What does Danny Rampling do now?

In addition to his music career, Rampling is the author of the best-selling book ‘Everything You Need To Know About DJing & Success’ and runs his own music consultancy working on film fashion shows and TV advertising campaigns.

What does Danny Rampling do now?

Who is Danny Rampling?

Those of you of a certain age will probably know Danny Rampling as that DJ who used to have a show on Radio 1 called “The Love Groove Dance Party” – a name that was considered naff even by the meretricious standards of the 1990s. But I think it’s awfully unfair to criticise him as

Are DJ Danny Rampling & Ilona on a parallel musically?

But it’s not. We’re on a parallel musically, and we inspire each other’: DJ Danny Rampling on his wife Ilona. Photograph courtesy of Rampling & Rampling

How long has Rampling been a DJ?

His long career began in the early 1980s playing hip-hop, soul and funk around numerous bars and clubs in London. Rampling was the first winner of the No 1 DJ in the World Award by DJ Magazine in 1991 and is a three-time DJ Awards recipient. He has reportedly sold over 1 million compilation albums.

Who was Rampling & what did he do?

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Rampling was again fourth in the semifinals of 400 metre competition and ran the second leg on the British 4 × 400 m relay team which won the gold medal. Rampling was aLieutenant Colonel in the Royal Artillery, attached to NATO, until retiring in 1958 after 29 years service.

Why did Danny Rampling leave Radio 1?

In 2005, Rampling announced his retirement from DJing with the initial intention of running a restaurant, although he changed tack to focus on his property business and the ‘low carbon economy’. In 2007 he returned to music and began making some on-off appearances at selected clubs.

When did Rampling start a band?

After working at Kiss FM in the days before it went legal, Rampling stuck it to the man in 1994 – by joining the establishment at BBC Radio 1 on a much increased salary. That showed them how much of a rebel you were, didn’t it, Dan? At the same time, he formed a band called The Millionaire Hippies.

What happened to Dave on Radio 1?

And of course Dave didn’t join him on the new station. However, he’s since moved on to commercial radio too, after 16 years at Radio 1, hosting a show alongside Gemma Arterton on Hits Radio in Manchester and helps to make videos and podcasts for a company in London.

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