What episode of Full House does DJ get accused of drinking?

It’s a big blow for D.J. when she catches her boyfriend Kevin experimenting with booze at a dance…and an even bigger blow when Jesse wrathfully accuses her of same.

What episode of Full House does DJ get accused of drinking?

Why did Stephanie decide not to drink on ‘Full House’?

Stephanie originally says no but fears her decision will cause her to be outcasted and never be cool. In the end, she sticks to her choices reminding viewers that it’s always better to resist peer pressure. Underage drinking was a hot-button topic on Full House that happened to land two episodes over the show’s eight-season run.

Why was ‘the volunteer’ a groundbreaking episode of Full House?

That’s part of the reason why “The Volunteer” was such a groundbreaking episode of Full House. In the episode, DJ volunteers at a senior citizen home where she befriends Eddy, a patient with Alzheimer’s. Over the course of the episode, DJ learns what Alzheimer’s is and how it affects someone’s life. A lesson that viewers learned alongside DJ.

What happened in Full House Season 7?

One of the most heartbreaking episodes of Full House happened during its seventh season. When Jesse’s grandfather “Papouli” comes to visit he bonds with Michelle almost instantly. After learning a traditional Greek dance, Michelle convinces Papouli to come to her school to teach her classmates.

How did Full House tackle real-life issues?

Occasionally, Full House tackled real-life issues in more subtle ways like they did when they explored anxiety. In season 3, San Francisco experiences an earthquake while Danny is at work and the girls are home. The earthquake and Danny’s absence create a traumatic experience for Stephanie who refuses to let her dad out of her sight.

Was DJ pregnant in Full House?

While the death of her husband was always meant to kick off the events of the spin-off, DJ was supposedly pregnant in the earlier version of the show. The Fullers already had two sons by then, Jackson and Max, but Tommy Jr. hadn’t yet been born.

Are DJ & Kimmy getting married in Fuller House?

DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie are all getting married in the Fuller House series finale, but they run into a major problem right away. Their wedding venue has been seized! Now they have nowhere to get married or someone to marry them. The trio ends up deciding to get married in the backyard, where they’ve shared so many memories.

Is Fuller House pregnant?

This way, Fuller House is endearing fans to a new crop of characters that could maybe spearhead another offshoot in future years to come. Before officially ending, Fuller House drops one final surprise – after believing she’s unable to get pregnant, Stephanie delivers the good news that she’s in fact, expecting.

Is Stephanie on ‘Full House’ pregnant?

That includes more focus on Stephanie’s upcoming journey as an expecting mom (after she briefly revealed in the show’s parting shot that she’s pregnant), as well as her first-born Danielle – who is barely in Full House season 5 following her birth at the end of season 4.

Did Kimmy and Stephanie have a baby on ‘Fuller House’?

Our beloved ‘Fuller House’ crew bid farewell in an emotional and hilarious series finale. DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie all married their loves and the final moments featured a big surprise — there’s a baby on the way for one of them!

What episode does DJ have an eating disorder?

In light of Kimmy’s upcoming pool party, DJ begins a crash diet and overexerts herself exercising.

What episode does DJ have an eating disorder?

What episode does DJ spit out a sandwich?

When D.J. spits out her bite of sandwich into the napkin, the napkin un-crumples on the counter and there is nothing in it. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Shape Up is episode eight in season four of Full House. It originally aired on November 9, 1990. See #Quotes. It is getting close to Kimmy’s 14th birthday.

Does DJ have bulimia nervosa?

When Stephanie notices the problem, DJ swears her to secrecy, but the secret is out when DJ collapses during a family outing to the gym. Bulimia nervosa was mentioned in this episode. Interestingly enough, Candace Cameron had suffered from this disorder in her twenties.

How does DJ Feel About being overweight?

D.J. feels she is too overweight to be seen in a bathing suit, and tapes cut-out pictures of skinny models on the kitchen fridge to keep herself from getting food out of it. Becky advises her that the best way to lose weight is to eat all the right foods (see Quotes).

What are the dangers of a very special episode?

But the hazards of the “Very Special Episode” format include the fact that the storylines tackled in one isolated episode are never issues that could receive so little focus in real life. Take, for example, DJ’s brief eating disorder. She stops eating, sustaining herself only on ice cubes, and nearly passes out while working out in the gym.

What episode does DJ get a boyfriend?

Becky gets the guys to participate in a date auction, and DJ gets her first boyfriend.

Who is DJ’s boyfriend on Full House?

Michael was DJ’s first boyfriend and appeared in the Full House season 2 episode, “A Little Romance.” DJ is in sixth grade and this is her first real boyfriend. Sadly, their love was not meant to be. Michael (played by Jonathan Brandis) dumps DJ after two days for Kathy Santoni. He actually says that she is smart but Kathy is pretty.

What episode does DJ get a boyfriend?

Who starred in Dj’s Choice?

D.J.’s Choice: Directed by John Tracy. With John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure. Nelson and Viper compete to be D.J.’s boyfriend, and Nelson hires FRANKIE VALLI (himself) to serenade her; Michelle leads the family on a crusade to clean up a vandalized playground.

What happens during DJ’s first date with Steve?

DJ is getting ready for her “third” first date with Steve. Jackson and Rocki start making out, only to be interrupted by Ramona. After having an ominous dream, Stephanie feels like the day is going to go badly and Kimmy will realize she’s not pregnant. Things from her dream start happening, which worries her.

What does DJ tell Steve about his friendship?

DJ tells Steve that their friendship will be different once he gets married. Jackson prepares for his history final in summer school. Becky comes to visit and spends the day with Stephanie; she has made an appointment for Stephanie to get a pelvic ultrasound.

How old was DJ in Full House?


Candace Cameron Bure was born on April 6, 1976, making her 11 when she first began playing 10-year-old D.J. Tanner in Full House. Full House season 3, episode 13, “13 Candles,” which aired on February 9, 1990, saw DJ turning 13, confirming that she was born in 1977.

How old was DJ Tanner when she first starred in Fuller House?

According to Biography.com, Bure was 11 years old when she first portrayed DJ Tanner in the sitcom. She continued in her role as this character for over 100 episodes. Decades later, the actor returned to the Tanner household for the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House.

How old is Danny on Fuller House?

For the older cast, Danny was 59 at the beginning of Fuller House and is 62 when it ended, since his birthday, like DJ, is in December. The Tanner patriarch is the same age as his best friend Joey, but the comic is going to turn 63 a few months earlier than Danny considering that his date of birth is in September.

Why did Steve and DJ break up in ‘Fuller House’?

During season seven (“Love on the Rocks”), he and D.J. break up because of having grown apart. However, he returns in the series finale to take D.J. to her prom. The two of them kiss. In ”Fuller House” D.J. and Steve eventually resume dating. In the final season, he proposes to her.

How old is DJ on ‘New Kids in the House’?

But in the New Kids in the House (Fuller House), she’s 39 however, three years later in DJ’s Amazing 40th Birthday she turned 40 but should’ve been 42. She’s the only main character whose birthday doesn’t add up. D.J., along with the rest of the main cast from season 1, (except for Tommy) has appeared in every single episode in the series.

What episode of Full House does DJ diet?

Shape Up

“Full House” Shape Up (TV Episode 1990) – Candace Cameron Bure as D.J.

What is the most important episode of Full House?

“Shape Up” is arguably one of the most important episodes of Full House and truly one of DJ’s most influential episodes. After Kimmy decides to have a pool party to celebrate her birthday, DJ begins to worry that she might not look good in a bathing suit.

When was shape up on ‘Full House’?

Shape Up is episode eight in season four of Full House. It originally aired on November 9, 1990. See #Quotes. It is getting close to Kimmy’s 14th birthday. Of course, D.J. is among the invited guests to the birthday party, which is scheduled to take place at a local hotel’s indoor swimming pool.

What episode of Full House does DJ diet?

Did DJ grow up in Fuller House?

Even when DJ grew up, she remained a role model for her family and viewers in Fuller House. In season three, DJ enters the world of junior high school but quickly learns that it is not what she and her best friend Kimmy had expected.

Who does DJ marry in Fuller House?

As fans may recall, D.J. married her high school sweetheart Steve Hale (portrayed by Scott Weinger) during a memorable triple wedding in the Fuller House series finale.

What happened to DJ and Steve on Fuller House?

When the couple suddenly started having problems that ultimately led to their break-up, viewers were devastated. By the end of Full House, DJ and Steve got back together, but Fuller House revealed that they went on their separate ways again, even marrying different people.

Who is DJ Tanner’s sister on Fuller House?

At its forefront was the eldest Tanner sister, who, like her father, was early widowed and left to raise three young kids. Unlike Danny (Bob Saget), much of DJ’s arc on Fuller House revolved around her love life, particularly as she rekindled her romance with Steve.

Is Fuller House on Hulu?

Full House, with some episodes featuring Steve Hale and DJ Tanner, is available on Hulu. One of the worst examples of this in Fuller House comes in the show’s forced attempts to make DJ Tanner and Steve’s ex-girlfriend and DJ replacement, CJ Harbenberger, friendly with each other.

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