What DJ just left Radio 2?

DJ Ken Bruce

DJ Ken Bruce paid tribute to his listeners as he signed off from BBC Radio 2 after more than three decades of hosting the mid-morning show.

What DJ just left Radio 2?

Who has left Radio 2?

His departure comes after Steve Wright left after 23 years as afternoon host. Other popular presenters who have also left the station in the past year include Paul O’Grady and Vanessa Feltz. Bruce told listeners: “I’ll reach the end of my current contract in March, and so at that point I will be moving on from Radio 2.

Why did DJ Ken Bruce leave BBC Radio 2?

DJ Ken Bruce paid tribute to his listeners as he signed off from BBC Radio 2 after more than three decades of hosting the mid-morning show. The Scottish presenter, 72, is leaving the network to join commercial station Greatest Hits Radio. Bruce closed Friday’s programme by playing Golden Slumbers by The Beatles.

Who is the presenter for Radio 2?

Bruce has worked at the BBC for 45 years, starting out at Radio Scotland in 1977. He has presented the mid-morning Radio 2 show since 1990. Last week, the BBC announced that TV presenter Vernon Kay will take over Bruce’s Radio 2 slot.

When is Steve Wright leaving BBC Radio 2?

BBC favourite Steve Wright is leaving Radio 2 today after his final show. The star, 68, announced in July that he would be leaving after 24 years at the station. But when is the final show and what happens next? Here’s everything you need to know.

Which radio DJ was accused of molestation?

In April 2022, several women accused Westwood, who also worked as a DJ on BBC Radio 1Xtra, of predatory and unwanted sexual behaviour and touching, in incidents between 1992 and 2017. They also accused him of abusing his position in the music industry.

Did Radio 1 DJ abuse his position in the music industry?

In April, a number of women accused the former Radio 1 DJ of predatory and unwanted sexual behaviour and touching, in incidents between 1992 and 2017. They also accused him of abusing his position in the music industry. BBC News and the Guardian have investigated the stories of 10 women who came forward after the initial revelations.

Did the BBC find a complaint about DJ Westwood?

Director general Tim Davie said in April “no evidence of complaints” had been found after BBC News and the Guardian revealed accounts of predatory sexual behaviour by the DJ. Westwood denies the allegations. In relation to the police referral, a BBC spokesman said in a statement: “This is a historic case that the BBC has found in its files.

Which radio DJ was accused of molestation?

What’s going on with the BBC’s alleged sexual misconduct complaints?

The six newly revealed complaints received by the BBC all concern bullying and sexual misconduct and are alleged to have taken place in the years Westwood worked for the corporation, according to BBC News.

Did the DJ make a complaint about inappropriate behaviour?

In a response at the time to the documentary, a spokesperson for the DJ said he denied the allegations in their entirety. They said: “Our client confirms that there has never been any complaint made against him, whether officially or unofficially, relating to claims of inappropriate behaviour of the nature described.

Who were the DJs in the 1960s radio 1?

The beginning (Back row l-r) Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young, Kenny Everett, Duncan Johnson, Robin Scott (the man in charge), David Ryder, Dave Cash, Pete Brady and David Symonds. (Middle row l-r) Bob Holness, Terry Wogan, Barry Alldis, Mike Lennox, Keith Skues, Chris Denning, Johnny Moran and Pete Myers.

Who were BBC Radio 1 & Radio 2 DJs in 1967?

Image: The lineup of BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 DJs in September 1967. Back Row: Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young, Kenny Everett, Duncan Johnson, Robin Scott (Controller R1 & R2), David Ryder, Dave Cash, Pete Brady and David Symonds. Middle Row: Bob Holness, Terry Wogan, Barry Alldis, Mike Lennox, Keith Skues, Chris Denning, Johnny Moran and Peter Myers.

Who were Radio 1 disc jockeys?

Here can be seen a photograph of early 1970’s Radio 1 disc jockeys outside all Saints Church. From back row, (L-R); Paul Gambaccini, Ed Stewart, John Peel, Simon Bates, Paul Burnett, Jimmy Savile, Tom Browne, Alan freeman, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Annie Nightingale, David Hamilton and Tony Blackburn. Noel Edmonds and Stuart Henry.

Who was the first British DJ?

The first official British DJ was Christopher Stone, who in 1927 convinced the BBC to let him broadcast a program consisting of American and American-influenced jazz records interspersed with his ad libbed introductions. One of the first woman disc jockeys was Halloween Martin.

Who was a pirate DJ on Radio 1?

Radio 1 poached some DJs who had starred on “pirate” stations based off the British coast, such as Johnnie Walker. John Peel became renowned as a champion of new music, regularly featuring acts which were not heard elsewhere. Among the early presenters was Michael Aspel, who hosted a Sunday morning show, Family Favourites, on Radios 1 and 2.

Who is the new DJ on Radio 2 Afternoon?

Scott Mills

Scott Mills will launch his new weekday afternoon show on Radio 2 on Monday 31 October, from 2pm-4pm. He’ll be saying “love you, hi” to everyone with music and laughs to get listeners through the afternoon, taking their calls and messages and, as friend to the stars, who knows who else might pop-up!

What happened to BBC Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright?

BBC Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright has announced his weekday afternoon show is to end after more than 20 years. Wright said Radio 2’s boss had told him she wanted to do “something different” with his mid-afternoon slot. He will be replaced by Scott Mills, who currently hosts afternoons on Radio 1, in a shake-up of the daytime schedule.

Who is BBC DJ Scott Mills?

The BBC has unveiled its new line-up of DJs to repair the holes left in Radio 2 after a host of its major stars left. Scott Mills will launch his new weekday afternoon show, taking over from Steve Wright who broadcast his last show last week after 23 years on the airwaves. Resident BBC DJ Scott left Radio 1 after 24 years last month.

Who is the new DJ on Radio 2 Afternoon?

Who is BBC Radio 2’s new Early Breakfast Show presenter Owain Wyn Evans?

The date was announced on Tuesday afternoon, when Owain Wyn Evans was also announce d as the new early breakfast show presenter. Scott will start the BBC Audio production over two months after leaving BBC Radio 1, and be on-air each weekday from 2pm till 4pm. Scott says: “A brand new era begins for me at my new home, BBC Radio 2.

Is DJ Scott leaving Radio 1?

Resident BBC DJ Scott left Radio 1 after 24 years last month. He will launch his new afternoon show on Halloween. Ahead of his new show’s launch, Scott said he’s looking forward to his “brand new era” in his “new home”. He explained: “In an attempt to scare me even more, the bosses have decided my very first show is on Halloween!

Who are the greatest hits radio DJs?

Greatest Hits Radio Presenters

  • Jackie Brambles. Join Jackie Brambles for great conversations every weeknight. …
  • Martin Kemp. Martin Kemp kick-starts your Friday night with The Mixtape. …
  • Alex Lester. The Dark Lord is here with The Best Time Of The Day Show. …
  • Kate Thornton. …
  • Jenny Powell. …
  • Richard Allinson. …
  • Andy Crane. …
  • Des Paul.

Who plays on Greatest Hits Radio?

Des plays the Greatest Hits of Soul, Funk, Disco & Motown. Boogie & Arlene with the 70s @ 7, 80s @ 8 and 90s @ 9 on a Sunday night. Keep up to date with all of our presenters on Greatest Hits Radio. Read biographies for each DJ and find out which shows they host for us at Greatest Hits Radio.

Who owns Greatest Hits Radio?

The Good Times Sound Like This! Greatest Hits Radio is a classic hits radio network in the United Kingdom, owned and operated by Bauer . The network launched on 5 January 2015 as the “Bauer City 2 Network”, and rebranded on 7 January 2019 due to the success of Radio City 2 in Liverpool on FM.

Who hosts the greatest hits radio breakfast show?

He has hosted the breakfast show on Greatest Hits Radio since its launch in 2019. He previously presented the Radio City breakfast show until May 2014. Ross grew up in Armagh and attended St Patricks Grammar School, Armagh Technical College and The College of Business Studies, Belfast.

Who is David Ross from Greatest Hits Radio?

The station was rebranded as Greatest Hits Radio in 2019 and Ross has hosted the Breakfast Show since launch, broadcasting across the United Kingdom. In addition to his radio work, Ross is also a voice-over artist and event host. This includes being the regular host of the “Educate Awards” at Liverpool Cathedral.

Which Radio 2 dj was locked in his car?

He explained how things went badly wrong after he finished his show on Friday and went to set off for the airport from Wogan House, the home of the BBC in central London, in his electric car. To his horror, he found that not only that the car wouldn’t start he and Sam were locked inside and were unable to get out.

Which Radio 2 dj was locked in his car?

What happened to Radio 2’s old DJs?

Bruce’s departure is the latest, unnecessarily bloody blow in Radio 2’s ongoing cull of its cosy older DJs. Drive time star Steve Wright, 68, has been replaced by 49-year-old Scott Mills. Paul O’Grady, 67, quit (after he was forced to share his Sunday slot with 37-year-old Rob Beckett).

Who were the DJs on BBC Radio 1 and 2?

DJs from BBC Radio 1 and 2 have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of the two stations with a joint broadcast. Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw and Radio 2’s Tony Blackburn hosted the special 90-minute joint show, which featured music from the last 50 years. Ex-breakfast show hosts Sara Cox, Simon Mayo and Mike Read were special guests.

Why did my car radio Lock Me Out?

Your radio likely locked you out because a factory-enabled security system – one designed for anti-theft has been triggered. This system is designed to lock out car radio theft from accessing your audio system, but unfortunately, this feature can also lock out the car owner.

What happened to radio DJ Scott Mills?

Radio DJ Scott Mills has had, in his own words, ‘quite the weekend’. What was supposed to be a few nights away in Amsterdam turned into full on car-nage, when the 49-year-old got trapped in an electric vehicle with his fiancé Sam Vaughan on the way to the airport.

Who is the DJ on Radio 2 Breakfast Show?

Wake up and embrace the day with Zoe Ball.

Who is the DJ taking over from Ken Bruce?

Vernon Kay is returning to the BBC to take over Bruce’s slot.

What happened to Ken Bruce?

Having announced earlier this year that he was quitting his BBC Radio 2 show after 31 years as a broadcaster. His 9.30am – midday show on the station airs weekdays and the legendary DJ has been playing the tunes for avid listeners and will continue to do so up until Ken Bruce’s last show.

Why is DJ Gary Davies taking a break from ‘the Ken Bruce Show’?

DJ announces three-week break ‘to sort minor medical matter’ – with Gary Davies standing in Scottish broadcaster Ken Bruce has announced he is taking a break from presenting The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 to deal with a “minor medical matter” and have some time off.

Who will replace Bruce on Radio 2?

Owain Wyn Evans, who is taking over as the station’s early breakfast host, described him as “a legend”. Bruce earned between £385,000-£389,999 in 2021-22, according to the last BBC annual report. The BBC has not yet confirmed who will replace Bruce, however Radio 2 often promotes presenters from within its existing roster.

Has DJ Target left Radio 1?

Joseph became the talent and music lead at Radio 1Xtra in July 2018, but left the role in June 2021. In 2021, Joseph fronted a six-episode series on BBC Three called Tonight With Target. In 2022, it was announced that Joseph would be leaving Radio 1, ending the station’s simulcast of the 1Xtra Takeover.

Who is DJ Target?

Darren Joseph, known professionally as DJ Target, is an English DJ and presenter. He is best known for being part of grime collective Roll Deep and presenting on BBC Radio 1Xtra . Joseph is a former member of Roll Deep. Joseph began hosting part of the 1Xtra Takeover, a simulcast across BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra, in September 2013.

What age group does BBC Radio 1 target?

The BBC claims that it targets the 15–29 age group, and the average age of its UK audience since 2009 is 30. BBC Radio 1 started 24-hour broadcasting on 1 May 1991. , the station broadcasts to a weekly audience of 7.6 million with a listening share of 4.7% as of June 2023.

What happened to DJ Target & René LaVice?

René LaVice and DJ Target are leaving to make way for new programmes presented by two festive takeover guest presenters getting weekly slots. As well as taking on the new show, Mollie will continue to present weekends (1pm-4pm) alongside co-host Matt Edmondson.

Who is leaving Radio 1?

Radio 1 will also be announcing who will be taking over from Mills on The Official Chart show will be in the coming weeks, too. Currently, no other Radio 1 presenters have announced that they are leaving the station. However, newsreader Roisin Hastie and DJ Charlie Hedges have both recently announced that they are pregnant.

What happened to Radio One DJ?

Arielle Free, a DJ on BBC Radio 1, has been temporarily suspended from her position after a bizarre appearance on a fellow presenter’s show, according to reports. Free, 36, was briefly featured on Charlie Hedges’ Dance Anthems show, broadcast live from Ibiza, on the weekend.

What happened to Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac?

And, a year ago on July 30, 2021, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac played her final evening show after 17 years with the BBC. Many are wondering which presenters have now left and who will be replacing them in the rota shake-up. Here’s everything you need to know. In 2022, so far, DJ Scott Mills and his co-host Chris Stark are leaving BBC Radio 1.

Who was the last Radio 1 DJ to host top of the Pops?

Davies was the last Radio 1 DJ to host Top of the Pops before the show’s “year zero” revamp in October 1991. In January 1994, Davies moved to Virgin Radio, presenting their Sunday morning Classic Tracks slot from 10 am to 2 pm. The show later went out from 9 am to 1 pm and he remained there until early 1995.

Did a BBC Radio 1 DJ have a rap show?

The BBC and the Guardian have heard detailed accounts from seven women in a joint investigation into the former BBC Radio 1 DJ. He strenuously denies the allegations. The DJ was an early champion of hip-hop in the UK and hosted the first nationally-broadcast rap show on UK radio from 1994.

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