Where is the best place to post DJ mixes reddit?

Mixcloud is best, but a lot of folks tend to look to Soundcloud.

Where is the best place to post DJ mixes reddit?

Where can I Post my mixes?

mixcloud.com/DSTRKT… soundcloud.com/kaytod… Welcome selectas, rinsers, cutters, blenders, supporters, and more! This is the place to drop your mixes, ask questions about gear/software, post funny DJ memes/jokes/pics, request songs/mixes, and more. Enjoy your stay and keep on rinsing! 1. POST MIXES IN THE PROPER FORMAT OR THEY GET REMOVED! 2.

Is there a community for DJs outside of Reddit?

So there! There are of course many online communities for DJs outside of Reddit such as different online forums, message boards and blogs that may be helpful when you’re just beginning your DJ journey. There are also many places online that can be helpful even for long time DJing veterans.

Where can I find a good DJ Meme?

On the bright side if you just want to browse some relatable memes from the DJing world check out the r/DJsCirclejerk subreddit. This community although not updated that often contains many pics that may be of interest to you when you need a good industry-insider-joke level laugh.

What is a DJ subreddit?

This subreddit is made solely for sharing all kinds of DJ mixes, including your own. Be sure to check out the subreddit’s rules and give feedback to some other users before posting your own mix! You can also use this community for music discovery as new mixes in many different genres are posted here on a daily basis.

How do DJs find gigs?

How to start DJing and get more gigs

  • Diversify your act.
  • Look into international gigs.
  • Update your branding.
  • Use an entertainment agency or directory.
  • Check-in with previous clients.

How to get DJ gigs?

This is not only a method in how to get DJ gigs but it also serves as great practice in a couple of areas. There are many types of DJ competitions, ranging from the well-known, worldwide competitions (like the DMC championships) to smaller local and online competitions. It can be worth entering as many as possible.

How do I find DJ music?

Here’s how to find DJ music. Check out these affordable online platforms to discover new music. SoundCloud is the platform for music discovery. New and established artists alike upload their latest tracks and remixes to the platform. You can follow your favorite artists, and search by genre to find specific sounds to fit in your DJ set.

How can a DJ find a venue?

There is a wide range of agencies and music directories available for DJs to reach out to, from small local agencies to large companies that deal with international artists. Getting serious representation through an agency will grant immediate access to a long list of potential venues and could fast-track you to your club of choice.

Are mobile DJ gigs worth it?

While most DJs aspire to headline at the best nightclubs in the world, getting to this level takes time and patience and isn’t going to happen overnight. Mobile DJ gigs, for instance, at parties, weddings, and corporate events, allow DJs to earn money from their craft and enhance their reputation.

Can I sell my DJ mixes?

Sell ​​mixes online Now DJs have rights and opportunities to sell mixes and make money. For example, Beatport Mixes allow artists to upload mixes and earn money from sales. To legally sell a mix, a DJ needs to pay some of the money to the authors whose songs are included in the mix.

Should you sell DJ mixes online?

When selling DJ mixes online, it’s important to keep in mind who you’re you’re targeting. For example, suppose you want a large following of fans willing to purchase your mixes. In that case, Bandcamp may be better for you since they offer the ability to sell music directly from their site and make money off merchandising as well.

Can I sell my DJ mixes?

Can a DJ make money from a mixtape?

DJs have been producing a mixtape for almost decade but it was only recently that they were given the option to make actual money from selling it. Beatport Mixes and The Future FM are the platforms that allow DJs to upload their mixes legally and make a profit from it. Make sure to check out how to release your EP for tips and advice.

Where can I legally upload and monetise my DJ mixes?

Mixcloud is the only place where you can legally upload and monetise your DJ mixes. Here’s how to do it.. Want to know a way you can not only get your mixes out there legally, but maybe even make a bit of money from them too? It’s possible using Mixcloud Select, the Patreon-like DJ fan scheme from Mixcloud.

How do I promote a DJ mix?

Promoting DJ mixes requires a DJ to have a recorded mix of music that is post-edited and mastered for quality of audio. Finding a platform to upload a DJ mix can be easily achieved e.g. Soundcloud, Mixcloud or YouTube. Communication and interacting with people will support building awareness of your mixes and yourself as a DJ.

How to meet other DJs?

When you’re out and about, drop by the DJ box and say hello to who’s working behind the decks – buy them a drink, swap cards… basically make conversation without bothering or distracting them from their work. You can use it as an opener for a much longer conversation after the set with a pint or two.

How does a DJ mix a set?

DJ sets are mixed by using a DJ mixer connecting to two or more DJ turntables, also known as DJ decks, CDJs or DJ Controller. The beats of two or more tracks are matched by tempo and phrases allowing DJs to transition smoothly between tracks. Do DJs plan their sets? Some DJs do plan their DJ sets and some do not.

How long does it take to meet a DJ?

Any DJ that uses these types of tactics is unprofessional and is most likely doing so in order to keep you from meeting other DJs (whom they know you’ll like more than you like them). One week is a reasonable amount of time to expect your date to be held for you following an initial meeting. 5. Do you work exclusively for this company?

How to choose the right DJ for your event?

The venue and the event are major factors determining the type of tunes and genre a DJ spins. To be able to do this correctly, you need to read your crowd throughout the event professionally and be prepared to have the appropriate music to serve. DJ starts the night or event by pressing the play button with the first song.

How does a DJ interact with a crowd?

Also, depending on the type of DJ, they will have to directly interact with the crowd. Special event or wedding DJs, for example, will take requests or maybe even have to MC an event i.e actually get on the microphone and make announcements or shoutouts.

Where do DJs advertise?

Your social media profiles are a platform for you to showcase not just your work and testimonials but also interact with your audience and show your personality. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok, are essential for DJs as they’re perhaps the most video-friendly and, therefore, the best for showing off your DJ skills.

Should you have a DJ website?

The benefits to having your own DJ website is that you can consolidate all of your DJ marketing assets in one place, you have control over it, and nobody can delete it or block you from using it which can happen with suspended social media accounts. Example pages you might want to have on your DJ website would be:

How do you promote a DJ at a gig?

Order some business cards. When you’re spinning at a gig, people will come to chat you up at the DJ booth. Turn every conversation into a marketing opportunity by handing them your business card. These can include your DJ name, logo, contact details, website, and social media. Always carry some in your wallet, and bring extras to all your gigs.

Where do DJs advertise?

Are You marketing yourself as a DJ?

Marketing yourself as a DJ is key to success, and can help you to form a long and rewarding career in the music world. But as with any form of marketing, you can get it wrong. Where I so often see DJ’s failing at marketing and promotion is online. So often, less is more.

How do you promote a DJ merchandising business?

When people see them on laptops and thermoses around town, it’ll drive interest and awareness. Common DJ merchandising options include t-shirts, baseball caps, posters, and CDs. Once you’ve nailed down your DJ brand, turn your plan into action. Build a website, assemble your press kit, and order business cards.

Where can I sell my DJ mix?

Digital DJ Tips says: If you just want to get your music out there, Mixcloud is a good place to upload to. If you want to get some money back, there are two services I know of. Beatport has service that allows you to upload and start selling your mixes (it’s called Beatport Mixes).

How to make a DJ mix for free?

Youtube DJ is a free online music mixer app. It allows you to make beats and mashups of Youtube videos. Merge two songs or videos together to create your own mix. Add songs to the playlist and crossfade between them, change the speed, make loops and save your mixes.

How do I make a DJ mix?

Produce your own beats, slice up songs into samples and remix them using the included loops. You can then add the final touches to the whole thing with mastering effects such as equalizer or compressor, and mix your tracks with the built-in mixer to produce a perfect DJ mix.

How to mix songs from YouTube and Spotify for free?

Looking for a mix for the gym or a party? Want to create mashups of your favourite songs? Mix and mashup your favorite songs and playlists from YouTube and Spotify for free using the world’s first artificial intelligence DJ. Use AI to mix any songs together with a single click Choose Songs to Mix – Automatic YouTube Music Mixer – RaveDJ

How to make a DJ mix for free?

Where can I download a DJ software for free?

Download YouDJ for free! YouDJ is not only a website, it is a DJ software available on all platforms. Grab your copy for FREE and enjoy :) The best online DJ software to mix music and videos for FREE! You don’t need to install or download anything, become a DJ right now :)

What is a traditional DJ setup?

What you got is a traditional DJ setup : 2 turntables and a mixer. Your mission is to play simultaneously two songs on each turntable and to use the mixer in the center to mix them together. Then you can spice up your mix with DJ effects, loops, scratch, EQ, sampler…

How to find songs from DJ sets?

Digital DJ Tips says: Shazam is a good way of identifying music when you don’t know the title of it. Also, you can look on the Tracklistings website for DJ set lists, or indeed look on the original broadcaster’s website to see if they’ve posted it.

How to mix songs in a DJ set?

If you want create a smooth transition between songs for your next DJ set, you need mix tracks Harmonically. This is called Harmonic mixingor key mixing(also referred to as mixing in key). Go To Top About Us Millions of Song Keys for musicians and DJs. Circle of fifths, Open Key notation and camelot wheel for harmonic mixing.

Where can I buy digital music for DJs?

From there, you can start digging all over again. The majority of digital tracks for DJs are purchased through Beatport, and the platform also has a wide selection of resources to help you in find out about new music. The Beatport homepage offers a broad overview of the new music that has recently been released.

How do I find great music?

These are the essentials that you need to know. The most important path to finding great music is to put yourself in the mindset of a DJ, and learning how to “digital cratedig” – the modern equivalent of digging through a record store to find that killer track.

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