Who is the Kenyan DJ in America?

In 2020, Ivy Awino, better known as DJ Poizon Ivy, was named on the distinguished Forbes 30 under 30 list. Born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ivy is the official DJ for the Dallas Mavericks – making her the team’s first female DJ in history, and is the 2nd female DJ in the NBA.

Who is the Kenyan DJ in America?

Who are the best reggae DJs in Kenya?

Today, DJ Kalonje, DJ Double Trouble, DJ Brown Skin, DJ Bush and DJ Bunduki are the top best reggae music DJs in Kenya. Below is the list of the best Deejays in Kenya when it comes to mixing reggae music. Without any particular order, these are the top best reggae djs in Kenya for reggae nights, reggae party, events and concerts.

Who are Kenyan deejays?

Kenyan Deejays are actually among the most popular entertainers in East Africa, Africa and the entire globe at large. Reggae music is listened worldwide, and Kenyans love it like nothing else. But we as reggae music lovers, we know very well that reggae can not be enjoyed without the best DJ in the country.

Who is DJ AK?

DJ AK a dream that turned to an ambition and a target to success. Back in the days he was a child that held music so dear to his heart; he started playing music at a very young age carrying his first mixer and CD’s everywhere to show the world what he can be.

Who is the video DJ King in Kenya?

We alook at DJ afro biography, real name, wife, age, movies, wealth, tribe and contacts. Who is the video DJ king in the country you may ask. According to the recent competition done by Breakthrough Media at Mabatini, Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya, a video DJ famously known as DJ Afro beat DJ Fish and was crowned king.

Who is the Nigerian DJ in Florida?

Nigeria-born, US-based DJ, DJ Dozzy Ross, born Dozie Udemadu has made history by being the first man with the vision to open a lounge in Miami, Florida, USA to cater to the needs of Nigerians, Africans and the Caribbeans.

Who is the number 3 female DJ in Africa?

Lerato Kganyago

DJ Zinhle beat DBN Gogo (#2) and Lerato Kganyago (#3) to claim the top spot in Africa.

Who is a female DJ in South Africa?

A female disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays recorded music for an audience. Who is the first female DJ in South Africa? Deshnie Govender (born 5 April 1985), better known as DJ Roxxi, is a South African DJ, who is one of few Indian female club DJs in South Africa. Who is the richest DJ in South Africa 2020? DJ SBU.

Who is Africa’s number 1 DJ?

DJ Zinhle makes hits, produced a reality show focused on empowering women, co-authored a self-help book and launched her own jewellery and furniture lines. File photo. A trailblazer is defined as an innovator, pioneer and trendsetter. If this notion holds true, then the woman dubbed “Africa’s number 1 DJ” definitely fits the bill.

Who is the number 3 female DJ in Africa?

How much does a DJ make in South Africa?

According to payscale.com, the average hourly pay for a South African DJ is R275. However, this figure varies widely depending on a person’s experience, popularity, quality, and network. Who are the female twin DJs in South Africa? Former YFM presenters Hlelo and Ntando Masina are the two female DJs in South Africa who are twins.

Who is DJ Lady Lea?

DJ Lady Lea In her country, South Africa, DJ Lady Lea, or Lea Moscou Barett, is considered a veteran DJ who owns a record label company, Beat Boutique, and an agency that handles female DJs, Divas on Decks. This she’s done within the span of 16 years while playing in most of the top clubs in South Africa as well as other countries.

Where is DJ talent from?

Anthony Ghosh / DJ Talent lives in his birth city, London, with his Indian father Sujit, and his English mother Patricia. He is based and lives in Eastbourne, England.

Who is DJ talent?

He’s really professional and knows how to work his audience,highly recommend Mike for any type of party/ family get together. Dj Talent is a full service entertainment company specialising in African, Caribbean and mixed couples weddings. We believe in total event personalisation and understand the importance of your celebration.

Where is DJ J Star from?

DJ J Star was born in the Dominican Republic, then moved with his family to NYC at the age of 6.

Who is DJ Khaled and where is he from?

The 43-year-old was born in New Orleans to Palestinian parents who immigrated to the US. He got his foot in the industry through his DJ work and hosting gigs on radio. One of the first monikers Khaled used was Arab Attack, a name he dropped after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Who is Anthony Ghosh / DJ talent?

Anthony Ghosh / DJ Talent lives in his birth city, London, with his Indian father Sujit, and his English mother Patricia. He is based and lives in Eastbourne, England. In 2005, he appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show with his mother, who was questioning his respect for women and his lifestyle as a DJ.

What nationality is DJ drama?


DJ Drama / Nationality

Tyree Cinque Simmons (born April 22, 1978), known professionally as DJ Drama, is an American disc jockey (DJ), record executive and music promoter.

What nationality is DJ drama?

Who is DJ Drama?

DJ Drama is one of the game’s frontrunners in the mixtape circuit, having experienced its highs and lows. He formed the Aphilliates Music Group with DJ Don Cannon and DJ Sense in 2003, and earned acclaim for his Gangsta Grillz series. The tapes helped propel the careers of T.I., Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and others.

Who is DJ Drama parents?

DJ Drama’s father’s name is Michael Simmons and his mother’s name is Dina Portnoy. There is no information available about DJ Drama’s siblings. He holds American citizenship but is of Mixed (Afro-American) ethnicity. DJ Drama attended Central High School in Philadelphia and graduated in 1996.

Who is DJ on Total Drama Island?

DJ is the first male contestant to arrive on Total Drama Island. DJ is one of the few characters to have their ethnicity verified. His Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! bio refers to him as Jamaican. This makes him one of the only five contestants known to be born outside of Canada.

How old was DJ Drama when he started making music?

When DJ Drama was 13 years old, he and his sister were on a trip to New York City where he had purchased his first mixtape. He was so influenced by the mixtape that he soon began making his own tapes including one titled Illadelph which had featured several local artists. He had also started experimenting with turntables around this time.

Who is the famous DJ Ministry of Sound?

With opening sets from American house and garage DJs Larry Levan, David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Tony Humphries, as well as Paul Oakenfold, Ministry of Sound grew as a clubbing venue.

Where is Ministry of sound?

Position 35 – down 9 | Location: London, UK Capacity: 1,555 ministryofsound.com Ministry of Sound is a world-class London landmark. It’s a four-roomed beauty of a nightclub, a leader and forward-thinker, and it’s just about to turn 30 years old!

How has Ministry of sound stayed on top of its game?

Like a finely-tuned and well-oiled machine, Ministry Of Sound has stayed on top of its game by paying constant attention to the wants of its followers.

Who is DJ Larry Levan & how did he become a DJ?

Inspired by two mid-‘80s years spent in New York spinning records with Sensible House and religiously dancing to resident DJ and dance pioneer Larry Levan at Paradise Garage – the Manhattan car park venue he describes as “the best club I’ve ever seen” – he wouldn’t rest until he’d opened something similar in London.

Who is DJ Foreign?

Born in the African nation of Kenya, DJ 4eign (pronounced foreign) aka “the African kid”, has become a success locally and overseas as a result of his exploits as a highly acclaimed disc jockey.

Who is DJ Foreign?

Who is the best DJ in the world?

In 2013 and again in 2014, DJ Mag voted him the no 1 DJ in the world. DJ Mag again listed him in the third position in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs. Unlike other DJs on our list, we know Hardwell performs regularly at the best music festivals. He loves to play both his songs & remixes from other artists at festivals.

Who is the most famous Dutch DJ?

Armin has published six studio albums and is now one of the most famous Dutch DJs. He is a record holder for the highest number of appearances on the Billboard Dance/Electronics list in the US. He is a record-breaking 13 times best international DJ award winner and holds the title for most consecutive wins, winning eight times straight.

Who is Hardwell DJ?

Hardwell specializes in electro house, progressive house, big room house, hardstyle, and deep house genres. In 2013 and again in 2014, DJ Mag voted him the no 1 DJ in the world. DJ Mag again listed him in the third position in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs. Unlike other DJs on our list, we know Hardwell performs regularly at the best music festivals.

Who is DJ Zedd?

Popular DJ Zedd was born Anton Igorevich Zaslavski in Saratov, Russia, in 1989 when it was still known as the Soviet Union. He grew up in Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he found his love of music and began his successful career.

Is DJ Sky Arab?

Ghareeb Kaawar, known professionally as Djsky, is a Lebanese electronic music DJ, music programmer, remixer and event organizer based in Ghana, United States and Lebanon.

Who is DJ Sky High?

Alongside her music career, she has been “babysitting” 22-year-old Chrisean Rock on Baddies West, which had people seriously curious about her age. DJ Sky High is now trained in music and looking after people!

Who are Arab DJs?

From Dubai and Beirut to America, these are the Arab DJs making their mark in the music industry. If you’ve partied in Beirut, you’ve probably heard of Tala Mortada. A professional illustrator and animator, Tala eventually combined her love of art with music, creating full-on visual performances for partygoers.

How many views does DJ Sky have on Instagram?

DjSky set a recent record when he garnered over 50 million views on Instagram within a week of performing an Amapiano and Afrohouse freestyle whiles on vacation in the forest ^ “DJ Sky shines at JD Music Fest”. www.pulse.com.gh. 2019-10-07.

Did djsky introduce electronic dance music to Ghana Music?

In an interview with Watsup TV, Djsky revealed he was the first to introduce electronic dance music into Ghana music. In 2021, Djsky released new viral music named after his newborn Milagros, featuring Ken & Seth music that garnered over 10 million views across all digital platforms which has appeared on Times Square.

Who is DJ Mia?

Mia is an eclectic DJ known across the globe for her undeniable and electrifying turntable talent. Born and raised in the Philippines, Mia moved to Washington, where she lived in Olympia and Seattle before making her way to Los Angeles.

What kind of music does Mia play?

Her music combines elements of alternative, dance, electronic, hip hop and world music with electronic instruments and samples. Born in London to Sri Lankan Tamil parents, M.I.A. and her family moved to Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka when she was six months old.

How old is Mia?

United Press International. 18 July 2019. Archived from the original on 19 July 2019. Retrieved 7 August 2019. Rapper M.I.A., born Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, in 1975 (age 44) ^ Yoo, Noah (8 June 2019).

Why is Mia so popular?

M.I.A.’s status as a style icon, trendsetter and trailblazer is globally affirmed, with her distinct identity, style, and music illuminating social issues of gender, the third world, and popular music.

Who is DJ Mia?

Is Mia back in action?

“M.I.A. Is Back in Action”. AOL Music Canada. Archived from the original on 6 July 2011. Retrieved 27 August 2007. ^ Slant Staff (25 January 2010). “Best of the Aughts: Singles”. Slant. Retrieved 16 September 2010. ^ Hirschberg, Lynn (25 May 2010). “M.I.A.’s Agitprop Pop”. The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved 22 October 2015.

Who is DJ Nelly in Liberia?

International DJ Nelly is a Liberian based DJ. DJ Nelly. is the highest award winning DJ ever in the history of. Liberia music industry.

Where is Kilimanjaro DJ from?

KILIMANJARO, hailing from Southern Africa, raised in Scotland and now residing in London, combines his background of Afro-centric rhythms and influences with the fast paced energies of the western electronic scene, where he has learned and perfected his craft over the past few years.

Is DJ Fresh from Botswana?

BOTSWANA-BORN DJ Fresh, real name Thato Sikwane, is one of South Africa’s most-sought after mix masters. He is credited with pioneering the house music scourge which is engulfing Southern Africa.

Who is DJ Fresh South Africa?

DJ Fresh spent over 10 years at 5FM before moving to Metro FM in 2017. He took over 947’s Drive Time show in August 2019. DJ Fresh has over 32 albums and mixes over the years. These have earned him a top position in the industry across South Africa. Here are some of Dj Fresh South Africa songs and albums.

Who is the best DJ in Botswana?

Years later, Kuchi is considered one of the best DJ’s not only in Botswana, but in the Southern African region as well. Kuchi’s skill is not limited to being a DJ, but also includes his strong and versatile ability as a music producer; producing everything from Deep Soulful, Funky, Commercial to Electro House.

Who is DJ Fresh’s wife Thabiso Sikwane?

Former Metro FM DJ Fresh and his wife Thabiso Sikwane are headed for splitsville after being married for 20 years. A local publication has revealed that Thabiso filed for divorce in 2021 after DJ Fresh was fired from 947 where he was the afternoon drive host.

Is DJ Fresh moving to 94.7 Joburg?

Following weeks of speculations about his “next chapter”, DJ Fresh finally revealed he had found a new home at 94.7 Joburg. DJ Fresh (real name Thato Sikwane), will host the afternoon drive show, “Fresh on 94.7”, starting from August 1 from 3pm until 7pm.

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