Who is DJ Spoony on Radio 2?

John St John Joseph BEM (born 25 June 1970), also known as Johnathan Joseph and professionally as DJ Spoony, is a British DJ, radio and television presenter.

Who is DJ Spoony on Radio 2?

Why is DJ Spoony called?

Spoony decided on his nickname because of his favourite British Rail locomotive, the Class 47 or “Spoon”. His nephew and godson, TYRESE, was on the fourth series of BBC’s Junior Bake Off.

How old is DJ Spoony?

DJ Spoony Wife:- DJ Spoony (Born: 25 June 1970: Age 52 years old), who is also known as Jonathan Joseph, is a British DJ and radio presenter. DJ Spoony is a member of the UK garage production trio, Dreem Teem. In this blog, you’ll read about DJ Spoony Wife, Does Dj Spoony Has Kids? Net Worth, Age, Height & More. Does Dj Spoony Have Kids?

53 years (June 25, 1970)

DJ Spoony / Age

What’s DJ Spoony doing on BBC Radio 2?

BBC Radio 2 – The Good Groove with DJ Spoony, Such a Good Feeling! Such a Good Feeling! Rylan takes us back to his summer dance floor days in Rewind Selector. And at the end of the show DJ Spoony jumps into the mix live spinning Deeper Cuts.

Who is the Spoony One?

2009 – Noah Antwiler: Noah Antwiler, better known as Spoony or TheSpoonyOne is a YouTuber, reviewer, commentator, and gamer known for his online series, The Spoony Experiment. He was a former member of Channel Awesome and produced other content, such as Counter Monkey and Wrestle Wrestle.

Who is Spoony Brady?

In 2009, Spoony became the first patron of the Jude Brady Foundation; the foundation was set up by a friend to help raise awareness of still birth in the UK after his son was still born in June 2006. Spoony has worked tirelessly since becoming a patron and helped organise a charity golf day and gala ball for the foundation in 2010.

When did DJ Spoony join Kiss 100?

With the Dreem Teem, he joined Kiss 100 in December 1997, followed by bringing UK garage nationally to BBC Radio 1 in January 2000. They went on to win a prestigious Sony Award in their first year. DJ Spoony (born Johnathan Joseph; 25 June 1970) is a British garage DJ, radio presenter, and television personality.

Where is Spoony from?

Spoony was born in Hackney, East London to British West Indian parents. His career started on London Underground (a leading pirate radio station in the mid-nineties), forming the trio the Dreem Teem with Mikee B (of Top Buzz) and Timmi Magic.

What is DJ spoon’s net worth?

According to the Net Worth Post, DJ Spoon’s current net worth is $300,000. He made his money as a professional radio personality. He is originally from the United Kingdom. He is a well-known radio personality. He is included in the list of notable persons born on June 25, 1970.

How old is DJ Spoony?

What radio station is DJ Spoony on?

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2 – The Good Groove with DJ Spoony – Available now.

When did DJ Spoony join Radio 2?

Spoony joined Radio 2 with a new show in February 2019. On 25 October 2021, he stood in for Steve Wright for one day only. He regularly deputises for Ken Bruce, Trevor Nelson and Craig Charles. On the 22nd July 2022, DJ Spoony joined BBC Radio 2 permanently and can be heard every Friday from 9-11pm with his show ‘The Good Groove’

Who is DJ Spoony on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ 2022?

On the 22nd July 2022, DJ Spoony joined BBC Radio 2 permanently and can be heard every Friday from 9-11pm with his show ‘The Good Groove’ In 2006, Spoony took part in the fourth series of Strictly Come Dancing partnering with Ola Jordan. They were eliminated in the third week of the competition.

Does DJ Spoony have kids?

DJ Spoony does have 2 kids, and their names are Jazmine and Olivia. However, the mother of his both daughters is still not known to the general world. Following the miscarriage of his baby in June 2006, he became the organization’s first patron in 2009.

Which Radio 2 DJ has been taken over from Steve Wright?

Scott Mills has made a return to the airwaves as he replaces radio presenter Steve Wright on Radio 2. The long-time radio host left his role as a presenter on BBC Radio 1 in August 2022 after 24 years at the station to move on to new ventures.

Is DJ Steve Wright leaving BBC Radio 2?

Fans have expressed their disappointment in the news that longstanding DJ Steve Wright will be leaving his afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 after 24 years. Wright announced the change on Friday (1 July), that will see his slot be taken over by Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills.

What happened to Steve Wright?

As a result of the shake-up, Mills will leave Radio 1, which has been his home since 1998, and will also no longer present his Saturday morning show on Radio 5 Live. Wright, who will leave afternoons in September, is not leaving the BBC completely and will continue to present Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs on Radio 2.

Who is Steve Wright?

He has presented Steve Wright in the Afternoon on the Radio 2 slot since 1999 and also presents Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs on the network. Although he’s leaving his regular slot, the popular presenter will be continuing to work for the BBC on various projects.

When did Steve Wright leave the afternoon show?

In 1999, Wright moved to weekdays with his Steve Wright in the Afternoon show, which he has presented for nearly 24 years. Loyal listeners and fans expressed their disappointment when it was announced that the radio legend was leaving the afternoon slot.

How do I contact DJ Spoony Radio 2?

If you want to contact the show, just email spoony@bbc.co.uk.

How do I contact Radio 2?

Look for the ‘contact’ link, click that, and voila, you’re in contact with the team! Listening Online: If you’d like to listen to Radio 2 programmes on your computer and are having problems, or need help setting it up, please visit the BBC Sounds help pages where you can find all the information you need.

What is DJ Spoony’s Music Manifesto?

From soulful house to lyrical garage, and rhythmical RnB to awe-inspiring remixes, DJ Spoony’s music manifesto is simple: if a track has a good groove that will make your body move, it’s in. A celebrity guest chooses the tracks that take them back as they share their clubbing tales in Rewind Selector.

Who is Spoony from ‘Dreem Team’?

Spoony was first heard on 90s pirate station London Underground before forming the ‘Dreem Team’ with Mikee B and Timmi Magic on Kiss 100 and Galaxy before joining Radio 1 in early 2000. On his own he hosted Radio 1’s Weekend Breakfast show 2003-2006 as well as presenting the 606 football phone-in on 5 live.

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