Who are the djs on hot 91.9 FM?

Hot 91.9FM today announced exciting new changes to the weekday line up effective 03 May 2021. Voted Joburg`s Hottest Breakfast Show for four consecutive years, the new morning show line up will comprise of Tony Murrell, Bunny Majaja, Simon Hill, John Walland and Ragani Achary.

Who are the djs on hot 91.9 FM?

What’s new on Hot 91.9FM?

Hot 91.9FM today announced exciting new changes to the weekday lineup effective 3 May 2021. Voted Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show for four consecutive years, the new morning show lineup will consist of Tony Murrell, Bunny Majaja, Simon Hill, John Walland and Ragani Achary.

Why did Jeremy Mansfield leave Hot 91.9 FM?

Cowen came to Hot 91.9 FM over three years ago, as co-host for the station’s breakfast show with legendary radio personality Jeremy Mansfield, who left the station in February this year, to focus on his health. Cowen states that she is leaving the show to focus on building her coaching business.

Who are the DJs on classic rock 96-1?

Classic Rock 96-1 schedule Meet The DJs John Boy & Billy Jen Austin Tara Holley Michael Gibson Ultimate Classic Rock Charlie Hardin Listen Listen Live Classic Rock 96-1 mobile app Classic Rock 96-1 on Alexa Classic Rock 96-1 on Google Home Recently Played Monthly Playlists

Who are the DJs on Bay Area News 9?

Bay News 9 – Klystron 9 Radar Facebook Twitter Instagram Apple Android Julie & DJ In The Morning On-Air Julie K DJ The Trucker Jon Dennis Nic Allen Sara Michaels Inside WPCV

Which hot FM DJ passed away?

Mark Pilgrim’s

Johannesburg-based commercial radio station Hot 102.7FM has announced a new line-up a month after Mark Pilgrim’s death. The beloved radio presenter died on 5 March after battling stage four lung cancer. He was 53. Pilgrim hosted the popular 09:00 to 12:00 show from Monday to Saturday at the time of his death.

How did DJ Kay Slay die?

New York City’s DJ Kay Slay, born Keith Grayson, a dramatic mixtape pioneer and radio host, is the only person on this list whose cause of death has been reported as complications of Covid-19; he died at 55 in New York in April of 2022. Substance abuse continues to kill creatives. Texas’ DJ Screw (Robert Davis Jr.) died in 2000 at 29.

Which hot FM DJ passed away?

How old was DJ AM when he died?

DJ AM (real name: Adam Michael Goldstein) was 36. He had a near brush with death in a 2008 jet crash with Blink 182’s Travis Barker. “There’s no reason why I lived and they didn’t,” DJ AM said last month at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, referring to the others who died in the crash.

Who are some radio hosts that have passed away?

Duncan, Phil “Doc”- Production Director and fill-in/weekend personality at WUSN-FM Chicago. Dyson, Lon- Passed away. Edwards, Tommy- Afternoon personality at WILV-FM Chicago. Also PA announcer for the Chicago Bulls.

Did a radio DJ Die while presenting a breakfast show?

A much loved radio DJ has died while presenting his breakfast show from his home in Suffolk. Tributes have poured in following the death of a radio DJ during his breakfast show.

Who are the DJ’s for 94.7 the wave?

  • On Air. Liz Hernandez. Deborah Howell. Frankie Ross. Greg Mack. Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer. Trading and Investing with John & Grayson. …
  • Contests.
  • Latest. Latest from 94.7 The Wave. SoCal Honda Sound Space. The Wave’s Sunday Brunch. Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month.
  • The Wave’s Sunday Brunch.
  • Connect. Newsletter Sign-up.

What happened to 94.7 The Wave / KTWV-FM?

Start your review of 94.7 The WAVE / KTWV-FM. Still saddened that the format for 94.7 smooth jazz was changed. Sounds like all the other R&B stations. Bring back smooth jazz! Who can we contact at ur station so we can be heard. Listen to your smooth jazz audience!

Who is Soundwave DJs?

Based out of Harrisburg, Soundwave DJs has, for over 25 years, been serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the surrounding areas with the highest level of professionalism & customer service in the industry.

Who were the Top 40 DJs on WLS?

Other DJs on WLS during its top 40 era included Chuck Buell, Kris Erik Stevens, Joel Sebastian, Gary Gears, Jerry Kay, Yvonne Daniels, Brant Miller, Tom Kent, Steve King, Jeff Davis and Fred Winston.

Who was the DJ on Hot 97 in the 90s?

Funkmaster Flex

Aston George Taylor Jr. (born August 5, 1968), professionally known as Funkmaster Flex, is an American DJ, rapper, record producer, and host on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station. In 1992, he became host of the first hip hop radio show on Hot 97 in New York, which was a pop radio station at the time.

Who was the DJ on Hot 97 in the 90s?

Who is Hot 97’s new host?

On Jan. 26, Hot 97 welcomed a new program director, Pio Ferro, from Florida, along with an afternoon host, Nessa, a 30-year-old from California who moonlights as an MTV personality. Her task: to replace Ms. Martinez, known as the “Voice of New York,” who left in June. Ms. Martinez’s departure was magnified by those that followed.

What is Hot 97?

Hot 97 is THE place for artist news, new music, videos, interviews, and everything else you need to know in the world of hip-hop.

Who is Hot 97 on ‘the Pool Guy’?

In the Seinfeld episode called “The Pool Guy”, Kramer mentions Hot 97 as one of the sponsors to his fraudulent Moviefone information line. In the movie World Trade Center, one of the officers says that his wife heard on Hot 97 that a second plane had hit the towers, to which another officer replies: “Who gets their news from Hot 97?”

How has Hot 97 changed New York City?

Hot 97 has had a profound effect on New York City today. It allows people to hear the music that got its start in New York City in the 1970’s and has slowly gained pop culture relevance ever since. Hot 97 has served to amplify New York artists’ voices louder than ever before.

Who are the greatest hits radio DJs?

Greatest Hits Radio Presenters

  • Jackie Brambles. Join Jackie Brambles for great conversations every weeknight. …
  • Martin Kemp. Martin Kemp kick-starts your Friday night with The Mixtape. …
  • Alex Lester. The Dark Lord is here with The Best Time Of The Day Show. …
  • Kate Thornton. …
  • Jenny Powell. …
  • Richard Allinson. …
  • Andy Crane. …
  • Des Paul.

Who plays on Greatest Hits Radio?

Des plays the Greatest Hits of Soul, Funk, Disco & Motown. Boogie & Arlene with the 70s @ 7, 80s @ 8 and 90s @ 9 on a Sunday night. Keep up to date with all of our presenters on Greatest Hits Radio. Read biographies for each DJ and find out which shows they host for us at Greatest Hits Radio.

Who owns Greatest Hits Radio?

The Good Times Sound Like This! Greatest Hits Radio is a classic hits radio network in the United Kingdom, owned and operated by Bauer . The network launched on 5 January 2015 as the “Bauer City 2 Network”, and rebranded on 7 January 2019 due to the success of Radio City 2 in Liverpool on FM.

Who hosts the greatest hits radio breakfast show?

He has hosted the breakfast show on Greatest Hits Radio since its launch in 2019. He previously presented the Radio City breakfast show until May 2014. Ross grew up in Armagh and attended St Patricks Grammar School, Armagh Technical College and The College of Business Studies, Belfast.

Who is David Ross from Greatest Hits Radio?

The station was rebranded as Greatest Hits Radio in 2019 and Ross has hosted the Breakfast Show since launch, broadcasting across the United Kingdom. In addition to his radio work, Ross is also a voice-over artist and event host. This includes being the regular host of the “Educate Awards” at Liverpool Cathedral.

Is Kool FM off air?

The iconic former pirate station will return to the airwaves in 2023 with a new roster of DJs. Rinse FM has acquired Kool Radio London and will relaunch the former pirate station under its original name, Kool FM, later this year. Kool FM will broadcast from the Rinse FM studios with a new, currently TBA roster of DJs.

What happened to Kool Radio London?

Rinse FM has acquired Kool Radio London and will relaunch the former pirate station under its original name, Kool FM, later this year. Kool FM will broadcast from the Rinse FM studios with a new, currently TBA roster of DJs. The news arrives after Kool FM cofounders Eastman and Susie G stepped down last month after 31 years.

Is Kool FM off air?

What is Kool London?

Kool London, also known as Kool FM, is a former London pirate radio station that now broadcasts online, playing jungle, drum and bass, and old skool. Kool is generally regarded as being instrumental in the development of the jungle music scene. [1] Kool first broadcast on 28 November 1991 on the frequency of 94.5FM, from Hackney, East London. [1]

What happened to Kool?

Kool was employed by Adecco and began a placement with Nestle in 2012, working there for more than two years and up to 38 hours per week. In 2015, she was accused of misconduct by Nestle and then informed by Adecco that her assignment at the company was ending immediately.

Is Kool London a pirate station?

Few pirates embody this perseverance better than Kool London, the city’s longest-running jungle station. Founded as Kool FM in 1991 by DJs Eastman and Smurff, it’s spent nearly a quarter of a century transmitting hardcore, jungle, and drum ‘n’ bass from antennas installed on the roofs of Hackney’s council flats.

Who are the DJs on Unique FM?

Main DJs

  • Mi-Kee Koos.
  • King David.
  • Ragga Don.
  • Papa Face.
  • Queen Sheba.

Who are some famous radio DJs?

This list of famous radio DJs contains popular radio show hosts like Howard Stern, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ryan Seacrest, and more. Many of these radio presenters host programs on Sirius XM, are featured on the local stations’ morning shows, or have their own podcasts, so expect a variety of radio celebrities.

Who are our DJs?

Our DJs are an ensemble cast of real people who are passionate about the music they play, and they talk about local issues that matter. We reflect and live the lifestyle of our listeners.

Where is unique radio station based?

Playing the best in urban Soul, Gospel, R & B, Soca, Reggae, Dancehall and Revival, Unique Radio Station is based in the UK. Unique Radio broadcasts 24 hours per day, seven days a week and features a diverse selection of UK’s top DJs and presenters. From its popular morning shows; to celebrity interviews, music news and competitions.

Who was a popular DJ on WKEE?

Gary “Music” Miller was the iconic dj who commanded the airways for years and his name became synonymous with WKEE and local pop music. Jack O’ Shea was a popular daytime dj. Casey Casem anchored Billboard’s American Top 40 on Sunday afternoons.FM 105 came along in late 70’s and early 80’s and gave WAMX a run for the radio rock money.

Who are the djs on 97.1 Chicago?

Drive on-air jocks Bob Stroud, Steve Seaver and Janda Lane have something in common. They all play the saxophone.

Who is the DJ of Radio Paradise?

Bill Goldsmith

Radio Paradise People Bill Goldsmith has been programming & DJing progressive radio stations for a long time, but (as you might have noticed) there’s not much room for creative, eclectic, and diverse radio on the FM band these days. That’s what led to the founding of Radio Paradise in 2000.

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