How long do vinyl records last?

Some people will say with good use and good care, records can last in a good state for 100 years plus. Others will say less. If you’re speaking of how long before records decompose, it could be 1000 years or more.

How long do vinyl records last?

With proper care and handling, vinyl records can last for decades or even centuries, although that may be an exaggeration. Some collectors have classic records in store that are over 50 years old and still play beautifully. However, if not properly maintained, vinyl records can quite easily deteriorate and become unplayable in just a few years.

Can a lower quality record player damage your vinyl collection?

While a cheaper record player may be more convenient for the time being, if you opt for a record player of lesser quality, you are putting your vinyl collection at risk of irreversible damage. One way in which damage can occur when using a lesser quality record player is through groove wear.

What temperature should a vinyl record be stored at?

Vinyl Records can start to warp at around 60°C (140°F) so make sure never to leave them in a car if transporting on a hot day… or take them down to the beach… On the other hand, don’t keep them too cold, they can become brittle and shatter much easier. The idea temperature for record storage is between 65° to 70° F.

How do I Keep my Vinyl Records Clean?

Keeping your records clean WILL MAKE THEM LAST LONGER. Dusty records will deteriorate quicker. Make sure to give them a quick wipe or brush (or both) before and after every listen at the least. For more tips on cleaning records, check out our vinyl cleaning guide. Hot, Cold, And Humid!

Should vinyls be perfectly flat?

Records shouldn’t be stored horizontally, or flat. As you will see, archival record boxes are designed for the records to be stood and stored vertically. Storing vinyl records flat can place too much pressure on the records lower in the stack causing damage over time.

Are old vinyl records worth money?

It’s generally thought that: Rock n’ roll, blues, and jazz records produced from 1960 to 1970 are the most valuable. A “valuable record” can range anywhere from $500 to $3000.

Which vinyl records are worth money?

The versions that are worth the most are from Electra records and have light gold/tan labels instead of the more common red or brown, which are from later pressings of the record. We saw first pressings on eBay for $175 to over $300. Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be The Day” original pressing was released in 1958 by Decca Records.

Are old vinyl records worth money?

Is there any value in old vinyl records?

While the age can have an effect on a vinyl record’s value, it’s one of the less important factors. Releases from early in the career of a famous artist may have more value than those from later in their careers, particularly if they didn’t become famous right away. A good example of this would be the recordings of Elvis Presley.

Can you still buy vinyl records?

Of course, it almost goes without saying that you can buy CDs (and vinyl, too) at Amazon; Barnes & Noble also still sells CDs and records on its site and in stores, as does entertainment chain FYE.

Are new vinyl records worth buying?

You can’t resell a digital file, and in most cases, CDs have almost no value on the secondary market. Vinyl records — new or old — retain a lot of value, and so long as your copy is in decent condition and there’s some demand for the title, you can often make a profit if you choose to sell.

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