What happened to DJ trouble?

Led by a truck blasting music, fellow musicians and relatives took to the streets of Brooklyn on Sunday to honor Jomo “DJ Trouble” Glasgow and protest the gun violence that took his life. Glasgow, 35, was fatally shot in the chest on his way to his car while attending a house party on E.

What happened to DJ trouble?

What happened to rapper Trouble?

Atlanta-area sheriff’s officials said the hip-hop star was visiting a woman when a man in a “domestic situation” with her broke in and opened fire. Rapper Trouble, best known for his music showing the grittier side of life in his hometown, Atlanta, was killed in a shooting early Sunday, authorities said. He was 34 years old.

What happened to trouble?

The memorial came after reports of the Trouble, 34, being shot dead inside an apartment complex in Conyers, Georgia. As the hip-hop world mourns this shocking loss, here’s what we know so far. Trouble debuted in 2011 with the breakout mixtape, December 17th, per All Music, which featured appearances from Future and Waka Flocka Flame.

How old was Michael trouble when he died?

He was 34 years old. Trouble, whose real name was Mariel Semonte Orr, died in a 3:20 a.m. home invasion at Lake St. James Apartments in Conyers, about 25 miles east of Atlanta, Rockdale County Sheriff’s spokesperson Jedidia Canty said at a news conference Sunday.

What happened to trouble Jones?

Sheriff Eric Levett called her instrumental in Jones’s surrender. A warrant obtained by 11Alive claims Jones had murdered Trouble after finding him in bed with Jones’s ex-girlfriend. She says he punched them and fought with Trouble before shooting him. Jones will face murder, aggravated assault, battery, and home-invasion charges.

Where is DJ trauma from?

New York City

Originally from New York City, the birthplace of hip-hop, DJ Trauma left his hometown for Clark Atlanta University (CAU), which served as the perfect playground to grow and perform for large audiences at University events, quickly gaining him respect, noterity and a loyal fan base.

Who is DJ Trauma?

DJ Trauma is a true visionary and artist, creating, producing and spinning his unique mix of hip hop, R&B, commercial dance, and Top 40 hits for crowds across the globe. On the grind and honing his skills for many years, DJ Trauma performs over a 100 times a year all over the world, and has amassed an enviable following.

Who is DJ trumastr?

DJ Trumastr not only applies his impressively expansive knowledge and understanding of music in his turntablism and work; he also thinks about music in a clever and unique way, personally handpicking each song for every wedding in order to create the ideal soundtrack, tailored to each individual couple’s vision.

What happened to DJ somebody?

According to his social media activity, DJ Somebody was scheduled to make an appearance at The Secret Door night club in Pretoria on Saturday night. A video on Instagram Stories shows the Ayep Yep artist smoking a cigar, with the caption, “back to basics” before his death.

The Pretoria-born artist was killed in a drive-by shooting in the early hours of Sunday. South African DJ and producer DJ Sumbody was murdered in Johannesburg yesterday, November 20th.

What happened to DJ Drama?

Speaking to Say Cheese TV of the events leading up to his arrest, DJ Drama said he was warned that there was going to be a police raid on a recording studio on Walker Street in Atlanta, Georgia: “ I’m walking outside to move my car, it’s still daytime outside, I just see black tahoes in every corner pulling up to the pavement.

What happened to DJ Somebody?

How did DJ sumbody die?

The family of the amapiano pioneer, Oupa John Sefoka aka DJ Sumbody confirmed his death, while tweeps claim that he died in the early hours of Sunday, 20 November after getting shot. The music producer was due to perform at the All-White Veuve Clicquot Picnic. ALSO READ: RIP | Amapiano artist DJ Sumbody dies: Post your condolences

What happened to DJ?

Family spokesperson Mmanake Mokitimi confirmed the tragedy but rejected to open up about the rumors about DJ’s death. “Details of his untimely death cannot be released but the artist…ran into an unfortunate incident that led to his passing in the early hours of Sunday morning, November 20, 2022,” Mokitimi said.

Did DJ sumbody get shot by his Opps?

DJ Sumbody got shot by his opps! Witnesses allege that Oupa John Sefoka aka DJ Sumbody was shot on Saturday, 19 November and died on Sunday morning of his all-white party.

Did Oupa John sefoka aka DJ sumbody die?

Witnesses allege that Oupa John Sefoka aka DJ Sumbody was shot on Saturday, 19 November and died on Sunday morning of his all-white party. RIP DJ Sumbody. Image via Twitter @PhilMphela

What year did DJ Drama go to jail?


In January 2007, AMG’s Atlanta studios were raided by Fulton County police officers, who seized over 80,000 mixtapes, 4 vehicles, and some recording equipment. Both DJ Drama and Don Cannon were taken into custody on RICO charges.

When did DJ Screw pass away?

DJ Screw would record more than 300 such original mixtapes during his brief, yet historic, career and though he did not live to see his musical style transcend time, his legacy is certain. He died in 2000 at 29 of a drug overdose.

When did DJ Screw pass away?

What happened to DJ Screw?

Known for Texas and Gulf Coast hits such as “Ball N’ Parlay, ” “Who Dat Talking Down,” and a verse on DJ Screw’s nearly 36-minute iconic freestyle known as “June 27th, ” he collapsed while performing at Pour09, a Beaumont bar and nightlife space about an hour east of Houston.

When is DJ Screw day in Houston?

June 27 marks DJ Screw Day in Houston. Twenty-seven years ago, the iconic producers “June 27” freestyle was released. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — June 27 marks the anniversary of a landmark moment that music enthusiasts see as the day Houston’s special brand of hip-hop was put on the world map.

Where can I find DJ Screw Records?

The University of Houston Libraries Houston Hip Hop Research Collection houses the DJ Screw Papers, including approximately 1500 vinyl records owned by DJ Screw, original DJ Screw recordings, photographs, handwritten track lists, and more. Some of these materials have been digitized.

When did DJ Screw release a freestyle record?

Legendary producer DJ Screw released his 38-minute freestyle record, ” June 27 ,” in 1996. The Houston DJ and co-founder of the iconic Screwed Up Click hip-hop collective put the record out with a succession of his friends rapping on the mic, one after another.

Who is DJ trouble?

He is a DJ/MC, rap artist, poet, song writer, dancer and promoter. He started rapping at the age of 13. He got his first gig at the age of 17 as a DJ in East St.

Who is DJ Troubl?

If you’ve seen UZ in the past few months, you’ve caught the mystery trap DJ ending his sets with Future’s “Mask Off,” and if you were really lucky, he actually took the gold bandana veil up from his face, revealing himself to be Guillaume P., aka DJ Troubl.

Who is DJ Drama & Jeezy?

DJ Drama and Jeezy in 2015. Drama had the streets on lock when a newcomer named Young Jeezy reached out. Originally from South Georgia, he called himself The Snowman and was connected to a drug syndicate that would put the fictional Scarface to shame.

Who is DJ Drama & Gangsta Grillz?

DJ Drama with T.I. in 2006. Lil Jon gave the brand a boost when Drama asked him to guest host one of those early tapes. But the first rapper to pay Drama a visit after he launched Gangsta Grillz was a relative unknown at the time — an up-and-coming artist in Atlanta who had just signed to LaFace Records named T.I.

What happened to DJ Easy Rock?

DJ E-Z Rock died on April 27, 2014, at age 46 after a diabetic seizure.

Who was DJ E-Z Rock?

Rob Base Remembers DJ E-Z Rock: ‘He Was a Joker. Everybody Loved Him’ Rodney “Skip” Bryce, better known to hip-hop fans as DJ E-Z Rock, died on Sunday at the age of 46. Along with friend and collaborator Rob Base, Bryce was one of the architects of “It Takes Two,” one of hip-hop’s most enduring and celebrated songs.

What happened to DJ Easy Rock?

What happened to E-Z Rock?

Best known for song ‘It Takes Two’ with partner Rob Base. Legendary hip-hop DJ E-Z Rock has died at age 46. According to a Facebook post from longtime partner MC Rob Base, Rock died on Sunday and no cause of death was revealed at press time.

What happened to Jay Rock?

After a life-threatening motorcycle accident, Jay Rock returns with his strongest album yet, a collection of rap songs that highlight his struggle and journey. Jay Rock ’s music is consumed by his struggles; he wrestles with the granular details of street life and gangbanging.

Why was the ‘Rock DJ’ video so controversial?

The video, which was directed by Williams’ frequent collaborator Vaughan Arnell, caused major controversy at the time due to its gory content. Most television channels cut the video before Williams started stripping, with some running an alternative clip altogether showing Williams recording “Rock DJ” in the studio.

Is DJ Screw still living?

November 16, 2000, Houston, TX

DJ Screw / Died

Who carries DJ Screw’s legacy?

There’s a community of people in Houston and around the country who carry Screw’s legacy, too. At last year’s CAMH exhibition, so many people I met were elated to support something that would lift DJ Screw’s name, almost two decades after his passing.

Is DJ Screw influencing the mainstream rap game today?

DJ Screw was, to us, the king of Houston. Something that he created is, to this day, being duplicated. It’s influencing the mainstream rap game right now to this day. Not even just the mainstream rap game; Justin Timberlake had a chopped and screwed song. Justin Bieber, I heard, has done it before. Future ‘s new CD is called Dirty Sprite 2.

What happened to DJ Frankie Knuckles?

He developed osteomyelitis after breaking his foot snowboarding, and had it amputated after declining to take time off for treatment. On March 31, 2014, he died in Chicago at the age of 59 due to the complications from his diabetes.

Who was Frankie Knuckles?

Musician Frankie Knuckles, known as the Godfather of House music, has died unexpectedly, it has been announced. A pioneer of house – the sparse, electronic dance music that emerged from Chicago in the 1980s – Knuckles was just 59.

How did DJ Knuckles die?

The medical examiner said a cause of death was not available. Several music websites have reported Knuckles had died of complications from Type 2 diabetes. In the mid 2000’s, the DJ had developed the bone infection osteomyelitis after breaking bones in his foot while snowboarding.

Was Frankie Knuckles ‘disco’s revenge’?

Frankie Knuckles playing in central London in 2007. Photograph: Getty Images “Disco’s revenge,” was the way Frankie Knuckles, who has died aged 59 after a long period of ill health, mischievously described house, the style of music that was born in his club, the Warehouse in Chicago.

Did Frankie Knuckles invent house music?

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