When did Marco Carola start DJing?


Carola bought his first pair of turntables in September of 1990. Three months later, he’d learned to beat match in time for his buddy’s sixteenth birthday party. “Luckily, I was the only DJ out of all my friends, which is why they called me.” At 15, he’d pulled off his first gig, charmingly humble as it was.

When did Marco Carola start DJing?

How did Carola become a DJ?

Coupled with his three-deck sets, these key releases led to Carola becoming one of the world’s most in-demand underground DJs. As the noughties appeared, Carola’s love of stripped-back club music morphed towards minimal house, a move that culminated in the ‘Play It Loud!’ album, issued on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label.

Who is Marco Carola?

Serial globetrotter, workaholic and self-confessed perfectionist, Marco Carola fits the template for any successful business mogul. When we meet one-week prior to Music On’s Ibiza opening, he’s tired (he tells DJ Mag several times), and with his current schedule it’s no wonder. “Yes, I’m tired,” he smiles, wryly.

When did Marco Carola perform at the BPM Festival?

Marco Carola – Live at BPM Festival – January 10, 2016, Music On 2016 Marco Carola – Live at Sound Nightclub – Los Angeles, February 24, 2017, Music On 2017 Marco Carola – Music On After Hour at Martina Beach – Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The BPM Festival, Music On 2018

Who was the first DJ on Radio Caroline?

The first programme hosted in the history of Radio Caroline was delivered by Chris Moore, a man who subsequently entered the Radio hall of fame. The first programme was also sponsored by Simon Dee, a disc jockey that eventually moved into a career with the BBC and Radio Luxembourg. So, who were the DJs on Radio Caroline?

Who was the Jamaican DJ that became one of the most popular DJ in New York City?

Kool DJ Herc

East Coast hip-hop began with the unique rhythmic combinations created by Kool DJ Herc, a Jamaican DJ who moved to Brooklyn at the age of 12 and quickly became one of the most popular DJ’s of New York City.

Do Jamaican dancehall artists retire?

Dancehall music is among the most played genre of music in the world. It has the power to cheer you up and get you moving. Veteran dancehall artists like Beanie Man, Elephant Man, Mr Vegas, and Bounty Killer are still celebrated worldwide. Top Jamaican dancehall artists do not retire as they believe in their music and entertaining fans.

Why is reggae so popular in Jamaica?

Reggae is a music genre that’s become synonymous with Jamaica. Artists including Bob Marley, Shaggy, and Sean Paul took the world and the music industry by storm with their one-of-a-kind style. There have been so many Jamaican artists who’ve contributed great music to the world.

Who are the top Jamaican dancehall artists in 2021?

Govana, who also goes by Deablo, is among the top Jamaican dancehall artists in 2021. The artiste is a prodigy of Aidonia, another dancehall king. Together with Aidonia, he has been working on major projects and expanding his catalogue. His latest songs include POP, 1Matik, Karen, and Chap chop.

How did the Bronx win the rights to DJ history?

“The Bronx won the rights to DJ history through constant repetition of the first time DJ Kool Herc connected his sound system and mixed records,” says Morgan, arguing that hip-hop’s pioneers transformed “the land of the ghetto into the land of myth and the future.” Jeff Chang agrees.

What was the name of the DJ who played for the first break dancers in New York City?

The term break refers to the particular rhythms and sounds produced by deejays by mixing sounds from records to produce a continuous dancing beat. The technique was pioneered by DJ Kool Herc (Clive Campbell), a Jamaican deejay in New York who mixed the percussion breaks from two identical records.

Where did breakdancing originate?

Many people believe that breakdancing originated among Latin American and African American youths in the Bronx of New York. What inspired breakdancing? Breakdancing is thought to be inspired by the performances of James Brown.

What was the name of the DJ who played for the first break dancers in New York City?

What is a break dance?

In the early days of deejaying, emceeing, and breakdancing, a break — the instrumental part of a song that is looped repeatedly by the DJ — was typically incorporated into songs to allow a showcase of breakdance moves. In the late 1960s, Afrika Bambaataa recognized that breakdancing was not just a form of dance. He saw it as a means to an end.

What did John Campbell call the dancers ‘break-boys’ and ‘B-Girls’?

He called the dancers “break-boys” and “break-girls”, or simply b-boys and b-girls, terms that continue to be used fifty years later in the sport of breaking. Campbell’s DJ style was quickly taken up by figures such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

What did street corner DJs do?

Street corner DJs would take the breaks of dance records and string them together to give dancers a chance to show off their moves. Breakers would choose elements from sports and other dances, including gymnastics, the Lindy Hop, capoeira, and disco. Learning from the best: Phil Wizard on training and …

How did Joel Corry become a DJ?

It was at the age of 13 when Joel Corry started DJing. He became a pro club DJ when he was 18. He was influenced by UK garage growing up and that played a huge role in his development as a DJ and a producer.

Was Joel Corry on Geordie Shore?

Yes – Joel Corry was indeed on Geordie Shore! DJ sensation Joel Corry was on the popular TV show Geordie Shore until 2013, with his then-girlfriend Sophie Kasaei. Speaking about his time on Geordie Shore the ‘Head & Heart’ DJ told heat: “Geordie Shore was an amazing part of my life.

Is Corry Jones still a DJ?

This year, Corry reminded the club circuit that he is still a DJ at heart with the release of “The Parade” with Da Hool and “Liquor Store”. Halfway through his sixteen week residency in Ibiza, Corry’s been making history by tweaking his upcoming single after each set to produce the final track with Becky Hill.

How did Joel Corry become a DJ?

Who is Joel Corry?

Corry had a recurring role on MTV reality television series Geordie Shore, alongside then-girlfriend Sophie Kasaei from 2012-2013, he briefly appeared again on the show in 2017. He also has a personal training business, an app called Joel Corry PT and a gym and leisurewear company Most Rated, which is also the name of his own record label.

Does Joel Corry have a song on Apple Music?

Apple Music. Archived from the original on 24 July 2020. Retrieved 26 June 2020. ^ “Lay Your Head on Me (feat. Marcus Mumford) [Joel Corry Remix] – Single by Major Lazer on Apple Music”. Apple Music. Retrieved 27 August 2020. ^ “Head & Heart (feat. MNEK) [VIP Mix] – Single by Joel Corry on Apple Music”. Apple Music. Retrieved 8 September 2020.

When was DJ Hollywood born?

D.J. Hollywood was born on 10 December 1954 in Harlem, New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for The Breaks (2017), Legends of Hip Hop: The Fifth Element (2003) and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Evening News (1986).

How do I book Marco Carola?

We are happy to assist you with your interest in booking Marco Carola. Please provide details about your organization, the type of event, or the talent you would like to secure, and an agent will be in touch shortly. Feel free to call us at 1-800-698-2536 if you need immediate assistance.

How do I contact Marco Carola?

We are happy to assist you with your interest in booking Marco Carola. Please provide details about your organization, the type of event, or the talent you would like to secure, and an agent will be in touch shortly. Feel free to call us at 1-800-698-2536 if you need immediate assistance. Tell us about your event!

How do I get to Marcoola?

Our courtesy shuttle will pick you up near the Jet Star Arrivals sign found to the right when you exist through the sliding glass doors. With your rental vehicle you can reach Marcoola in about ten minutes or be on your way to any of the fabulous destinations of the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

How many albums does Marco Carola have?

To date he has released ten DJ mix compilations, five studio albums, and over forty singles and EPs, all to critical acclaim, plus fostered many more talents to successful bloom through his production and label efforts. Marco Carola has toured the US, EU, and Australia.

How did Tiesto start DJing?

At age fourteen, he intensified his commitment to the art, and began DJing professionally at school parties. Between 1985 and 1994, Tiësto began a residency at several clubs in the Netherlands at the behest of his manager.

Why did Tiesto become a DJ?

Tiesto. So, you know, it was it was just a thing. And then it stuck,” he said. Tiesto ‘s real name is Tijs Michiel Verwest. During the interview, he was also asked why he wanted to become a DJ. He said, “Well, just the joy I get out of playing music for other people. To me, it’s like making somebody a dinner and they really appreciate it.

Who is DJ tisto?

Career: Tiësto began releasing music on Chemo and Coolman, sub-labels of Noculan Records, in 1994, sometimes producing tracks under the names DJ Limited and Da Joker. Later that year, he signed a record deal with Basic Beat Recordings and started releasing albums on Arny Bink’s Trashcan sub-label.

How did Tiesto start DJing?

How do you pronounce Tiësto’s name?

Tiësto (Dutch pronunciation: [tiɛsto]; born Tijs Michiel Verwest [tɛɪs mixiɫ vərʋɛst] on January 17, 1969) is a Dutch DJ and record producer of electronic dance music. Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tiësto.

Where does Tiësto live and how does he live?

Tiësto introduced the application at the Jan. 29 Vista launch event in Amsterdam. Tiësto announced his residence at Privilege which was officially recognised by the Guinness World Records as being the largest club in the world. He played in Ibiza every Monday, from July 7 until September 22.

When did Green Velvet start DJing?

Green Velvet
BornApril 26, 1968 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
GenresHouse techno
Occupation(s)Singer record producer DJ
Years active1991–present

What songs did Green Velvet release?

Besides releases from DJ Sneak, Gemini, and Paul Johnson, Green Velvet figured on many of the early Relief singles, including its first, “Preacher Man” as well as “Flash” (also released on the British label Open ), “The Stalker”, and “Answering Machine” (1997).

What did Green Velvet do in 2005?

Numerous side projects and remixes under various names also added to his seemingly nonstop musical output. In 2005, Green Velvet released his third album, ‘Walk In Love’, which stayed true to the House sound, with a few pop and punk-oriented tracks for good measure, including ‘Come Back’ and ‘Pin-Up Girl’ both of which featured a live guitarist.

When was Velvet made?

At the time, the technique to create velvet was so complex that it was available only to royalty and the very rich. Other samples were found in China dating back as far as 400 BC but while the thought was there, the technique was not, and it was not until the Renaissance between 1400-1600 that production of this woven tufted fabric was at its peak.

What makes green velvet different?

Change has been a constant theme throughout the successful career of Green Velvet, but as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through the music he has made for nearly two decades is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound.

What year did Tiesto start DJing?


He began releasing his own music in 1994 under a few different aliases. He has been known as “Da Joker” and “DJ Limited” just to name a few, but “Tiesto” would be the name to stick with him for life.

How old was Tiësto when he started DJing?

Early Life: Tiësto was born Tijs Michiel Verwest on January 17, 1969, in Breda, Netherlands. He became interested in music at an early age, and he began DJing at school parties when he was 14 years old.

Is DJ Tiesto knighted?

1. He’s been knighted by the Queen of Holland. It appears we should actually be referring to the house/trance pioneer as “Sir DJ Tiesto”. After Tiesto’s 2004 release of ‘Just Be’, he was appointed as Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau (the formal name for the Netherland’s order of chivalry) by Queen Beatrix of Holland.

What kind of music does Tiesto produce?

Back in his earlier years, Tiesto produced very different music under many different monikers. During this time, he produced in genres such as new beat, hardcore techno, and “gabber”, a dutch term coined for early electronic hardcore music. 3. He has his own Reebok sneaker.

Who was the first DJ to play live at the Olympics?

He was voted World No. 1 DJ by DJ Magazine in its annual Top 100 DJs readership poll consecutively for three years from 2002 to 2004. Just after releasing his second studio album Just Be he performed live at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Athens, the first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympics.

When did Calvin Harris start DJing?

When did Calvin Harris start DJing? Calvin Harris started DJing in his teens when he was drawn towards electronic music and started recording bedroom demos in 1999. He released his first songs through the Prima Facie label in 2002.

Who is Calvin Harris?

Adam Richard Wiles (born 17 January 1984), known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish DJ, record producer, singer, and songwriter. His debut studio album, I Created Disco, was released in June 2007. Its singles “Acceptable in the 80s” and “The Girls” both reached the top 10 in the UK.

When did Calvin Harris start making music?

Calvin Harris started making music when he was just 13 or 14-years-old, but he burst onto the music scene in 2007 with his debut album, ‘I Created Disco’, which he worked on after moving back home to Dumfries from London. His first album was all made using an Amiga 500+ – if you don’t know what one of those is, here’s what it looks like!

Who is DJ Harris & how did he become a DJ?

In early 2012, Harris signed an exclusive DJ residency deal with Wynn Las Vegas which included gigs at three of the luxury resort’s avenues: Encore Beach Club, Surrender and XS Nightclub. In February 2013, Harris signed as the first exclusive resident DJ with the Abu Dhabi-owned hospitality company Hakkasan Group in Las Vegas.

How many albums does Calvin Harris have?

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has released six studio albums, one mix album, nine extended plays, 53 singles (including three as a featured artist), 12 promotional singles and 46 music videos. As of November 2014, Harris had sold 8,176,180 singles and tracks in the United Kingdom.

When did Calvin Harris start DJing?

When did Joel Corry start DJing?


My journey started when I was 13, I was a DJ before I was a producer. My brother was a DJ and he had decks, I only really asked for decks that Christmas to be as cool as my older brother. He always had his mates round recording Garage mixtapes and MC’ing and I wanted to be a part of that.

Who is ‘Matroda’ DJ Joel Corry?

Rising star DJ/producer of 2022: “Matroda.” 2022 has been a year full of highlights for burgeoning star and steadily evolving artist, DJ Joel Corry. “Playing the main stages of festivals around the world such as Tomorrowland, Creamfields and EDC Las Vegas was a total dream come true,” the Top 100 newcomer and former Geordie Shore star tells DJ Mag.

Who is ‘Geordie Shore’ DJ Joel O’Neal?

If you didn’t know, the DJ got his start on none other than the television show Geordie Shore! Since his reality TV days, the ‘Head & Heart’ musician has made quite the name for himself in the music industry. Here’s the lowdown on Joel’s career, from his Geordie Shore roots to his skyrocketing discography…

When did Rusko start DJing?

Rusko (musician)

OriginYork, England
GenresDubstep drum and bass skweee electronic
Occupation(s)Producer DJ
Years active2006–present

What was the first DJ dance party?

He launched the world’s first DJ dance party by playing Jazz records in the upstairs room of a UK-based mutual society organization, and eventually became a radio DJ himself. The first commercial disco is often considered to be the Whiskey á Go-Go in Paris, France, which opened in 1947.

Who was the first DJ to use a turntable?

By the early 1940s, radio DJ Jimmy Savile became known as the first DJ dance party playing jazz records in an Otley function room. He came to prominence at the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds and, in 1947, claimed to be the first DJ to use twin turntables.

When did Rusko start DJing?

When did DJ Jimmy Savile start a dance party?

In 1943, radio DJ Jimmy Savile launched the world’s first DJ dance party by playing jazz records in the upstairs function room of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds in Otley, England. In 1947, he claims to have become the first DJ to use twin turntables for continuous play, and in 1958 became a radio DJ at Radio Luxembourg.

Who is DJ Teki & how did he become a DJ?

Teki first came through as part of a DJ duo with DJ Orgasmic, trying to rebrand himself after 10 years as a rapper in the group TTC. He’d never learned to DJ on vinyl — it always looked like a hassle, he thought — and even now, much of the music he plays is only released digitally.

When did Nicole Moudaber start DJing?

Her career began by promoting dance parties in Beirut, Lebanon during the 1990s before she moved to London. There, she established herself as a DJ/producer and came to the attention of Carl Cox in 2009. Her first album was released in 2013 on Drumcode Records, with the name ‘Believe’.

Who is Nicole Moudaber?

Nicole Moudaber is a Lebanese/British event promoter, record label founder, radio personality, and DJ / producer. She is the head of her own imprint MOOD Records and runs an award-winning weekly radio show, In The MOOD. Nicole Moudaber was born in Nigeria.

Who is Alain Moudaber & how did he start dance music?

Moudaber’s first foray into dance music was back home in Lebanon. At a conservative time in the late ‘90s, with Syrian occupation and years of war destroying Beirut’s dance music community, Moudaber took it upon herself to kickstart the dance music revolution.

What did Nicole Moudaber do after her party sold out?

The first thing Nicole Moudaber did after her party sold out in Beirut was fill a garbage bag with money and dump it in her parents hallway. They’d cut her off when she told them she planned to work in music, and that garbage bag was her way of communicating in “a language they could understand.”

When did Nicole Moudaber start DJing?

When did you start DJing?

Started DJing in the mid 80’s with some soul, funk, rare groove, 80’s hip-hop & electro music.

When did Nina Kraviz start DJing?

In 2008 she started doing her own Friday night at the most important dance club in Moscow, Propaganda. It became one of the most important house and techno nights in the city. Kraviz brought in names such as Theo Parrish, Dopplereffekt, Mike Huckaby and many more. “That’s where I started to evolve as a DJ,” she says.

Where does DJ Nina Kraviz perform in 2021?

DJ Nina Kraviz performs in Milan, Italy in 2021. T he Russian DJ Nina Kraviz is no longer playing at three music festivals this summer following criticism over her political history and recent rhetoric about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

How old is Nina Kraviz?

Nina Kraviz is a well known DJ. Nina was born on October 12, 1989 in Russia.. Nina is one of the famous and trending celeb who is popular for being a DJ. As of 2018 Nina Kraviz is 29 years old years old.

When did Kraviz release her first album?

Kraviz released her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label, to mixed-positive reviews. Kraviz started her own record label in 2014, named трип (English: Trip). She mixed the forty-eighth DJ-Kicks mix album, which was released in January 2015.

Why did Ukrainian DJ Nastia criticize Kraviz’s silence?

And TIME collected responses from several prominent members of the electronic music scenes in Ukraine and Russia—including the Ukrainian DJ Nastia and the Russian DJ Buttechno—who criticized Kraviz’s silence and asked her publicly to clarify her ties to Putin and to refute the war.

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