Who was the female DJ on Radio Caroline?

Samantha Dubois (1955-1992) was the most famous of the 20th century female DJs on the pioneering 1960s pirate radio ships. Dave Thompson’s blog about Radio Caroline described her as ‘The First Lady’s First Lady.

Samantha Dubois

Who were the DJs on Radio Caroline?

Some DJs from the USA and Commonwealth countries, such as Graham Webb, Emperor Rosko and Keith Hampshire were also heard. DJ Jack Spector, of the WMCA “Good Guys” in New York, regularly recorded for Radio Caroline. Syndicated shows from the US and recorded religious programmes were also broadcast.

Who founded Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline is a British radio station founded in 1964 by Ronan O’Rahilly and Alan Crawford initially to circumvent the record companies’ control of popular music broadcasting in the United Kingdom and the BBC ‘s radio broadcasting monopoly.

Who was the first female DJ hired by WLS?

In 1973, Yvonne Daniels was the first female DJ hired by WLS (AM) in Chicago. 99X FM, RKO radio group in New York hired Paulie Riccio in 1974. WABC (AM) in New York hired DJ Liz Kiley in 1979. Radio disc jockey Donna Halper is credited with discovering the rock band Rush while working as a radio DJ at WMMS in Cleveland in 1974.

What is Radio Caroline ‘voices of the air’?

“Radio Caroline: Voices of the Air” is that rarity in any kind of history book, namely an account that tries not to leave anything out while still remaining conversational and entertaining. This is precisely what Rusling had in mind when he put it together, after writing an earlier history of the station entitled “The Radio Caroline Bible.”

Who was the former female DJ on Radio 1?

Nightingale remained the only female DJ at Radio 1 for 12 years, from 1970 until 1982 when she was joined by Janice Long. By then, Nightingale was granted her request to broadcast her show in the evenings, which gave her more scope to play emerging underground and experimental music.

Who are the female pioneers in the DJ industry?

Below, we highlight some female pioneers in the DJ industry — women who were willing to take risks that ultimately changed the game for everyone. In 1970, Annie Nightingale made history as the first female DJ on BBC Radio 1 — and is currently its longest-serving presenter.

Who is BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Nightingale?

BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Nightingale has been given a Guinness World Record for having the longest career as a female radio presenter. She was presented with the award by one of her favourite musicians, Liam Gallagher, at Radio 1’s studios in central London. Annie became the first female DJ on Radio 1 back in 1970 and has spent 40 years at the station.

Who was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1?

She was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 in 1970, and has remained a broadcaster there ever since. Nightingale has specialised in championing new and underground music, she has also led the movement and encouraged other women to become DJs and broadcasters.

Who was the first DJ on Radio Caroline?

First transmissions On Saturday, 28 March, it began regular broadcasting at noon on 1520 kHz (announced as 199 metres) with the opening conducted by Simon Dee. The first programme, which was pre-recorded, was hosted by Chris Moore.

The first programme hosted in the history of Radio Caroline was delivered by Chris Moore, a man who subsequently entered the Radio hall of fame. The first programme was also sponsored by Simon Dee, a disc jockey that eventually moved into a career with the BBC and Radio Luxembourg. So, who were the DJs on Radio Caroline?

First transmissions On Saturday

What was the first song played on Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline the very first broadcast, Easter 1964 – YouTube Christopher Moore introduces the very first track played on Radio Caroline; Rolling Stones’ “Not Fade Away” — Easter 1964 Christopher Moore introduces the very first track played on Radio Caroline; Rolling Stones’ “Not Fade Away” — Easter 1964

How many disc jockeys did Radio Caroline employ?

Alongside Walker, Radio Caroline employed about 38 disc jockeys, most of which spent time on both the North and South stations. Many of them found employment with BBC Radio 1 and other stations after the pirate radio movement was shut down.

Who is Radio Caroline?

In 2011 Radio Caroline joined Radioplayer UK, an internet service formed by the BBC, Global Radio and the Guardian Media Group that supplies a live feed of UK radio stations to across the world. On 4 May 2015, Radio Caroline started a 24-hour “Flashback” webstream carrying “oldies” music and jingles.

Who were the DJS in radio Caroline in the 60s?

Radio Caroline’s first programme, on 28 March 1964, was presented by Chris Moore. Presenters Tony Blackburn, Roger Gale, Ray Teret, Simon Dee, Tony Prince, Spangles Muldoon, Keith Skues, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Dave Lee Travis, Tommy Vance, Tom Edwards, Paul Noble, Bob Stewart and Andy Archer became well known.

Who were the DJs at Radio Caroline?

There were plenty, including: Tony Blackburn. Roger Gale. Tommy Vance. Bob Stewart. Ray Teret. Dave Lee Travis. Tony Prince. Spangles Muldoon. Tom Edwards. And many more. There were also plenty of DJs that visited the Radio Caroline from the USA and overseas, including Emperor Rosko, Graham Webb, Keith Hampshire, and Colin Nicol.

Who started Radio Caroline?

The brainchild of rebel record boss Ronan O’Rahilly, who struggled to get his acts mainstream airplay, Radio Caroline launched the careers of a host of DJs who later joined the BBC. Tony Blackburn, Simon Dee, Tony Prince, Johnnie Walker, Dave Lee Travis, Tommy Vance and Emperor Rosko all got started at the station.

Who were the DJs on Radio London?

The DJs, Mike Lennox, Pete Drummond, John Peel, Michel Philistin, Willy Walker, Paul Kay, Chuck Blair, Mark Roman and Tony Brandon, were greeted by fans of the station. Radio London had been broadcasting three and a half miles off Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, since December 1964.

What happened to Radio Caroline South?

Eventually, the Mi Amigo ship known as Radio Caroline South sank into heavy seas after it broke away from its moorings near Southend. The 107-foot ship sank in 25 feet of water and had to be towed by the British Government. According to DJ Tom Anderson, who was on board at the time, the boat wasn’t in an excellent state by this point in time.

Who is Monica DJ?

DJ Monica is regarded as Sweden’s first female DJ. She began DJ-ing professionally 1983 and loves music, specially Funk.

DJ Monica is regarded as Sweden

Who is Miss Monique?

Miss Monique is an influential and successful DJ who has made a name for herself in the music industry. Her songs and performances are appreciated by millions of people around the world and her booking fees reflect her popularity. Miss Monique has a distinct style that incorporates elements from various genres, such as trance and deep house.

Who is Monica’s former manager?

Monica former manager is Melinda Dancil. I’ve been able to get in contact with representation for celebrities and am finding it much easier to get interviews for our podcast thanks to Booking Agent Info. — Matthew Ardill, Comedy Album Book Club Podcast

Who is Monica Torres?

She studied entertainment law in South Beach, Florida. She has garnered over 230,000 followers on Instagram as a result of her musical and hosting fame. She was born Monica Torres in Brooklyn but grew up in New Jersey. She was featured on the remix of Lyfe Jennings ‘ single “Must Be Nice” and on T.I’s Grand Hustle compilation mixtape.

Who is Monica Arnold?

Monica Denise Arnold was born in College Park, Georgia, the only daughter of Marilyn Best, a Delta Air Lines customer service representative and former church singer, and M.C. “Billy” Arnold Jr, who was a mechanic for an Atlanta freight company.

Who sang the Radio Caroline theme song?

Radio Caroline Theme Tune 1964 – Rinky Dink – Tom Lodge – YouTube. Pirate DJ Tom Lodge used the instrumental record Rinky Dink by The Johnny Howard Band as his main theme tune on Radio Caroline back in 1964. It will be very familiar to many ex-pirate radio listeners.

Where can I find a book about Radio Caroline?

Austin, Texas, USA 2010 ISBN 978-0-910155-82-3 – The story of Radio Caroline in the 1960s by one of its foremost DJs. Radio Caroline: The True Story of the Boat that Rocked. Clark, Ray. The History Press. Stroud, UK 2014 ISBN 978-0-752498-87-4 – A history of Radio Caroline by a former DJ.

Radio Caroline Theme Tune 1964

Where did Radio Caroline anchor?

And so the good ship Caroline sailed up the Irish Sea to anchor in international waters three miles off Ramsey in the Isle of Man, becoming ‘Radio Caroline North’ (it continued broadcasting on the 199 metres wave-length all the way north).

What was the first song played on Radio One?

Flowers in the Rain

A few minutes before 07:00am on Saturday 30 September 1967 and a 24-year old DJ named Tony was poised ready to place the needle onto the record ‘Flowers in the Rain’ by The Move. That young DJ was Tony Blackburn, and this marked the arrival of BBC Radio 1.

What was the first song played on Radio 1?

The first song played on Radio 1 was Flowers In The Rain by The Move. Over on Radio 2, it was Julie Andrews singing The Sound Of Music. 5. George Martin’s Theme One, however, was technically the first piece of music on Radio 1. Blackburn also played Johnny Dankworth’s Beefeaters under his opening link. 6.

What was BBC Radio 1’s first programme playlist?

BBC Radio 1’s first ever programme playlist – The Tony Blackburn show, which was broadcast at 7am on Saturday 30th September 1967.

Who first sang Flowers in the rain on Radio One?

It’s the 50th birthday of Radio One – and the first song played on the station was by a Midlands band. Flowers in the Rain is etched into history and could’ve made Birmingham-based band The Move a fortune. But they’ve never received a penny from the hit.

Who is presenting Radio 1’s Greatest Hits?

This saw Maya Jama and Jordan North join BBC Radio 1 to present the Radio 1’s Greatest Hits, which would be on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Alice Levine moved to the breakfast slot to join Dev. Matt Edmondson would replace Alice Levine’s original slot in the afternoon and joined by a different guest co-presenter each week.

Who was the DJ on Radio 1 in the 1970s?

1970’s presenters From back row, (L-R); Paul Gambaccini, Ed Stewart, John Peel, Simon Bates, Paul Burnett, Jimmy Savile, Tom Browne, Alan freeman, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Annie Nightingale, David Hamilton and Tony Blackburn.

Who were Radio 1 disc jockeys?

Here can be seen a photograph of early 1970’s Radio 1 disc jockeys outside all Saints Church. From back row, (L-R); Paul Gambaccini, Ed Stewart, John Peel, Simon Bates, Paul Burnett, Jimmy Savile, Tom Browne, Alan freeman, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Annie Nightingale, David Hamilton and Tony Blackburn. Noel Edmonds and Stuart Henry.

Who were Radio 1 DJs in 1987?

The Radio 1 DJ line-up in 1987. At a Christmas Lunch, With (L-r) Paul Burnett, Andy Peebles, John Peel, Simon Bates, Mike Read, Adrian Love, Richard Skinner, Steve Wright, Annie Nightingale, Paul Gambaccini, Adrian Juste, Dave Lee Travis and Jimmy Savile carve. and Andy Peebles.

Who are the top 10 DJs of 2000?

Rear L-R; Andy Kershaw, Lynne Parsons, Steve Edwards, Jo Whiley, Steve Lamacq, Claire Sturgess, Pete Tong, John Peel. Front L-R; Mark Goodier, Simon Mayo, Mark Tonderai, Steve Wright. 2000 DJ’s.

What’s happening at Radio 1 Vintage?

Commemorations include a three-day pop-up station Radio 1 Vintage celebrating the station’s presenters and special on-air programmes on the day itself, including a special breakfast show co-presented by the station’s launch DJ Tony Blackburn which is also broadcast on BBC Radio 2. 6 November – BBC Radio 1 has some schedule changes.

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