Who is the DJ that looks like a marshmallow?

Marshmello wears a custom white helmet, resembling a marshmallow, for public appearances and in his music videos. His identity was initially unknown to the general public, but was confirmed by Forbes to be Comstock in April 2017.

Who is the DJ that looks like a marshmallow?

Who is DJ Marshmello?

DJ Marshmello is an electronic music producer, DJ, and internet personality from the United States. He originally gained popularity in early 2015 after posting remixes online. He was an unknown, new producer in the 2015 trap and future bass scene, releasing excellent tracks. Now he has some of the most listened-to songs in the world.

Did DJ Marshmello wear a marshmallow on his head?

When DJ Marshmello hit the scene in 2016, you were probably a little confused. What’s up with the guy wearing a marshmallow on his head? The shtick worked, though! Marshmello is an international success, with hits, remixes, and collaborations like “Wolves,” “Friends,” and “Happier” with Bastille. Still, that marshmallow helmet is perplexing.

Who is Michael Marshmello’s real name?

Now that Tiesto, Shawn Mendes, and Will Ferrell have all been crossed off the list of Marshmello’s possible identities, there’s a much more convincing theory out there. According to Forbes, Marshmello is a guy named Chris Comstock, who goes by the name Dotcom as a DJ.

Is Chris Comstock a Marshmello alias?

According to social media detectives and EDM fans, Chris Comstock, popularly known as Dotcom, a DJ-producer within the same management roster as Marshmello, is now assumed to be an alias of Marshmello. Forbes can now state that they are the same individual.

Is Skrillex a marshmallow?

Furthermore, it was also disclosed to Forbes by industry insiders that the two are the same person. Previously known pieces of evidence such as the ASCAP credit, their physical and musical similarities, and Skrillex addressing Marshmello as “Chris” were taken into account of confirming Marshmello’s identity.

Did Skrillex call Marshmello Chris?

There’s video evidence of Skrillex referring to Marshmello as Chris in an interview, only to then go on and continue calling that same person Marshmello throughout the duration of the interview. A post shared by chris comstock (@dotcommusic) on Feb 4, 2020 at 6:23pm PST

Is Skrillex a dotcom?

But thanks to Skrillex, a ripped jean and now a birthday party, we can finally confirm that the man behind Marshmello is truly Dotcom, and put this all behind us. Less than 24 hours ago, Skrillex posted the following video to his social media accounts, showing him, Getter, Ookay and Jauz celebrating Marshmello’s birthday on May 19th.

Is Marshmello really a Marshmello?

These fake reveals have left people frustrated, but Marshmello doesn’t seem to mind. According to a tweet he posted in August 2017, everybody is marshmello. “The helmet makes me marshmello and also makes you marshmello… we are all marshmello,” Marshmello tweeted.

Did Skrillex celebrate Marshmello’s birthday on May 19th?

Less than 24 hours ago, Skrillex posted the following video to his social media accounts, showing him, Getter, Ookay and Jauz celebrating Marshmello’s birthday on May 19th. Now lo and behold, it also happens to be Dotcom’s birthday on May 19th.

Is marshmallow the best DJ in the world?

The data-based results from Viberate, however, tell a slightly different story. Here, US DJ Marshmello tops the ranking with two billion views on YouTube and 51.9 million followers on Spotify. He is followed by the French star David Guetta and British-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker.

Is Marshmello the world’s highest DJ?

Less than two years after his debut public performance, he was ranked among the world’s highest DJs by Forbes. Marshmello appears to be one of those artists who is purely interested in the hits while remaining nameless. He is also noted for his huge white marshmallow-shaped headgear, which he wears all the time.

Is marshmallow the best DJ in the world?

What is Marshmello best known for?

DJ style: High-energy melodies. Best known for: Defying genres, and his helmet. Mask-wearing DJ/producer Marshmello continued to cross genres in his productions while delivering DJ sets to some of the world’s biggest audiences in 2022.

How much is Marshmello worth?

Marshmello has become an insane success, and to think it was done by Chris’ management re-branding and marketing his DJ identity. It certainly was effective. As of October 2023, Marshmello’s net worth is $50 Million. What do you think about Marshmello’s net worth?

Does DJ Marshmello have a hidden face?

Determined to uncover the truth, fans have eagerly speculated about Marshmello’s true identity and the face concealed beneath the iconic marshmallow mask. In this article, we delve into the mysterious world of DJ Marshmello, providing a compelling update on his identity and the rumors surrounding his hidden face.

How did marshmallow become a DJ?

Like many DJs, Marshmello’s music career started on Soundcloud. He uploaded an original song and a few remixes to the platform in 2015 and quickly caught the attention of EDM legends like Skrillex, who reposted one of Marshmello’s songs.

Was Marshmello a real DJ?

Also in 2016, after a set at Electric Daisy Carnival, Dutch DJ Tiësto jokingly emerged from under Marshmello’s mask, fallaciously proclaiming he was the mysterious DJ. The real Marshmello continued to perform and release singles throughout the year, later starting his own Joytime Collective record label.

Who is Marshmello & what did he do in 2016?

By May 2016, although his identity was unknown, Marshmello was frequently suggested to be Chris Comstock, an American DJ who was known as Dotcom at the time. On June 19, 2016, Marshmello performed at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

Did DJ deadmau5 influence Marshmello?

He was inspired by DJ Deadmau5, who did the same thing with a dead mouse mask, to hide his identity. Marshmello has been open about Deadmau5’s influence on his career, and even named his pet mouse “Joel,” the DJ’s real name, then featured the animal in one of his music videos. Marshmello does not do interviews, and explained why in a 2018 tweet.

When did Marshmello start releasing music?

Despite his early anonymity, Marshmello’s career blew up in 2015 when he began releasing tracks online. From there came shows at New York’s Pier 94, Pomona, California’s HARD Day of the Dead festival, and Miami Music Week.

How much does DJ Marshmello make?

Marshmello earned $44 million over the past two years, thanks to six-figure nightly fees and crossover hits like “Happier” (with Bastille) and “Wolves” (with Selena Gomez).

How much does DJ Marshmello make?

How much is DJ Marshmello worth?

Ever since he rose to prominence, Marshmello has released three studio projects titled Joytime. Thanks to his successful career, in 2017, Forbes magazine named him one of the highest-paid DJ in the world. American electronic music producer and DJ Marshmello has an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars, as of 2023.

How old is Marshmello?

Marshmello was born on May 19, 1992, and is currently 31 years old. How tall is Marshmello? Marshmello has become an insane success, and to think it was done by Chris’ management re-branding and marketing his DJ identity. It certainly was effective. As of October 2023, Marshmello’s net worth is $50 Million.

Is Marshmello a masked DJ?

Charting a dozen songs on any Billboard ranking is impressive and noteworthy, and now Marshmello is one of only a few musicians who have managed to do so. #35 Marshmello on the 2020 Celebrity 100 – The masked DJ spent the past year playing festivals from Canada to South Korea before the coronavirus outbreak.

How does George Marshmello spend his money?

As for how Marshmello spends his millions, he recently purchased a nearly 8,000-square-foot mansion in L.A. for $10 million, per The Dirt. The lavish home boasts five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a library, a pool, hot tub, and more.

Is Tiesto a marshmallow?

While the community was smart enough to determine that Tiesto was indeed NOT the famed producer, there has been increased speculation that Marshmello is Chris Comstock, otherwise known as Dotcom.

Is Tiesto a Marshmello?

DJs such as Skrillex, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto have been rumored to be Marshmello. Tiesto chose to cash in on the rumors when he appeared at EDC Las Vegas in 2016 wearing Marshmello’s iconic helmet. At the show, fans thought that the man behind the mask was Marshmello, but after an epic countdown, it turned out to be Tiesto.

Was Tiesto Marshmello at EDC Las Vegas?

DJs like Skrillex, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto were suspected to be Marshmello before the disclosure. Tiesto sought to capitalize on the allegations by wearing Marshmello’s trademark helmet at EDC Las Vegas in 2016. Fans thought the man behind the mask was Marshmello at the concert, but it was revealed to be Tiesto after an amazing countdown.

Does Marshmello have a leg tattoo?

The article claimed that Skrillex referred to Marshmello as Chris and that Chris and Marshmello have the same leg tattoo. However, Marshmello has refused to confirm that he is Chris. In August 2017, Marshmello confirmed that he hides his identity because he wants to stay away from fame.

What is marshmallows real name?

Christopher Comstock

Marshmello / Full name

Chris Comstock, better known by his stage name Marshmello, was born on May 19, 1992. He is an American electronic dance music producer and DJ.

Where is marshmallow DJ from?

Philadelphia, PA

Marshmello / Place of birth

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