Where can I upload DJ sets?

It may make sense to post your mixes to both Mixcloud AND SoundCloud – Mixcloud for posterity (they ought to stay up there forever) and to benefit the artists, and SoundCloud for its undoubted wider reach.

Where can I upload DJ sets?

Where should I host my DJ mixes?

Our best advice is to use a site designed for legally hosting DJ mixes such as Mixcloud – or if you’re hell bent on using YouTube, do it as a secondary place to host your mixes, and using a secondary YouTube account you’re happy to have taken from you in the future should you run into problems.

How do I upload a DJ mix to proton?

With your slices & cover art ready, you can now upload the mix to Proton. Visit SoundSystem, click the “DJ MIX” area, and click “New Mix”! This guide explains how to create a mix in the “DJ Mixes” tab of SoundSystem. DJ Profile: Select your artist profile that you’d like the DJ Mix released under.

Where can I find free DJ mixes and sets?

First up on this list we have Mixing.DJ. This website is dedicated to providing you with high-quality DJ mixes and sets entirely for free. When you first visit Mixing.DJ you’ll be taken to its landing page, which is full of recent DJ mixes and live sets.

How do I upload a DJ mix to YouTube?

YouTube looks at file names and this will help with your video appearing in the YouTube search listings. Once you have re-named it to something that suits you, go to YouTube and click the upload icon that you see in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select your DJ mix file and click to upload it. Now, that was the simple part.

What is the difference between DJ and live DJ?

Typically, the significant difference between live and DJ sets depends on the available equipment for the performer on stage. A live set, as you can probably guess, means the DJ is performing their music live and includes live instruments and other musicians performing like: Sequencers. Synthesizers.

What is the difference between DJ set vs live DJ?

In conclusion, DJ set vs. live DJ is somewhat different from one another, so it’s helpful to narrow down your interests as well. DJ set vs. live DJs have differences that they share and differ in some key characteristics. In the world of DJing, there are two types of DJ sets. One is a DJ set, and another is a live DJ set.

What are the different types of DJ sets?

In the world of DJing, there are two types of DJ sets. One is a DJ set, and another is a live DJ set. A DJ set happens when a DJ mixes songs while the DJ plays the music live to engage with their audience. Live sets are DJ sets, but instead of playing the music, they have an electronic instrument played by someone on stage with them.

What is the difference between DJ and live DJ?

How do you know if a DJ is playing a live set?

Live sets tend to be played in smaller, more obscure venues: Another way to know if you are hearing a live set is the venue where the DJ is playing. It’s rather rare for a DJ to play a live set at a big festival. In fact, they tend to do so in more obscure, less mainstream venues.

What is a hybrid DJ live set?

Much as the name suggests, hybrid DJ live sets consist of artists using both aspects of DJ sets and live sets combined to perform music. A typical hybrid setup will consist of 2 decks for mixing pre-recorded tracks, plus a range of MIDI instruments, such as sequencers, drum machines, or modular synthesizers.

How do DJs discover new music?

SoundCloud is a great way to discover bigger artists’ new music, but also music from budding DJs/producers. By following your favorite artists, you can stay up to date with their new releases. You can search for artists, specific music genres, your favorite labels, and other online music communities.

How do I find DJ music?

Here’s how to find DJ music. Check out these affordable online platforms to discover new music. SoundCloud is the platform for music discovery. New and established artists alike upload their latest tracks and remixes to the platform. You can follow your favorite artists, and search by genre to find specific sounds to fit in your DJ set.

Is YouTube a good place to find a DJ?

Every major artist and label has a solid presence on the platform, with extensive back catalogs of releases along with live shows and playlists. YouTube is a great resource to keep up to date on new releases and find out what other DJs are playing, whether you’re into house music or hip hop.

Where do professional DJs get their music?

Professional DJs get their music from various sources, with specialist online record stores opening up access to music from mainstream and independent artists. DJs looking for the latest commercial hits can find everything they need in stores such as Apple Music and Amazon Music, where they can buy digital music files.

How do DJs discover new music?

Where can I find the best DJ visuals?

YouTube videos are also a great source of inspiration for introducing the best DJ visuals to your live mixes and DJ sets, with performances from Ultra Music Festival and other events to check out.

How do I start making DJ sets?

The suggested span starts from 70 second, with duration of 60 seconds.

How do professional DJs prepare their sets?

Most professional DJs typically do not prepare their sets to the point where every track is locked down beforehand. Of course, some sections are pre-recorded, but a good DJ knows that each crowd they play is different; therefore, it’s impossible to prepare a perfect DJ set.

How do I Make my DJ set stand out?

Another way to make your DJ set stand out is to play good music. While that may seem obvious, “good” music is subjective, and you want to know your audience and what kind of music they think is good and not just play your favorite tracks. It also helps to play a combination of well-known songs and unknown songs.

How do I become a DJ?

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to become a DJ, a controller is definitely the way to go. The DJ controller is an all-in-one unit consisting of two decks and a mixer. The controller will plug into your computer and you will select tracks using DJ software. The tracks will then be mixed with a hands on approach using the controller.

How do I set up a DJ on a laptop?

For the smallest possible setup, you can get started with just a laptop and the right software. Other simple options include using only two turntables (vinyl or CD) and a mixer. You can upgrade either of those setups by adding a laptop with a DJ interface package for additional effects and options.

How do I get my first DJ job?

So here’s how to land that elusive first gig and start DJing out regularly:

  1. Get to know the venue and the staff. …
  2. Throw a party there if you can. …
  3. Sell them a brand, not just a DJ. …
  4. Get publicity in place before you approach the manager formally. …
  5. Ask for the booking. …
  6. Talk money. …
  7. Prepare for the gig.

How do I start a DJ career?

An important part of starting out as a DJ is building relationships with others in the entertainment industry. Try to connect with other DJs, promoters and club owners who might want to support your work or collaborate. From here, you might be able to access more opportunities. 2. Promote club nights

Where can I find a part-time job as a DJ?

Work with radio stations Many radio stations who solicit DJs to work on a paid or volunteer basis. Therefore, you may be able to find part-time employment as a DJ with a local or online station. In such a role, you can gain valuable experience, network with other professionals and gain access to special events.

How do I get my first DJ job?

How to learn DJing?

There are now many ways to learn the technical aspects of DJing. Mostly on the internet and online courses, you will learn everything, but you will be ready after hours of practice. I firmly believe that a week of training with the right equipment and an experienced DJ to guide you can be more beneficial than any online course or seminar.

What software do I need to start a DJ?

First, you’ll need to get some DJ software. There are 3 main platforms in the DJ industry: Rekordbox is Pioneer’s music management platform for DJs. It can be used to import music, create playlists, set cue points, and do any other prep work. Export Mode allows you to copy that library to a USB drive, and play it on hardware such as a Pioneer CDJ.

What are DJ set ups called?

Decks allow the DJ to control and manipulate different pieces of music before mixing them together for the audience to hear. The term “decks” usually refers to the whole DJ set-up (players and mixer), rather than individual components.

What are the different types of DJ setups?

There are several types of DJ setups you can choose from when first starting out. Some are streamlined and require less equipment than others. For the smallest possible setup, you can get started with just a laptop and the right software. Other simple options include using only two turntables (vinyl or CD) and a mixer.

What is a good home DJ setup?

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most common home DJ setups to help you decipher your best fit, before you go investing in any expensive gear. What does a DJ setup for beginners look like? A full DJ setup should consist of two decks, which are either vinyl turntables or CDJs that each play music.

What equipment should a DJ have?

There’s no definitive answer to what equipment a DJ should have. Rather, it’s possible to customise a full DJ setup to your specific needs, and it’s encouraged to try as many different formats of DJing as possible, whether that’s learning how to DJ on a laptop, with turntables, a MIDI controller or a CDJ setup.

How much does a beginner DJ setup cost?

The cost of beginner DJ setups can range from just a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. The price of your kit depends on the type of equipment you choose.

Are most DJ sets pre-recorded?

Are most DJ sets at major music festivals pre-recorded? The answer is yes, according to deadmau5. In a recent livestream, a clip of which was shared on YouTube, the electronic music icon and mau5trap founder even shared the “dead giveaway” to tell if a DJ set is pre-recorded.

How many songs should be in a DJ’s set?

So- how many songs should there be in a DJ’s set? Divide the number of minutes you intend to play by 2. This is the number of songs you need. For instance- if your set is 5 hours, or 300 minutes long, you won’t need more than 150 songs.

Do DJs want more time?

But one thing you’ll hear fromalmost all DJs is the desire for more time—more time to spin more music. Time to play all the amazing records in the bag. Time to take the audience on a journey. There is no doubt that the dance music community is tuning in to the extended DJ set.

What are the most popular DJ setups?

To round up, here is a list of the most popular DJ setups used by professional and bedroom DJs: Beginner DJ Setup: DJ Controller, DJ Software, and a powerful Laptop. 1. Basic DJ Setup Thankfully the cd players that exist in the market now offer extremely useful features. Even a beginner can take full advantage of a player, and its features.

What is a DJ set?

A DJ set generally refers to the time slot or moment when a DJ mixes music in front of a live crowd. Also, if a flyer read “DJ set” with an artist’s name next to it, this would mean that they would be performing pre-recorded tracks during their “DJ set” rather than mixing the music live or while playing as part of a larger musical group or band.

How much does it cost to book a DJ in UP?

The costs to hire a DJ for your wedding doesn’t really have a fixed range as it depends completely on the level of expertise you choose to hire and your budget preferences, however DJ’s in Lucknow charge in a price range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 80,000.

How much does it cost to hire a DJ?

Consider working in a mix of live and recorded music to reap the benefits of both! How much does it cost to hire a band or DJ for an event? On average, a dance band will cost between $2,500 and $7,500 for an event, and a DJ can run anywhere from $200-$300 for a part-time DJ to $2,500 for an experienced, full-time DJ.

Where can I book a DJ for a party?

With hundreds of DJs available for events throughout all of the U.S. & Canada, The Bash is the place to book a DJ for a party. DJ services available for parties, weddings, public events and more. Since 1997, The Bash has made booking DJs a snap. You’ve found the top DJ website. How do we sort search results? New! Hello! My name is Ed Dunn.

When should I book a wedding DJ?

We recommend booking ahead as soon as possible. On busy dates around Christmas and weekends during the summer wedding season, DJs tend to get booked up months (or even years!) in advance. How much does it cost to book a wedding DJ? Wedding DJ prices will depend on a number of factors.

How much does a wedding DJ cost in Chicago?

In the Chicago area, wedding DJ costs often range between $1,000 and $2,500, according to A Touch of Class DJ Service. Higher prices in the range can include premium DJ services with add-on services such as a full lighting package, a subwoofer sound package, a digital video wall, custom monogram lighting or other features.

How to make money as a DJ online?

Rent Out Your Gear. A DJ’s journey to becoming profitable can begin by renting out their equipment through platforms like Fat Llama. This peer-to-peer rental marketplace enables DJs to turn their idle gear into a source of extra income. The low costs and potential for substantial earnings make this an attractive option …

How to make money as a DJ online?

How do DJs make money?

DJs should also consider other ways they can earn money when not DJing. For example, many DJs work part-time in order to make the most of their time off. When DJs are not working or studying, they can also volunteer their services for charities or other organizations.

How do I become a DJ and make a viable income?

To review, there are a variety of ways to become a DJ and make a viable income doing so. The first step is to determine what type of atmosphere you’d enjoy working in. Club DJs and mobile DJs spend their time playing for crowds and keeping the atmosphere lively and fun.

Is DJing worth it?

No, you’re not! In fact, there are a few ways you can earn extra money DJing. You won’t make millions of dollars, heck you may not even be able to make a full-time living, but you will make some money.

How to start a DJ business online?

All you need is someone to help you design a logo and branding, and a company that can print your design on other things – then order the inventory and start selling it online. Merch is a great way to get your brand out there and gather up more interest in your DJ business.

Are DJ sets expensive?

The average cost of DJ equipment is around $1,400 for everything you’ll need depending on the type of equipment.

How much does a DJ cost?

Pay for beginner DJs at bars and clubs tends to start in the region of $100-$150 per night. While private parties and weddings pay better, typically between $200-$500, it’s still unlikely to earn you enough to live on. And being a DJ is expensive, too. This is my small setup for when I occasionally do mobile gigs. DJ kit is very expensive.

Why do DJs charge less money?

Most DJs will charge less money is they are going to be your resident DJ. This is because they are getting regular gigs and income. Being a resident also helps a DJ build their name and gig CV. Which will help them get more well known and gain higher paying sets in the future.

What are the best DJ sets?

Best Sellers in DJ Sets. Best Sellers in. DJ Sets. Hercules DJ Party Set: Ultra-compact, 2-deck DJControl Starlight USB DJ controller for Serato…. Hercules All-In-One DJLearning Kit with DJControl Inpulse 200 Compact DJ Controller, DJMonitor 32 & HDP DJ45 Headphones + Xpix Headphone Case,…. Denon DJ PRIME 2 – Standalone Smart DJ Console …

Are DJ sets expensive?

Which DJ controller is the most expensive?

Buy now The DDJ-800 is the most expensive of the intermediate DJ controllers that we’ve chosen. At £779 it’s not exactly a bargain but it is the closest you’ll get to a Pioneer DJ club set-up at this price point.

How do I send my music to DJ?

How To Get DJs To Play Your Music In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Send a personalized email. DJs receive plenty of emails on a daily basis. …
  2. Send in tracks that fit well with the DJs’ style. …
  3. Provide a brief introduction about yourself and the track. …
  4. Upload the track online and attach a URL in the email. …
  5. Follow up with the DJs.

How do I contact a DJ?

It’s easy to research a bunch of DJ’s emails addresses and spam them with a bulk email, but taking the time to write a proper email will make you stand out from the crowd. “Have a good reason to contact that particular artist – be specific in your message as to why you are contacting them, and include your contact details,” advises Tomek. 2.

Where can I submit my music?

Lets start with some of the places that give you the biggest bang for your buck right out of the gate. You need to have your music out there on as many stores as you can. And if you want to submit music to Spotify, submit music to iTunes and/or a ton of other places, you will need to use a music distribution service.

How do I send a song on SoundCloud?

Check your spelling! Send your track only through private SoundCloud link and a download option (Dropbox or WeTransfer) Briefly introduce and describe the track you’re sending (artist info, your style, past releases, future plans, why you think this track fits the label)

How do DJs get exposure?

Follow our dos and don’ts While it’s possible to generate a following on social media sites such as SoundCloud, the best way for dance music artists to get exposure is through DJ support. However, DJs get sent a huge number of tracks, so how do you make sure that yours stand out?

Why are DJ sets so expensive?

DJ equipment is typically expensive because of the technology that is integrated into each piece. On top of that, DJs often need a lot of equipment, so it adds up. If you’re just starting off your career as a DJ, you might be worried about the costs of the setup.

How much does a DJ set cost?

There are quite a few different components required, and each can vary pretty widely in price. A DJ set that includes all of the gear you’ll need to be a DJ can cost anywhere from $250 to $1,400. To get started, a DJ must be prepared to purchase turntables, mixers, controllers, speakers, software, headphones, a laptop, and more.

Do DJs get paid per gig?

DJs get paid per gig. Average plays of DJ can be counted around 2 to 3 per week. Expenses: Some DJs may have expenses including buying own drinks, transportation costs, and downloadable. If you are a beginner DJ, there is no management or producers cut at this time.

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