What is DJ Quick real name?

David Marvin Blake (born January 18, 1970), better known by his stage names DJ Quik or Da Quiksta, is an American rapper and producer, known for his production in the G-funk style of West Coast hip-hop.

What is DJ Quick real name?

Is DJ Quik married?

Alicia Hill

DJ Quik / Spouse (m. 2005)

DJ Quik, 52, the Safe + Sound singer, has much to share about his romantic life, but still, he’s not ready for that. Some sources reported that Quik is married to Alicia Hill, but the star has not spoken about the subject matter. It’s still unclear whether the pair are dating or married, but they lived a happy family life.

What is DJ Quik’s net worth?

He has performed duo with many famous artist like Snoop Dogg, Teddy Riley and so on. He has net worth of $2.1 million and more. DJ Quik’s relationship status is married. He married his girlfriend after dating a couple of years. He has a son, David Blake Jr and a daughter from his wife.

Is Quik Quik married to Alicia Hill?

Some sources reported that Quik is married to Alicia Hill, but the star has not spoken about the subject matter. It’s still unclear whether the pair are dating or married, but they lived a happy family life. The couple is blessed with a son David Blake Jr. and a daughter Davienna Marlena Blake, 26. His son graduated from high school in 2012.

What happened to DJ Quik?

On June 21, 2006, DJ Quik was convicted of assault on his sister and sentenced to five months in prison. The incident occurred in 2003, when he allegedly “pistol-whipped” her for extorting him, according to police reports. He was released early in October 2006.

Does DJ Quik have a daughter?

Davieanna Marlena Blake

DJ Quik / Daughter

Does DJ Quik have a daughter?

Who is DJ Quik’s daughter davieanna Marlena Blake?

Legendary West Coast rapper DJ Quik has opened up about his daughter’s first-degree murder charge that lead to the death of his 2-year-old grandson. As previously reported, the rapper’s daughter, Davieanna Marlena Blake, was arrested and booked in jail on suspicion of child abuse for her involvement in the beating death of her son.

How many children does DJ Quik have?

His last single, titled Official, released in October 2021. Although DJ Quik is a familiar name in the music industry, he has not revealed much about his personal life. However, online sources state that he tied the knot with Alicia Hill in 2005 and has two children – son David Blake Jr. and daughter Davieanna Marlena Blake.

Who is DJ Quik’s son David Blake Jr?

—David Blake Jr., a man reported to be the son of Compton rapper and producer DJ Quik, was charged yesterday in the shooting death of a man in Downey that occurred last week amid a fight in a local home. [ KTLA]

Where is DJ Quik from?

DJ Quik (born David Martin Blake on January 18, 1970) is a West Coast rapper and record producer from Compton, California. He was raised at 436 West Spruce Street in Compton, California.

How tall is DJ Quik?

5′ 11″

DJ Quik / Height

How old is DJ Quik?

When he was of age 12, he already learnt to play on instruments, and when he turned 21, he was identified as a platinum-selling artist. Being born on 18 January 1970, Dj Quik is 53 years old as of today’s date 3rd June 2023. His height is 1.80 m tall, and his weight is 78 kg.

How tall is DJ Quik?

How tall is DJ Qualls height and weight?

Qualls is lean, slender measuring 185 cm – that is about 6ft 1 inches. DJ Qualls weights is about 140 lbs (64 kg). He said Chemo has highly affected his body built. DJ who considers himself one of the top 5 skinny actors in the world, in 2012 twitted about gaining weight after quitting smoking.

What is DJ Quik net worth 2023?

Dj Quik was nominated for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist as DJ Quik in the year 1992. In the year 2012, he has won Biggest Celebrity DJ as DJ Quik. As of June 2023, Dj Quik has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He makes his fortune from his major career as a rapper, recording artist, record producer, and being a DJ.

What was DJ Quik’s music like in the 1990s?

The DJ Quik production on this album was considered to be refreshing compared to the stereotypical West Coast G-Funk sound that had dominated most of the early 1990s, as he incorporated elements of jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, and even rock and roll to create instrumentals that caught the ears of many listeners.

Does DJ Quick have a son?

David Blake, Jr

DJ Quik / Son

Who is DJ Quik’s son?

DJ Quik’s son, David M. Blake, Jr., was arrested ahead of Memorial Day Weekend and charged with felony murder after he was named as a suspect in a shooting that left one man dead.

Who is Kid Quick?

Kid Quick—the Future State Flash—and their fellow heroes Supergirl, Robin, Aquagirl, Klarienne the Witch Girl, and Troy take center stage in a miniseries that rocks Earth-11 to its core!

Who is DJ Kid?

The man behind the “wait a minute, who are you?” tag is none other than DJ K.i.D. The North Carolina-based producer is a frequent collaborator with DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) whom he met two years ago after coming on as a last-minute DJ replacement for DaBaby at a college gig.

Does DJ Quick have a son?

Does DJ Quick have kids?

David Blake, Jr

Davieanna Marlena Blake

DJ Quik/Children

DJ Quik has been relatively quiet about his personal life over the years. He reportedly married a woman named Alicia Hill in 2005 and has two children with her—son David Blake Jr. and daughter Davieanna Marlena Blake.

Who is DJ Quik’s son Blake?

Blake is the son of DJ Quik, the famed Compton rapper and producer noted for being one of the central creators of the G-Funk sound, according to NBC Los Angeles. He works as a liaison for Galvan, the city’s website states. News of the arrest was first shared on Twitter by journalist Jasmyne Cannick.

What happened to DJ Quik’s son Isaac Galvan?

She currently lives in Inglewood. The son of rapper DJ Quik who works as a liaison to Compton City Councilman Isaac Galvan has been arrested on suspicion of murder, according to police and media reports.

What high school did DJ Quick go to?

David “DJ Quik” Marvin Blake is a rapper, songwriter, disk jockey, and music producer. Blake was born on January 18, 1970, to unnamed parents in Compton, California. He attended Centennial High School in Compton where fellow students were Andre Romelle “Dr. Dre” Young and Kendrick Lamar Duckworth.

Who is DJ Quik?

David Marvin Blake (born January 18, 1970), better known by his stage names DJ Quik or Da Quiksta, is an American rapper and producer, known for his production in the G-funk style of West Coast hip-hop. Blake has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Tupac, Chingy, R. Kelly and Shaquille O’Neal, among others.

Did DJ Quik go to jail for assaulting sister?

“Rapper DJ Quik begins five-month jail sentence for assaulting sister”. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Archived from the original (Fee required) on November 5, 2012. Retrieved May 13, 2010. ^ // West Coast News Network //. Dubcnn.com. Retrieved on March 11, 2012. ^ “HHNLive.com – News – DJ Quik and AMG AKA The Fixxers Sign With Interscope”.

When did DJ Quik start working with Suge Knight?

As DJ Quik began to work on his third album, he started working with Suge Knight again. Their relationship dates back to 1988, before he sought refuge with a major label. He was signed to Suge’s independent label Funky Enough Records in 1988. The arrangement proved to be short lived.

Who is DJ Quik mom?

Delma Armstrong

DJ Quik / Mother

Who was Quik and what did he say about his mother?

Quik further spoke on his mother, whom he described as “The most amazing person ever,” adding that “she was beyond words because she was beauty.” He added, “She was like ‘Keep on Trying’ from the Impressions. These were the records she used to listen to.

What happened to Quik and Delma Armstrong’s mother?

Especially today — his mother’s birthday. Though his mother, Delma Armstrong, passed away in 2016, Quik makes a point to celebrate her every year just as she would want: with a party. Now 52, the artist born David Blake has found the kind of clarity that comes with surviving this long in a game not set up for survival.

How did DJ EZ get his name?

His early discovery and love of house, hip hop and electro led to listening to pirate radio and recording early mixes in the hope to land a show on them. He is a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur F.C. His name derives from his height – when he is behind the decks, he’s so short, all that can be seen is “‘e’s ‘ead”.

Who is Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock?

Rob Base is the stage name of Robert Ginyard (b. 1967) and DJ E-Z Rock was Rodney “Skip” Bryce (1967–2014). They are best known for the 1988 hit “It Takes Two”, a single that was a top 40 hit and has been certified platinum by the RIAA. That song was a part of the duo’s album of the same name, which also has been certified platinum.

How old was DJ E-Z Rock when he died?

DJ E-Z Rock, who partnered with Rob Base to form one of the most popular rap duos of the 1980s, died over the weekend, Rob Base’s rep told TMZ. E-Z Rock, real name Rodney Bryce, was 46-years-old. No other details were available.

How did Bob Ezy get started in the DJ world?

Totally immersed in house music, Bob’ezy was introduced to the DJ world by Dr.Duda in 2003. Eager to learn more, Bob’Ezy moved his turntable skills and ability to rock a dancefloor into the studio. His mentor, Dr. Duda shared some production skills and soon Bob’Ezy was making bootleg tracks for his DJ sets.

Where does the name EZ come from?

The origin of Ez is the Old Greek and Hebrew languages. Ez is a variant transcription of the name Ezio (Italian). Ez is also a variant transcription of the name Ezra (English, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish). See also the related categories, greek and hebrew. Ez is an uncommon baby name for boys. It is not listed within the top 1000 names.

When did DJ Quik start?

DJ Quik’s first song “Underground Terror” released in 1987.

Who produced Quik is the name?

Greg Jessie (exec.) Tracy Kendrick (also exec.) Quik Is The Name is the debut studio album by American hip hop artist and producer DJ Quik, released by Profile Records on January 15, 1991. Production was mainly handled by DJ Quik along with his executive producers Courtney Branch and Tracy Kendrick.

When did DJ Quik start?

When did DJ Quik release his first independent album?

In September 2005, DJ Quik released his first independent album on his own new label, Mad Science Recordings. The album is titled Trauma and reflects the turmoil in the producer’s “musical” life over the past few years. It was considered an independent success and has sold over 100,000 copies.

When was DJ Quik born?

DJ Quik was born on 18 January 1970 in Compton, California, USA.

How many albums did DJ Quik have?


DJ Quik discography
Studio albums9
Live albums1
Compilation albums3
Music videos13

When did DJ Quik release the Book of David?

DJ Quik released his eighth studio album The Book of David on April 19, 2011, which included appearances by Ice Cube, KK, Bun B, Bizzy Bone, Jon B., Kurupt, Dwele, and Suga Free, who once again worked with Quik.

What are some songs by DJ Quik?

The following is a discography of solo production by DJ Quik . 01. “Intro” 02. “More Than a Player” 03. “If You Want It” 04. “Be True To Yourself” 05. “Let The Rhythm Take You” (feat. AMG ) 06. “Comin’ Like This” (feat. DJ Quik, Hi-C & AMG) 07. “Underground Terror” 08. “Just Ain’t Me” 09. “The Life of a Player” 10. “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong” (feat.

Did DJ Quik make a song with Tupac?

Quik made another uncredited appearance on a song with Tupac named “Thug Passion”. He also produced on the albums Dogg Food and Tha Doggfather, although he received no credit. DJ Quik later went to say that he had some of the best times of his life when he worked with the label. In 1996, Quik produced a track on House of Music, by Tony! Toni!

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