Who owns screwed up records and tapes?

Big Bubb

Screwed Up HQ Non-Profit is an extension of all the work that Big Bubb, owner of Screwed Up Records & Tapes, has made to keep the cultural legacy alive of DJ Screw and members of the Screwed Up Click.

Who owns screwed up records and tapes?

Where can I find DJ Screw Records?

The University of Houston Libraries Houston Hip Hop Research Collection houses the DJ Screw Papers, including approximately 1500 vinyl records owned by DJ Screw, original DJ Screw recordings, photographs, handwritten track lists, and more. Some of these materials have been digitized.

When did DJ Screw release his ‘Screwtapes’?

No date for release has been announced. The “Screwtapes” were mixtapes that DJ Screw made himself and mainly sold from his house or when traveling to do shows. Many of his friends freestyled and spoke over the instrumentals and songs. The mixtapes were re-released after his death in 2000 and given “Diary of the Originator: Chapter” titles.

How much does ‘all screwed up’ cost?

Its release Monday coincides with the 20th anniversary of Screw’s death. The project will be released on www.allscrewedup.com for $99, which includes a commemorative giftset designed to look like an original DJ Screw grey tape filled with an “All Screwed Up” tribute cassette, a cassette player and other commemorative items.

Where is screwed up in Houston?

Right off the side of a main road in Houston you’ll find Screwed Up Records & Tapes and in a mediocre shop mall development. Inside you’ll see old banners from the original store, many original photos & pictures (some drawn by fans) and the murals of DJ Screw within the shop. Local Houston artists can be heard through BOOMING bass speakers inside.

How many screwed up click members are dead?


After years of success that took its members to new heights, the S.U.C. found itself surrounded by tragedy when two of its members died, Fat Pat who was murdered and DJ Screw who overdosed from a lethal combination of codeine and other drugs.

Who are the members of the Screwed Up Click?

The Screwed Up Click (or S.U.C.) is an American hip hop collective based in Houston, Texas, that was led by DJ Screw. Its most notable members include DJ Screw, Big Hawk, Big Mello, Big Moe, Big Pokey, the Botany Boyz, E.S.G., Fat Pat, Lil’ Flip, Lil’ Keke, Lil’ O, and Z-Ro.

Fat Pat

DJ Screw

Big Pokey

Big Moe

George Floyd

Big Hawk

Screwed Up Click/Members

What happened to Big Pokey from Screwed Up Click?

S ad news out of Houston, Texas. According to the Houston Chronicle, Big Pokey—an original member of the Screwed Up Click—has died at age 48. In a graphic video making the rounds online, Big Pokey is rapping to a crowd at the Pour 09 Bar when he suddenly collapses. Someone rushes to his aid as he lays on the ground then the video cuts off.

Which SUC members are ‘screwed up affiliated’?

In addition, Devin the Dude, K-Rino, Lil’ Troy, South Park Mexican and UGK are considered to be “Screwed Up Affiliated”. Many of the current and former SUC members come from the neighborhoods of South Park, 3rd Ward, Sunnyside, Cloverland, Hiram Clarke and South Acres.

What is a Screwed Up Click?

In 1991, he began to release tapes, known as “Screw Tapes”, on which he slowed down and manipulated records by popular artists and also prominently included freestyles by a group of friends and local rappers, who came to be known as the Screwed Up Click.

Who are the members of the screwed up click?

What does S.U.C. stand for in Houston Texas?

The Screwed Up Click (or S.U.C.) is an American hip hop collective based in Houston, Texas, that was led by DJ Screw.

What part of Houston is DJ Screw from?

Smithville, Texas

was born in Smithville, Texas. His father, Robert Earl Davis Sr., was a long-haul truck driver based in Houston. His mother Ida May Deary, who had a young daughter from a previous marriage, came to the Smithville area to be with her mother when her son was born in 1971.

Where was DJ Screw filmed?

DJ Screw at Maestro’s studio in southwest Houston, 1996. (DeMo Sherman and University of Houston Libraries Special Collections) To the uninitiated, hearing a Screw tape for the first time can be unsettling. The slow pitch, the chopped beats, the molasses-thick vocals — it sounds like something is wrong with your stereo.

Who is DJ DJ DJ’s Screw?

The segment features Robert Earl Davis Jr.—known as DJ Screw—slowing down and chopping up songs for his patented Screw tapes, cassette mixes that spread through Houston’s south side and that sold by the thousands solely through word-of-mouth promotion. “When I first started, I thought it would be all right,” DJ Screw says.

How did DJ Screw die?

On this date in 2000, Robert Earl Davis Jr., best known to the world as DJ Screw, was found dead inside of his Houston recording studio from a codeine overdose. He was only 29 years old. The codeine came from a prescription-strength cough syrup that he would mix with soda to concoct a beverage called purple drank or “lean”.

Who carries DJ Screw’s legacy?

There’s a community of people in Houston and around the country who carry Screw’s legacy, too. At last year’s CAMH exhibition, so many people I met were elated to support something that would lift DJ Screw’s name, almost two decades after his passing.

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