What age is Mark Ronson?

Mark Daniel Ronson (born 4 September 1975) is a British-born American DJ, record producer, songwriter, and remixer.

What age is Mark Ronson?

What happened to Mark Ronson?

Songwriter, DJ and record producer Mark Ronson has been through a period of renewal. Following divorce, he’s now happily remarried and has become a dad for the first time in mid-life. Not only that but he is turning his attentions to a new skill: composing a film score, as he tells Rolling Stone UK.

Does Mark Ronson regret treatment of Amy Winehouse?

Mark Ronson has expressed regrets about his treatment of Amy Winehouse while she experienced addiction. Ronson was one of Winehouse’s most prolific collaborators, having produced her seminal final album Back to Black in 2006.

Who is Mark Ronson?

Mark Daniel Ronson was born in Notting Hill, London, England, to Laurence Ronson, a then music manager and publisher, now real estate developer, and Ann Dexter-Jones (née Dexter), a writer, jewelry designer, and socialite. His Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors emigrated from Austria, Lithuania, and Russia.

What was Mark Ronson’s biggest hit?

The song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson was one of the biggest hits of the year. Today, we hear from Ronson as we continue our series of some of our favorite interviews of the year. Later, we’ll feature my interview with Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, co-creators of the Netflix comedy series “Master Of None.”

When did Mark Ronson re-release ‘making a fire’?

On 12 October 2019, BBC Two broadcast the documentary Mark Ronson: From the Heart, directed by Carl Hindmarch. In June 2021, Ronson, along with the Foo Fighters, shared a “re-version” of their single “Making a Fire”.

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