. As the turntable’s stylus passes by these obstructions, it causes a vinyl crackle sound to occur. Once again, a mild amount of vinyl noise is pretty standard with most vinyl records, but it can be over the top to where it’s affecting the sound quality of the output.

How do you stop a record from crackling?

Lightly using your brush in a circular motion on the surface of a record will help with the quality of your listening experience. Do this before placing a record on the turntable, and it’ll help with some of the excessive vinyl noise. Keeping your records free of dust and debris is one of the best things you can do to mitigate too much crackle.

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