Why has Scott Mills left Radio 1?

Resident BBC DJ Scott Mills has left Radio 1 after 24 years on the station, following an announcement that he will be moving to Radio 2 to host a prime-time afternoon slot. Mills, who left BBC Radio 1 in August, is set to start his new show in autumn of 2022.

Why has Scott Mills left Radio 1?

Why did Scott Mills leave Radio 1?

Scott Mills left Radio 1 after 24 years to join Radio 2 for a new weekday show. The radio DJ took over the 2-4pm slot from presenter Steve Wright, who stepped down from his afternoon show at the end of September after 23 years. Wright continues to present his Radio 2 Sunday Love Songs programme as well as specials on the station.

What happened to Scott Mills?

Scott Mills will be leaving Radio 1 and Radio 5 Live after a BBC Radio shakeup was announced earlier today (July 1). BBC Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright will be ending his weekday afternoon show after more than 20 years on air. He will be replaced by Scott, who hosts afternoons on Radio 1.

Will Scott Mills replace Steve Wright on Radio 2?

Scott Mills will be moving to Radio 2 to replace veteran DJ, Steve Wright. Mills is already a familiar voice to Radio 2 listeners. The Radio 1 stalwart has covered for Ken Bruce and Steve Wright on Radio 2 many times before, as well as presenting specials such as last year’s Neighbours celebration.

What happened to DJ Scott on Radio 1?

Scott is leaving Radio 1, which has been his home since 1998, and will also no longer present his Saturday morning show on Radio 5 Live. The DJ has built up an army of fans thanks to hit games and features like Innuendo Bingo, Flirt Divert and the Who Game. His best pal Chris, who joined Radio 1 in 2012, is also leaving the station.

Who took over from Scott Mills on Radio 1?

Northern Irish DJ Dean McCullough and Bolton-born Vicky Hawkesworth will replace the pair to present a new daytime show which will run at 1pm to 3.30pm on Monday to Thursday from September 5. Mills is moving to BBC Radio 2 where he will take over the 2pm-4pm slot, held by presenter Steve Wright since 1999.

Is Scott Mills leaving BBC Radio 1?

Scott Mills is set to leave his BBC Radio 1 slot to take over Steve Wright’s show on Radio 2, meaning his co-host Christ Stark will also be leaving for pastures new, too. The DJ recently announced his departure from the pop station, along with Scott Mills, who he shared popular segments Innuendo Bingo and the Official Charts Show with.

Who will replace Scott Mills and Chris Stark on Radio 1?

Huge changes are underway on Radio 1 as Scott Mills and Chris Stark are set to be replaced by Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth from September. According to the BBC, their new afternoon show will be Radio 1’s latest weekday programme to come from outside the UK’s capital.

Who is Scott Mills?

Scott Mills is taking the well-trodden path from BBC Radio 1 to BBC Radio 2 after 24 years working on one of pop’s biggest stations. The move has been announced with the news that Mills will be taking over Steve Wright’s iconic Radio 2 early afternoon slot – Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

Who will replace Scott Mills?

Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth have been announced as the replacements for Scott Mills. The pair’s new afternoon show will be the station’s latest weekday programme to come from outside London. McCullough told the BBC that getting the new show was a “full-on dream come true”. Meanwhile, Hawkesworth said: “It seems sort of not real.

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