Who was the first Jamaican female DJ?

Sister Nancy

Born Ophlin Russell in Kingston Jamaica in 1962, Sister Nancy was the first female dancehall DJ in Jamaica and she has been an important voice on the Jamaican dancehall scene ever since.

Who was the first Jamaican female DJ?

Who was the first female DJ in Jamaica?

Russell was the first female DJ in Jamaica, and her ambition opened the door to the music industry for numerous female artists, including Sister Carol and Lady G. 2. Sister Carol

Who was the first female dancehall deejay?

On January 2, 1962, Ophlin Russell, better known as Sister Nancy, a seminal Jamaican dancehall deejay and singer, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Also known as Mama Nancy, She was the first female dancehall deejay and an important female voice on the dancehall scene for over 20 years.

Who is the most successful female singer in Jamaica?

Over the last 4 decades female singers have not been able to become consistent hit makers like their male counterparts. – Marcia Griffiths ’ is Jamaican music most successful female singer and most consistent hit maker. Five decade of being an international star the world stage, she remains the most enduring presence in Jamaican music.

Who is the youngest female reggae artist?

Koffee is currently the youngest and only female reggae artist to receive the award. Following in the footsteps of artists like Sister Nancy and Sister Carol, Simpson remains true to the political and social timber that characterized early reggae. 9. Lady G Born Janice Fyffe, Lady G is another reggae and dancehall singer from Spanish Town.

Who is DJ Kentucky in Jamaica?

DJ Kentucky is a popular selector on the dancehall scene, known for organising several events. A child under 16 years of age cannot legally consent to sexual intercourse. The penalty for having sexual intercourse with a child who is under 16 is imprisonment for not exceeding 15 years.

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