Why is he called Lane 8?

Lane 8 interview answer: “ I used to be on a swim team with my sister when I was really young. In a swim race, the slowest guy or girl is put in lane eight, which is the outside lane.

Why is he called Lane 8?

Who is lane 8?

In 2017, Lane 8 began hosting This Never Happened Summer Gatherings, daytime events in unique outdoor venues. After releasing music on SoundCloud in 2014, Lane 8 rose to wider prominence through the Anjunadeep label, and his 2015 debut album Rise .

Does this never happened work with Lane 8?

Artists signed to This Never Happened have been known to tour with Lane 8 as supporting acts and produce remixes of other TNH artists that are then released on the label.

What is lane 8’s last song?

“Lane 8 drops his last song of the decade ‘Just’ “. EDM.com. Archived from the original on 2020-01-11. Retrieved 2020-01-11. ^ Narozniak, Rachel (2019-12-06).

Is ‘Ghost Voices’ a ‘lane 8 remix?

“Lane 8 gives Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’ a soft and airy remix: Listen”. Billboard. Archived from the original on 2019-02-15. Retrieved 2019-02-23.

What type of house music is lane 8?

progressive house

Lane 8
Birth nameDaniel Goldstein
OriginSan Francisco, California, United States
GenresDeep house, progressive house
Occupation(s)Disc jockey record producer

How old is lane 8?

Lane 8 was born on the 27th of October, 1990. He is popular for being a Music Producer. He collaborated with Matthew Dear on “Undercover.” Lane 8’s age is32. Electronic music producer and DJ who has released deep house hits on prominent labels like Anjunadeep, including “Aba,” “Undercover” and “Loving You.”

What type of house music is lane 8?

Who are the vocalists on lane 8?

Representing the full arc of Lane 8’s melodic, uniquely crafted sound, the LP teamed with vocal features from Poliça, Australia’s Fractures, J.F. July and Patrick Baker – receiving rave reviews everywhere from Mixmag, DJ Mag and KCRW as a result.

Who are the artists on ‘land 8’?

The EP features “a diverse collection of artists like Audion (an alias of Matthew Dear), Bwana, Luvian, and even Lane 8 himself” with styles “ranging from techno to flowing progressive house, in four very captivating interpretations of the original track.”

Who is Lane 8 signed to?



Lane 8/Record labels

What is lane 8’s real name?

Daniel Goldstein, better known by his stage name Lane 8, is an American musician, electronic music producer, and DJ. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, he is signed to English deep house label Anjunadeep. Pete Tong named Lane 8 (b/c of bowling) a “Future Star” and Dancing Astronaut included him in their ’25 Artists to Watch in 2015′.

When did lane 8 start releasing music?

He began uploading original tracks and remixes in 2012, and was signed to Above & Beyond’s Anjuandeep label the following year. After releasing several singles that achieved success at dance clubs as well as blogs, Lane 8’s debut album, Rise, arrived in 2015.

What genre is Lane 8?


Lane 8 / Genre

Where did lane 8 start his music career?

Born in Indiana, Lane 8 began his music career in college, where he started spinning records in his dorm room. In 2012, he released his debut EP, The Lane 8 EP, on Anjunadeep.

Who is levellane 8?

Lane 8 is an American producer and DJ born in San Francisco, California. Now based in Denver, Colorado, he is one of the hottest names in deep house. He released his debut album, ‘Rise’, in 2015, which was followed by 2018’s ‘Little By Little’. His latest full-length release came in the form of 2020’s ‘Brightest Lights’.

Where is Lane 8 from?

Goldstein grew up in California, and first started making garage rock when he was a kid. After getting into hip-hop, he began making beats, but he came into his own when he switched to dance music.

Are there any lane 8 dates?

Sorry, there are no Lane 8 dates. Denver-based DJ and producer Daniel Goldstein aka Lane 8 has become the leading light in today’s melodic house scene with multiple sell out shows at iconic venues such as Red Rocks and Brooklyn Mirage under his belt.

When did lane 8 release’reviver’?

His fourth album, and third on his own This Never Happened imprint, ‘Reviver’ was released in January of this year.. As with every Lane 8 album, ‘Reviver’ was blessed with the lyrical creativity of several songwriters.

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