What was the first acid song?

Phuture & Doorly release the iconic record “Acid Tracks”, often credited as being the first true acid house record.

What was the first acid song?

Are there any songs about acid?

There are many songs about acid, but they all generally fall into one of two categories: either they are about the positive effects of acid, or the negative effects. 10. You Are My Sunshine by Ray Charles “You Are My Sunshine” is a song by Ray Charles that was released in 1964.

What is acid song by Live at the office about?

Acid Song by Live at the Office The song is about a person’s struggles with addiction and mental health. The song is dark and heavy, with a feeling of despair and hopelessness. The lyrics are very personal and honest, and the song seems to be written from the perspective of someone who is struggling with these issues.

Who played the first blues song?

The first, dominated by Cream, the Yardbirds and Hendrix, was founded on a heavy, electric adaptation of the blues played by the Rolling Stones, adding elements such as the Who’s power chord style and feedback.

Where did acid house originate?

Acid House – Museum of Youth Culture. In the summer of 1988, a new kind of music appeared in clubs, abandoned warehouses and fields across the UK and it became known as Acid House. With influences from Detroit, Chicago, Germany and Ibiza, Rave was an international movement that Britain made its own.

When did acid house start?

There is a separate ‘acid’ tag for acid-style records not in a house mode, such as acid techno, etc. The style of dance that exploded American house music around the world, Acid House first appeared in the mid-’80s in the work of Chicago producers like DJ Pierre, Adonis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, and Phuture. What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance 1)

Where did acid come from?

Acid started in Chicago, with many of the early releases coming via the Windy City’s legendary house label Trax Records, but the sound quickly spread around the world, spawning classics like Aphex Twin’s 1991 Didgeridoo from the UK or Hardfloor’s 1992 Acperience from Germany.

What is acid house music?

Acid house (also simply known as just ” acid “) is a subgenre of house music developed around the mid-1980s by DJs from Chicago. The style is defined primarily by the squelching sounds and basslines of the Roland TB-303 electronic bass synthesizer-sequencer, an innovation attributed to Chicago artists Phuture and Sleezy D circa 1986.

What are some examples of early acid house?

Marshall Jefferson and Sleezy D’s ‘I’ve Lost Control (Space Mix)’ is a stellar example of early acid house from Chicago. Armando’s ‘Confusion’s Revenge’ from 1988 features a pitch-shifted rap about a fictionalised version of acid house’s origins. In fact, for a more melodic, less detailed version of this article, just listen ‘Confusion’s Revenge’.

What was the first acid house album?

Chicago, 1987 Phuture & Doorly release the iconic record “Acid Tracks”, often credited as being the first true acid house record.

Does acid house have an origin story?

It’s rare that a musical genre has an origin story as compelling as any dreamed up by Stan Lee, but acid house might just stake the best claim. Usually genres evolve over time, making it hard to discern how or when they started.

What was the first British acid house track?

A Greater Manchester-based producer called Peter Ford teamed up with Richard Salt and recorded a record called “Oochy Koochy”, regarded as the first British acid house track.

What does acid house sound like today?

The acid sound remains a mainstay of house and techno, cropping up on tracks and in DJ sets all over the place. Rough, raw and exhilarating – acid house sounds as otherworldly today as in 1985. 1. D16 Phoscyon

What song is played in the acid scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

“Twelve Thirty” By The Mamas & The Papas The rising tempo of the Mamas & the Papas’ “Twelve Thirty” kicks in at the exact right moment. The song begins when Jay plays the record in Sharon’s house and, next door, Cliff takes Brandy on a walk while smoking an acid-dipped cigarette.

What was the first sampled album?


Guinness World Records cites DJ Shadow’s acclaimed hip hop album Endtroducing (1996), made on an MPC60, as the first album created entirely from samples.

What was the first song to include sampling?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the first song to include sampling was ‘He’s Gonna Step on You Again’ by South African musician John Kongos. From that moment, sampling became increasingly popular, and once hip-hop rose to prominence, it was an accepted form of craftsmanship.

When was the first record sampler released?

The first record sampler was A Folk Music Sampler released by Elektra Records in the US in 1954, initially for radio stations and later reissued for retail sales. Jac Holzman of Elektra wrote: “I was…searching for a way to take our specialized and distinctive catalog and have it heard by many people.

What are the most famous sampled records?

If you had to pick between some of the most famous sampled records, “ Amen Brother ,” “ Funky Drummer ,” or “ The Big Beat ,” as far as what people were able to do with it over the years, which one do you like best, as far as the original sample? Okay so, you can take “The Big Beat” out of the equation straight away.

What is an album sampler?

Most samplers showcased already-released material, so that as they sampled artists they also sampled the albums from which their tracks were drawn. The term ‘album sampler’ is also used in cases where an album is distributed among multiple records in case of, for example, vinyl where the maximum play time is less than the length of the full album.

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