Who were the DJs on Radio 2 in the 1990s?

Radio Rewind – BBC Radio 2 History – The 1990’s. New presenters during this decade included Steve Wright, Bob Harris, Alan Freeman, Paul Gambaccini, Debbie Thrower, Richard Allinson, Mark Lamarr, Jools Holland and Michael Parkinson.

Who were the DJs on Radio 2 in the 1990s?

Who are BBC Radio 1 & 2 DJs?

DJs from BBC Radio 1 and 2 have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of the two stations with a joint broadcast. Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw and Radio 2’s Tony Blackburn hosted the special 90-minute joint show, which featured music from the last 50 years. Ex-breakfast show hosts Sara Cox, Simon Mayo and Mike Read were special guests.

When does BBC Radio 2 start broadcasting 90s music?

8 April – BBC Radio 2 celebrates the launch of its BBC Sounds service Radio 2 90s with a day of 90s music. 14 May – BBC Radio 2 broadcasts live coverage of Eurovision 2022 in Turin. 15 May – Rob Beckett leaves, and will return in August.

What happened to DJing in the 90s?

Decades later, world-renowned DJs continue to create seamless and extended mixes that are out of this world. The 90s saw the advent of the first internet radio station, and in 1998 the first MP3 digital audio player was released. The world of DJing was growing in bounds and leaps, and who were to shine in this period?

When did John Dunn join Radio 2?

John Dunn broadcast from Antartica. 1997 and Richard Allinson joined Radio 2, replacing the Jamesons. Pick Of The Pops returned with Alan Freeman on the weekend, Bob Harris joined Radio 2 with his late show from 11pm – 1am. The first series of Monkhouse Archive, a programme of BBC comedy clips hosted by Bob Monkhouse was aired Saturdays at 1.00pm.

Who were the past DJs on Radio 2?

Paul Hollingdale, Kenneth Alwyn, Eric Robinson, Cliff Adams, Pat Doody, Barry Alldis, Teddy Johnson, Brian Matthew, David Jacobs, Ray Moore, Alberto Semprini, Humphrey Lyttelton, Sam Costa, Alan Dell, David Gell, Benny Green, Pete Murray, David Hamilton, and John Dunn all join.

Who plays a real radio DJ?

American Hot Wax – Tim McIntire plays real-life radio DJ Alan Freed. Pirate radio Radio Caroline. Play Misty for Me – Clint Eastwood plays fictional radio DJ Dave Garver who is menaced by a stalker.

Who were some famous broadcasters on Radio 2 in the 1970s?

Notable broadcasters on Radio 2 in the 1970s and 1980s were Tom Edwards and Ray Moore who both presented the early breakfast show, Terry Wogan on breakfast, replaced by Ken Bruce and later Derek Jameson; Jimmy Young and his lunchtime current affairs show; David Hamilton on mid-afternoons and John Dunn at what became known as drivetime.

Who started Radio 1 & 2?

Newsreader and Eurovision star Colin Berry opened the station from 1977 for many years with the weekday early show at 6am. Due to financial cutbacks Radio 1’s afternoon DJ “Diddy” David Hamilton was heard on both Radio 1 and 2 from 1975 to 1977, when he defected to Radio 2 solely until 1986.

What was a radio DJ in the 1950s?

In the 1950s, American radio DJs appeared live at sock hops and “platter parties” and assume the role of a human jukebox. They usually played 45-rpm records, featuring hit singles on one turntable while talking between songs. In some cases, a live drummer was hired to play beats between songs to maintain the dance floor.

Who is the longest serving radio 2 DJ?

After 36 years, a record for Ken Bruce: Presenter to become Radio 2’s longest-serving male DJ after signing new three-year contract

  • Bruce will become the longest-serving BBC Radio 2 male broadcaster.
  • The 65-year-old’s contract is understood to be around £210,000 a year.

Who is the DJ on Radio 2?

The DJ has released a series of PopMaster books, and hosted numerous Eurovision, celebrity and live specials throughout the years. You can listen back to the most recent instalments via BBC Sounds. Bruce is one of Radio 2’s longest-serving DJs, having joined the BBC in 1977 before picking up a regular slot in 1984 (via BBC News ).

Who is the longest serving radio 2 DJ?

What is the longest music radio show?

49. In 2011, Radio 1 entered the Guinness World Records when Chris Moyles and his then-sidekick Comedy Dave presented the longest music radio show by a DJ team or duo, clocking in at more than 51 hours.

Who has left Radio 2?

His departure comes after Steve Wright left after 23 years as afternoon host. Other popular presenters who have also left the station in the past year include Paul O’Grady and Vanessa Feltz. Bruce told listeners: “I’ll reach the end of my current contract in March, and so at that point I will be moving on from Radio 2.

What is Popmaster on Radio 2?

PopMaster is a daily pop quiz and involves members of the public dialling in and testing their knowledge on a number of questions. Who is replacing Ken Bruce on Radio 2? Vernon Kay has already been confirmed to replace Mr Bruce as presenter on Radio 2’s mid-morning show.

Who are the female DJs on Radio 2?

She added that the station overall has more female on-air voices than ever before, including Vanessa Feltz, Clare Balding, Liza Tarbuck, Claudia Winkleman, Anneka Rice and Elaine Paige.

Does Radio 2 have a female DJ?

Radio 2 clocks up 50 years on air this Saturday with exactly the same number of women DJs on its biggest weekday shows as when it launched: zero. The station currently has no regular female hosts between breakfast and drivetime on weekdays, with a line-up that runs from Chris Evans and Ken Bruce to Jeremy Vine, Steve Wright and Simon Mayo.

Who are the most famous female radio personalities?

List is made up of a variety of people, including Kelly Osbourne, Khloe Kardashian, and Alexis Stewart. Featuring female radio DJs, talk show hosts, and more, this list has it all. The most notable female radio personalities in history and today are shown below, with pictures.

Who was a DJ on Radio 2 in 1967?

In 1967, Radio 2 listeners were treated to a host of star DJs including Jimmy Young, Kenny Everett and Brian Matthew, but no women were employed specifically to play records or introduce music. The late broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young (Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA)

Who are the female DJs on Radio 2?

When did female voices start on Radio 2?

Female voices could be found only on Woman’s Hour, which aired on Radio 2 every weekday at 2pm. But when this transferred to Radio 4 in July 1973, the schedule no longer contained any regular shows hosted by women. It was not until 1982 that Gloria Hunniford became the first woman to have a permanent daytime slot on Radio 2.

Who was the DJ on Radio 1 1994?

1993 to 1997
LEFT Jan 1994Jakki Brambles
STARTEDChris Morris Cutting Edge
The 1994 DJ line up on the steps of All Saints Church. Rear L-R; Andy Kershaw, Lynne Parsons, Steve Edwards, Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq, Claire Sturgess, Pete Tong, John Peel. Front L-R; Mark Goodier, Simon Mayo, Mark Tonderai, Steve Wright

Who was the first disc jockey on Radio 1?

Most were of comparatively low power, at less than 50 kilowatts, leading to patchy coverage of the country. The first disc jockey to broadcast on the new station was Tony Blackburn, who had previously been on Radio Caroline and Radio London, and presented what became known as the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Who was the first black DJ on Radio 1?

moved to GLR and in 1997 to Radio 2, hosting weekly ‘Bob Harris Show’ (Sat 10pm) and ‘Bob Harris Country’ (Thurs 7pm) The first black daytime DJ on Radio 1 Man Ezeke had presented a show ‘Radio ones on One’ on Sunday afternoons. Former Afternoon Girl now broadcasts on BBC Northwest news.

Who are the 1994 DJs at All Saints Church?

The 1994 DJ line up on the steps of All Saints Church. Rear L-R; Andy Kershaw, Lynne Parsons, Steve Edwards, Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq, Claire Sturgess, Pete Tong, John Peel. Sound Advisers Recruited by the BBC – a panel of six members of the public aged 16 to 29 recruited to put forward listeners’ views.

When did Dave join Radio 1?

Dave joined Radio 1 in April 1995, initially hosting the Early Breakfast Show on weekday mornings, moving to weekend mornings in October of the same year. Took over from Steve Wright in April to host the Breakfast Show. 8-month contract reported to be 1 million pounds. In July 96 he mocked Anne Franks diary; Radio 1 “deeply regretted the offence”.

What did Radio 1 DJ accuse?

Tim Westwood has been interviewed for a fourth time under police caution after sexual misconduct allegations. The former BBC Radio 1 DJ, 66, who stepped down from his show on Capital Xtra in April last year, has previously “strongly” denied any wrongdoing.

Did Radio 1 DJ abuse his position in the music industry?

In April, a number of women accused the former Radio 1 DJ of predatory and unwanted sexual behaviour and touching, in incidents between 1992 and 2017. They also accused him of abusing his position in the music industry. BBC News and the Guardian have investigated the stories of 10 women who came forward after the initial revelations.

What did Radio 1 DJ accuse?

Did the BBC find a complaint about DJ Westwood?

Director general Tim Davie said in April “no evidence of complaints” had been found after BBC News and the Guardian revealed accounts of predatory sexual behaviour by the DJ. Westwood denies the allegations. In relation to the police referral, a BBC spokesman said in a statement: “This is a historic case that the BBC has found in its files.

What’s going on with the BBC’s alleged sexual misconduct complaints?

The six newly revealed complaints received by the BBC all concern bullying and sexual misconduct and are alleged to have taken place in the years Westwood worked for the corporation, according to BBC News.

Did the DJ make a complaint about inappropriate behaviour?

In a response at the time to the documentary, a spokesperson for the DJ said he denied the allegations in their entirety. They said: “Our client confirms that there has never been any complaint made against him, whether officially or unofficially, relating to claims of inappropriate behaviour of the nature described.

Who are the DJ’s for Hot 97?


  • DJ NAIM.
  • Ebro Darden.
  • Funkmaster Flex.
  • Laura Stylez.
  • Peter Rosenberg.

What is Hot 97?

Hot 97 is THE place for artist news, new music, videos, interviews, and everything else you need to know in the world of hip-hop.

Does Hot 97’s DJ Drewski play Gang Music?

HipHopDX. February 4, 2022. ^ “Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Will No Longer Play Gang Music: ‘We R Losing Too Many Young Men and Women to the Streets’ “. Complex Networks. ^ “Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Pulls Plug On Gang Diss Music Following Tdott Woo + Nas Blixky Shootings”. HipHopDX. February 2, 2022.

Who is Hot 97 on ‘the Pool Guy’?

In the Seinfeld episode called “The Pool Guy”, Kramer mentions Hot 97 as one of the sponsors to his fraudulent Moviefone information line. In the movie World Trade Center, one of the officers says that his wife heard on Hot 97 that a second plane had hit the towers, to which another officer replies: “Who gets their news from Hot 97?”

Who are the best hip hop DJs on SiriusXM?

PRESIDENT, the Heavy Hitters El Presidente | Big Spanish | Hot 97 | 107.5 WBLS | Shade 45 SiriusXM Homebase: New York City, NY Catalog: Hip Hop… 1. DJMixes – DJ SirManny 2. DJ Mixes – DJ New Era 3. DJ Mixes – DJ Fergie 4. DJ Mixes – DJ DoubleJ919 5. DJ Mixes – DJ Ryan Wolf 6.

Who were the DJS on Radio One in 1972?

‘Radio 1 Club’ came back after a break of 12 months, however the time slot was moved from lunchtime to 5pm following complaints from headmasters that pupils had been missing school in order to attend the functions. Presenters included Rosko, Noel Edmonds, Stuart Henry, Steve Jones, John Peel and Nicky Horne.

Who are the Radio 1 disc jockeys?

Robin Scott with many of the Radio 1 disc jockeys just before the launch BACK ROW (L-R) Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young, Kenny Everett, Duncan Johnson, Robin Scott, David Ryder, Dave Cash, Pete Brady, David Symonds MIDDLE ROW (L-R) Bob Holness, Terry Wogan, Barry Alldis, Mike Lennox, FRONT ROW (L-R) Pete Murray, Ed Stewart, Pete Drummond, Mike Raven,

What happened to the DJ’s?

The try-out of D.J.’s continued; Dave Anthony, Steve Jones (later moved to Radio Clyde), Nick Horne and Bob Baker (who both went on to Capital Radio) January – Mike Raven left Radio 1, replaced by David Simmons.

Where did Radio 1 & 2 come from?

The original Radio 1 and 2 presenters line up outside All Souls Church by Broadcasting House in 1967 with Robin Scott, controller at the top centre. Fifteen of the original Radio 1 and 2 DJs recreate the 1967 publicity photograph in for ‘The Story of Radio 1’ in 1997. Relax! That banned track from Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Who are the DJs on Cool FM?

Cool FM Presenters

  • Pete Snodden. More.
  • Paulo Ross. More.
  • Rebecca McKinney. More.

What are some cool DJ names?

Here are plenty of cool DJ names you can use choose from. Spin it Up! Run the Show! Boogie Down Bronx! A funny or punny name is great for making your mark in the world of music and entertainment. Picking a humorous yet catchy DJ name can be challenging, though, especially if you haven’t considered it before.

Who is Cool FM?

Home of Hit music from both local and foreign scene, as well as world’s greatest DJs and Hosts including Freeze, Dj Xclusive, Kaylah, Mannie, Dj TTB, Faith, Bigmo, Femi D, and many more. Cool FM is a Nigerian based music station with a global reach, broadcasting to a format of 70% Urban contemporary and 30% Adult contemporary music content.

Who are our DJs?

Our DJs are an ensemble cast of real people who are passionate about the music they play, and they talk about local issues that matter. We reflect and live the lifestyle of our listeners.

Who owns Kool FM?

KOOL-FM (94.5 MHz) is a commercial classic hits radio station in Phoenix, Arizona. The station is owned by Audacy, Inc. The station is branded as Big 94.5 and features mostly hits of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and is one of the top-performing stations in Phoenix.

What was the first song played on Radio One?

Flowers in the Rain

A few minutes before 07:00am on Saturday 30 September 1967 and a 24-year old DJ named Tony was poised ready to place the needle onto the record ‘Flowers in the Rain’ by The Move. That young DJ was Tony Blackburn, and this marked the arrival of BBC Radio 1.

What was the first song played on Radio 1?

The first song played on Radio 1 was Flowers In The Rain by The Move. Over on Radio 2, it was Julie Andrews singing The Sound Of Music. 5. George Martin’s Theme One, however, was technically the first piece of music on Radio 1. Blackburn also played Johnny Dankworth’s Beefeaters under his opening link. 6.

What was BBC Radio 1’s first programme playlist?

BBC Radio 1’s first ever programme playlist – The Tony Blackburn show, which was broadcast at 7am on Saturday 30th September 1967.

What was the first song played on Radio One?

Who first sang Flowers in the rain on Radio One?

It’s the 50th birthday of Radio One – and the first song played on the station was by a Midlands band. Flowers in the Rain is etched into history and could’ve made Birmingham-based band The Move a fortune. But they’ve never received a penny from the hit.

Who is presenting Radio 1’s Greatest Hits?

This saw Maya Jama and Jordan North join BBC Radio 1 to present the Radio 1’s Greatest Hits, which would be on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Alice Levine moved to the breakfast slot to join Dev. Matt Edmondson would replace Alice Levine’s original slot in the afternoon and joined by a different guest co-presenter each week.

What happened to Radio 1 DJ?

A BBC Radio 1 DJ was taken off the air after she interrupted a colleague’s live broadcast from Ibiza. Arielle Free was told to “have some respect” by Dance Anthems host Charlie Hedges when she butted in as her fellow presenter played a set on the island.

What happened to Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac?

And, a year ago on July 30, 2021, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac played her final evening show after 17 years with the BBC. Many are wondering which presenters have now left and who will be replacing them in the rota shake-up. Here’s everything you need to know. In 2022, so far, DJ Scott Mills and his co-host Chris Stark are leaving BBC Radio 1.

When did John Powell become a DJ?

A couple of years later, in 1972, Powell then went on to have a brief spell working on BBC Radio 1 which was (and still is) one of the most popular radio stations in the UK for fans of current pop music. After a short spell there, he went over to work at Radio Luxembourg for a while before returning to work as a Radio 1 DJ in 1977.

When did Radio 1 start?

Tony Blackburn opened Radio 1 on 30 September 1967 at 7.00am, with Robin Scott, then Controller Radio 1, standing over him! The station set out with a blank sheet of paper to create a new style of radio, a ‘DJ style’, by that time heard only on the pirate radio stations, which had recently been forced to close.

When did John Powell leave Radio 1?

From 1984 through to 1988, the popular DJ hosted the weekend breakfast show until he finally left Radio 1 and hosted his final show on 25th September 1988. Before leaving the radio, Powell worked on other projects behind the scenes. In 1984 he formed a talent company with Russell Lindsay.

What happened to Radio 1 DJ?

Who was the black radio DJ in the 60s and 70s in DC?

Horn was born in Franklin, KY. He was a prominent disc jockey of Black radio in Washington, D.C. at stations WOL-AM, 1965-1971; and WHUR-FM, 1971-1975. His on-the-air name was Bob ‘Nighthawk’ Terry.

What did black radio DJs do?

Black Radio DJs were not just people who played records but they rallied the community in times of need, hosted concerts and fed the hungry on holidays. They were into the music and they made sure the audience was into it too. Times have drastically changed. Black radio has become “Hip-Hop and R&B” radio.

Who was the first black DJ?

In 1994, “The Fly Jock” became one of the first nationally syndicated Black DJs when was hired to host his own program, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which spread to 29 stations. In 1998, Joyner became the first African-American inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Who was the first DJ to spin rush in America?

“Legendary DJ Donna Halper was first to spin Rush in America”. Howl Magazine. Howl Magazine. Retrieved 22 January 2018. ^ Christopher H. Sterling (1 March 2004). . Routledge. pp. 377–. ISBN 978-1-135-45649-8. ^ Cartwright, Robin (August 31, 2004). ” What’s the story on the radio payola scandal of the 1950s? .” The Straight Dope.

Who were some famous radio disc jockeys?

Notable U.S. radio disc jockeys of the period include Alan Freed, Wolfman Jack, Casey Kasem, and their British counterparts such as the BBC ‘s Brian Matthew and Alan Freeman, Radio London’s John Peel, Radio Caroline ‘s Tony Blackburn, and Radio Luxembourg ‘s Jimmy Savile.

Which Radio 2 dj was locked in his car?

He explained how things went badly wrong after he finished his show on Friday and went to set off for the airport from Wogan House, the home of the BBC in central London, in his electric car. To his horror, he found that not only that the car wouldn’t start he and Sam were locked inside and were unable to get out.

What happened to Radio 2’s old DJs?

Bruce’s departure is the latest, unnecessarily bloody blow in Radio 2’s ongoing cull of its cosy older DJs. Drive time star Steve Wright, 68, has been replaced by 49-year-old Scott Mills. Paul O’Grady, 67, quit (after he was forced to share his Sunday slot with 37-year-old Rob Beckett).

Why did my car radio Lock Me Out?

Your radio likely locked you out because a factory-enabled security system – one designed for anti-theft has been triggered. This system is designed to lock out car radio theft from accessing your audio system, but unfortunately, this feature can also lock out the car owner.

What happened to radio DJ Scott Mills?

Radio DJ Scott Mills has had, in his own words, ‘quite the weekend’. What was supposed to be a few nights away in Amsterdam turned into full on car-nage, when the 49-year-old got trapped in an electric vehicle with his fiancé Sam Vaughan on the way to the airport.

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