Who is the longest running DJ?

The longest serving male radio presenter record belongs to the late Herbert Rogers Kent — a.k.a. “The Cool Gent” — who DJ’d on various Chicago stations from 1944 until his death in 2016.

Who is the longest running DJ?

What is the longest radio DJ marathon?

Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over. The longest radio DJ marathon is 207 hr 1 min 16 sec, achieved by Mario Blanco Real (Spain), in Vitoria, Álava, Spain, from 20 to 29 April 2020. Mario is a well-known radio DJ in Vitoria and has been working for over 20 years.

Who has the longest DJ set ever made?

SEVEN. 2. Norberto Loco (200 hours) Smokin’ Joe could finally sign the longest DJ set ever made. However, right around the corner there was a Polish artist known as Norbert Selmaj arrived to reach the unbelievable 200-hours DJ set.

Who are the best DJs of 1990?

1990 – 1. Reckless (3rd), 2. DJ Pogo, 3. DJ Trix 1991 – 1. Reckless, 2. DJ Excel, 3. Olabean 1994-95 – 1. DJ Kofi, 2. First Rate, 3. Def K 1996 – 1. Cutmaster Swift, 2. DJ Kofi, 3. Prime Cuts 1997 – 1. DJ Pogo (3rd), 2. DJ Excel 1998 – 1. Prime Cuts, 2. DJ Excel, 3. Tony Vegas 1999 – 1. Tony Vegas (2nd), 2. Plus One, 3. Prime Cuts 2000 – 1.

Who is the oldest DJ in the world?

Moroder is frequently credited with pioneering synth disco and electronic dance music. he is officially the oldest DJ in the world and currently working on his new album called “Déjà Vu” featuring Britney Spears, Sia, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Mikky Ekko, Foxes, Matthew Koma, Kelis and Marlene. Stay tuned.

Who is the world rank 1 DJ?

Martin Garrix has been voted The World’s No. 1 DJ in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll 2022. The Dutch DJ and producer marked the occasion in historic fashion as he became the first artist to DJ from the top of the iconic Empire State Building, as the centerpiece of a reimagined Top 100 DJs Awards Show broadcast.

What is the official global DJ rankings?

The Official Global DJ Rankings is a list of the best DJs in the world, more than 200.000 DJs and users. DJrankings.org is an advanced DJ portal with free services such as DJ-SWAP™ and a platform with forums and chat rooms for interaction between DJs and fans.

Which country has the most charting DJs in 2021?

Once again Europe has the most charting DJs by far — around 60% in 2021. Frenchman David Guetta is crowned the World’s No. 1 DJ for the second year running, bringing his total number of wins to three.

Who is the highest techno DJ in the world?

Belgian artist Charlotte de Witte lands at No. 23 to take the Highest Techno trophy for the second year — claiming the No. 1 spot in the Alternative Top 100 DJs poll in the process — while Germany’s Claptone wins Highest House again, at No. 32.

How much does a DJ make a year?

To become a DJ is to devote years to working magic on others’ music. Enjoy the journey and practice every day to make the best songs you can. You probably won’t make a whole lot of money at first, but if you keep at it, several DJs make well over $70,000 a year.

Who is the hardest DJ in the world?

Angerfist is The World’s No. 1 Hard DJ in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs 2022. The masked maker of hardcore made good on his promises of a busier 2022. Dutch DJ Danny Masseling, aka Angerfist, may not have had as prolific a year as in 2020, but he did more than his sleepier 2021.

Who is the hardest DJ in the world?

Who are the best hardcore techno DJs?

Over 300 music fans have voted on the 50+ Best Hardcore Techno DJs. Current Top 3: Angerfist, Neophyte, DJ Paul Elstak

Who are the biggest hardstyles DJs in the world?

Top 10: Biggest Harder Styles DJs in the World 1 Frontliner 2 Wildstylez 3 Coone 4 Da Tweekaz 5 Brennan Heart. Might know him for: Hosting a monthly radio show – We R Hardstyle – on Dutch radio station SLAM!FM 6 Miss K8 7 Radical Redemption 8 Zatox 9 Angerfist 10 Headhunterz

How hard is it to become a famous DJ?

It isn’t hard enough nowadays to become a dj. Everything you need to do is everyday practice. BUT if a dj wants to become famous all he needs is good public relationships. Take a look at the famous djs there are now.

Who is the youngest successful DJ?

DJ Archie

DJ Archie is the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest DJ in the world. “He won the award when he was four, he is now seven years old and has played at Glastonbury this weekend, as well as many festivals/events all over the world.”

Who is the world’s youngest DJ?

Tony Kershaw/Zenger Archie, from North Essex, England, was crowned as the world’s youngest DJ by Guinness World Records in October 2019. He won the title after playing a music set for a full hour at the Hong Kong club Bungalow, blasting classic house tunes to clubbers.

How old is a DJ?

In fact, just imagine walking into a club to find that the DJ at the decks is barely five years old! To say that you’d be astonished is an understatement. Unlike other types of artists in the music sphere, the DJ can handle his or her music and equipment unassisted; their job involves playing a unique blend or mix of music to an active audience.

Who is ‘dextrous one’ & how old is he when he started DJing?

Working under the stage name “Dextrous One,” Brandan started DJing when he was in second grade, and earned himself the title of the youngest DJ to play at a professional club at only six years old! You can find his music and playlists on Soundcloud under the name brandandukethedj.

Who is DJ arch junior?

DJ Arch Junior began his DJing “career” at eight months old, at which time he played on DJ apps until he could eventually play with the big machines. His father, Glen, couldn’t be prouder of his young son for his already-impressive career, and for bagging the Guinness World Record back in 2017. Did You Know?

Who is number one DJ operator?

1 DJ in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs 2022. Martin Garrix has been crowned The World’s No. 1 DJ in this year’s DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll. The Dutchman is still only 26, having broken onto the scene in his mid-teens via his proto-EDM tune, ‘Animals’, and scooping the Top 100 DJs crown in 2016 as well as the subsequent two years.

Who is number one DJ operator?

Who is the world’s number one DJ?

David Guetta has been named the world’s number one DJ according to DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll. The 2021 #Top100DJs winner is @davidguetta!…

Who is the top 100 DJ in 2021?

David Guetta has won the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll 2021. Guetta has retained the No.1 spot that he claimed last year, a decade after he was first crowned the world’s No.1 DJ back in 2011. The Frenchman now joins an elite grouping of Dutch DJs — Martin Garrix, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren — who have won the Top 100 vote three times or more.

Is David Guetta the world’s No 1 DJ?

It means so much.” The big news from this year’s Top 100 DJs poll results is that David Guetta has retained the No.1 spot that he claimed last year — a decade after he was first crowned the world’s No.1 DJ back in 2011.

Who are the Dutch DJs who have won the top 100?

The Frenchman now joins an elite grouping of Dutch DJs — Martin Garrix, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren — who have won the Top 100 vote three times or more. “It’s wonderful, I’m so happy,” David said to DJ Mag about his win.

Who is the oldest male DJ?

A Totnes presenter has been hailed as the world’s oldest music radio DJ – still hosting a regular radio show aged 95. John Cavie has been presenting on Life Care Radio at Totnes Hospital in Devon for a decade.

Who are the world’s oldest DJs?

Here’s a list of some of the world’s oldest DJs that might even be partying harder than you. Meet Giovanni Giorgio Moroder, 76-year-old Italian singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer; frequently recognized as one of the oldest living contributors to dance music.

What was a radio DJ in the 1950s?

In the 1950s, American radio DJs appeared live at sock hops and “platter parties” and assume the role of a human jukebox. They usually played 45-rpm records, featuring hit singles on one turntable while talking between songs. In some cases, a live drummer was hired to play beats between songs to maintain the dance floor.

Who is the oldest male DJ?

When did a DJ start playing on a turntable?

Regine began playing on two turntables there in 1953. Discos began appearing across Europe and the United States. In the 1950s, American radio DJs appeared live at sock hops and “platter parties” and assume the role of a human jukebox. They usually played 45-rpm records, featuring hit singles on one turntable while talking between songs.

Who is DJ Mamy Rock?

Last but not least, the late Ruth Flowers, better known as DJ Mamy Rock, was an EDM sensation. In her giant trademark sunglasses and her blinged-out headphones, the 83-year-old British icon spent the last 15 years of her life producing, performing and traveling the world.

How old are most DJs?

23.5% of all disc jockeys are women, while 76.5% are men. The average disc jockey age is 40 years old.

Who are the most popular DJs in the world?

The most popular DJs are MARSHMELLO, CALVIN HARRIS and DIPLO. Netherlands is the country with most artist in the top list (25) followed by Germany (10), and United Kingdom (10). Future bounce, electronic future bass, trap, progressive …

Who are the most influential DJs in the ‘over 50 club’?

Here are twenty influential DJs in the “Over 50 Club” who still rock out (in alphabetical order): 1. DJ Jazzy Jeff (53)

How many songs should DJs have?

Pack twice as much music as you need You’re a pop DJ, and you guess the average length of each song you want to play is three minutes. That means about twenty songs an hour. So you’ll probably end up playing sixty songs in your set. Therefore, the crate you pack should contain 120 songs.

How many songs should a DJ set have?

That is why I researched different lengths and genres with the number of songs you should pick for your DJ set. So, how many songs in a DJ set? For the average DJ set of 2 hours, DJs will play 60 songs and have 120 songs in their DJ set playlist preselected.

How many songs do you need for a gig?

For instance- if your set is 5 hours, or 300 minutes long, you won’t need more than 150 songs. Doing this calculation will ensure you’re never short of music at your gig, regardless of genre. However, if you want to avoid overpreparing, it’s worth knowing how to plan your sets according to genre.

Do you need all of Your Music in a DJ’s library?

It’s always a good idea to have every single track from every genre in a DJ’s library. More songs means the ability to cater any gig in terms of music satisfaction. But the question is, will you need all of it ? Definitely not at once. No matter how large your music collection is, it needs to be organized, tagged and well grouped.

Why do DJs play their own music?

It’s when the DJ played songs that made you have a good time on the dancefloor. It’s a different story when the crowd is there for you. If you’re a very popular DJ, like Martin Garrix or DJ Tiësto for example. They just play their own music because they know the crowd came for just that.

Who is the longest serving female DJ?

Mary McCoy

This Texas DJ has been on the radio nearly 72 years — longer than any other woman. Mary McCoy landed her dream job when she was just 12 years old. More than seven decades later, she has earned the Guinness World Record for longest-serving female radio presenter.

Who is the world’s longest-serving female radio DJ?

Mary McCoy, more recently on the left and earlier in her career on the right, has officially been recognized as the world’s longest-serving female radio DJ. Photograph: Courtesy of Mary McCoy

Who is the longest serving female DJ?

Who are the Best Female DJs?

The female DJs listed here are some of the leading ladies in the electronic dance music industry.The following is a list of 15 best female DJs around the world: 1. Charlotte De Witte Charlotte De Witte is a Belgian DJ and record producer famous for her “dark and stripped back” brand of minimal techno and acid techno music.

Who is the longest serving male radio presenter?

“And of course, the good Lord above.” The longest serving male radio presenter record belongs to the late Herbert Rogers Kent — a.k.a. “The Cool Gent” — who DJ’d on various Chicago stations from 1944 until his death in 2016.

Who was the first female DJ on Radio 1?

Among the early presenters was Michael Aspel, who hosted a Sunday morning show, Family Favourites, on Radios 1 and 2. Annie Nightingale was the first female Radio 1 DJ, joining in 1969, and is now the station’s longest-serving broadcaster.

What is the longest solo DJ set?

The SCI+TEC boss set the record for the longest solo DJ set… Dubfire has broken the record for the longest solo DJ set at Sunwaves festival. The SCI+TEC boss played for 26 hours and 30 minutes at the Romanian event, overtaking Marco Carola’s previous record of 24 hours.

Who has broken the world record for the longest DJ set?

Photograph: Frantzesco Kangaris for The Guardian A Nigerian DJ has broken the world record for the longest ever DJ set. Earlier this month, DJ Obi completed a 240-hour marathon on the decks at a Lagos cafe, smashing the previous record of 200 hours set in Dublin by a Polish DJ called Norbert Selmaj in November 2014.

What is the longest performance by a solo artist?

The longest performance by a solo artist lasted 501 hours and was achieved by Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan (India) at the Rhythm Therapy Hall, Nandavanam Hospital, Ottapalam, Kerala, India, on 5-26 July 2009 This record is the overall category for music marathons – Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan also holds the record for …

What is the longest solo DJ set?

How long should a DJ set be?

The average length of all genres together is 3 to 4 minutes. There are a few songs that are below that average and there are sogs that go beyond that average. When you’re making a DJ set with a lot of pop or hip hop music, your setlist will have a lot more songs than, let’s say, a deep house DJ set.

Did DJ Obi break the world record for 240 hours?

Earlier this month, DJ Obi completed a 240-hour marathon on the decks at a Lagos cafe, smashing the previous record of 200 hours set in Dublin by a Polish DJ called Norbert Selmaj in November 2014. The record has yet to be ratified by the Guinness World Records team, but Obi followed the rules for the DJing record.

Who is the biggest radio DJ?

Top 10 Radio Presenters of All Time

  • Howard Stern. The modern-day king of talk radio. …
  • Rush Limbaugh. Outspoken host with a devoted following. …
  • Ryan Seacrest. Well-known personality and producer. …
  • Sean Hannity. Provocative host that’s landed in hot water a few times. …
  • Glenn Beck. …
  • John Peel. …
  • Kenny Everett. …
  • Terry Wogan.

Who is the best DJ in the world?

In 2013 and again in 2014, DJ Mag voted him the no 1 DJ in the world. DJ Mag again listed him in the third position in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs. Unlike other DJs on our list, we know Hardwell performs regularly at the best music festivals. He loves to play both his songs & remixes from other artists at festivals.

Is Avicii the richest DJ in the world?

Avicii, who passed away way too soon at the age of 29 in 2018, was one of the highest-paid DJs in the world at the time of his death. With his fortune of $85 million left, he still occupies one of the top places among the richest DJs and we will continue to have him on this list.

Who is the highest paid radio personality?

Forbes has ranked him as the highest-paid radio personality for 5 years in a row. As well as the number 8 highest-paid celebrity. The command he still pulls, his immense salary and lasting legacy as an innovator of radio, easily lands Howard Stern a place as one of the top radio presenters.

Who is the most famous Dutch DJ?

Armin has published six studio albums and is now one of the most famous Dutch DJs. He is a record holder for the highest number of appearances on the Billboard Dance/Electronics list in the US. He is a record-breaking 13 times best international DJ award winner and holds the title for most consecutive wins, winning eight times straight.

Who is the biggest radio DJ?

How to DJ for long hours?


  1. Map out the musical flow of the evening. The first tip to making it to the finish line in a marathon DJ set is to plan how it’s going to go down. …
  2. Pack several playlists, and then pack some more. …
  3. Get some sleep the night before and eat clean. …
  4. Pack a few long tracks / edits for bathroom breaks.

How long should a DJ mix be?

A DJ mix can be as long as a DJ prefers, however typically DJs that play live DJ for around 1 hour and up to 5 or more hours. If recording a DJ set to be published onto a music platform between 60 and 120 minutes is fine. A mini-mix is sometimes classed between 15 and 30 minutes.

Should a DJ play a lot of gigs?

If you’re an open format DJ then overtime I’d imagine play a lot of gigs will help you understand track selection better. This would apply to wedding DJ as well as mobile party DJs. There will likely be some “go-to” tracks that really work well with these sorts of audiences.

How to get better at DJing?

The most obvious one being to get a DJ setup at home and practice as much as possible. On top of that recording and listening back to mixes allows you to critique yourself and recognize mistakes much easier. Getting out and playing gigs as quickly as possible will also mean you push yourself and get better at DJing much faster.

How long does it take to learn to DJ?

There are several individual skills that need to be learned to DJ successfully. None of the theory is particularly difficult, it just takes practice to make the skills second nature. Someone who is dedicated to practicing could easily be DJing confidently within 3 to 6 months.

Which DJ pool has the most songs?

ZIPDJ boasts the biggest electronic catalogue of any DJ Pool, carrying 60+ genres and over 300,000 tracks across Dance, House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop (including the Top 40) and Latin.

What is the best music pool for DJs?

BPM Supreme is one of the biggest DJ record pools. They have a large collection of songs that cater to event and Club DJs, along with multiple track versions and exclusive edits. BPM Supreme adds new music daily, so there is always something fresh for DJs to use. This music pool for DJs also has a mobile app, which makes things considerably easier.

Is zipDJ a good DJ record pool?

ZIPDJ is another massive DJ record pool with all the music a DJ could want. In particular, ZIPDJ has an extensive house and electronic music catalog. So, if this is your preferred genre, this DJ pool is the place to be! ZIPDJ also gives DJs exclusive access to previews from their partner record labels.

Why do DJs need a record pool?

Each DJ has a unique sound and an exclusive collection of music. It takes considerable time to source good-quality songs and find recently released music. This is where a record pool for DJs comes in handy. A record pool allows DJs to save time and money by providing a one-stop digital solution.

What are the best record pools?

ZipDJ is one of the record pools on our list that offer the most diverse range of paid plans, with two intro plans and three pro unlimited plans. Their intro plans start at $25 and $30 per month, offering 50 downloads and 100 downloads per month respectively, great if you’re just starting out or playing shorter sets.

What is the longest DJ live stream?

The longest marathon DJ concert live stream is 51 hours, and was achieved by Mark Ursa (Belgium) in Salvador, Brazil, from 19 to 21 June 2020. Mark Ursa is a well-known Belgian DJ living in Ibiza and has been touring worldwide for over 25 years.

What is DJ livestreaming?

Whatever the reason, DJ livestreaming – playing DJ sets to your audience over the internet, with audio and video – can deliver all of this for you. What’s more, as those of us who livestream professionally know, there is an excitement around livestreaming that you can’t get from gigs.

Which camera is best for DJ set livestreaming?

The most obvious type of camera to use are simple webcams. The near-legendary Logitech C920 will do the job (you can often pick these up pretty cheaply), but our current favourite webcam is the newer Logitech model, the StreamCam. The quality is pretty amazing, but they are pricey. Read this next:

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