Who owns Deadbeats?

Deadbeats is a label founded by Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan, who are part of the Canada based duo Zeds Dead in 2016. The releases on the label primarily comprise dubstep and trap.

Who owns Deadbeats?

Is Deadbeats a record label?

Mad Decent

Spinnin’ Records

Ultra Records

Dim Mak

Zeds Dead/Record labels

What is the Deadbeats label?

As the brainchild of Zeds Dead, Deadbeats label has released music from 1788-L, Rusko, Shades, DNMO, Peekaboo, Blanke, Whipped Cream, GG Magree, Wax Motif, Space Jesus + more. The full lineup is listed below –

Where did the word ‘deadbeat’ come from?

Probably from the slang verb ‘to beat’ (to cheat)…”Deadbeat, another word for loafer or sponger, also came into vogue during the Civil War. The first syllable probably comes from the adjective ‘dead’ (‘complete’), as in ‘dead broke.’” Another reference has “deadbeat” as a verb in the 1880s.

Who are Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats?

Today, we look at Zeds Dead ‘s Deadbeats. Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan got their start in the hip-hop world, made their name in dubstep and never stopped expanding their pallet. The pair pride themselves on a tireless appetite for evolution and a high standard for technique, and they’ve been rewarded with a dedicated fan base.

Is deadbeat a good game?

Deadbeat is a fun little Everhood -esque rhythm-action arcade game where you dodge attacks that are synched along to songs by Mori Calliope. The gameplay in Deadbeat is very much inspired by Everhood, and sees you moving your character, jumping and counter-attacking as various beats are hurled towards you along to the music.

Where can I listen to Deadbeats radio?

Stream #305 Deadbeats Radio with Zeds Dead by Deadbeats | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.

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