Is Jeff Mills married?

Yoko Uozumi

Jeff Mills / Spouse

Is Jeff Mills married?

Who is Jeff Mills?

Jeff Mills (born June 18, 1963, in Detroit, Michigan) is an American DJ, record producer, and composer. In the late 1980s Mills founded the techno collective Underground Resistance with fellow Detroit techno producers ‘Mad’ Mike Banks and Robert Hood but left the group to pursue a career as a solo artist in the early 90s.

Is Dr Mills married?

He spent one year in San Antonio, Texas at the South Texas Spinal Clinic for a fellowship in spine surgery. Dr. Mills married his medical school classmate, and they have been together for 35 years. They have a daughter who is a talented artist who attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and decided that she is a New Yorker.

When did Jeffrey Daniel and Stephanie Mills get married?

The duo got married in 1980, and they officially separated in 1983. Happy birthday Stephanie Mills with ex husband Jeffrey Daniel on their wedding day. #StephanieMills #jeffreydaniel #wedding #husbandandwife

Is Jeff Mills playing near you?

Jeff Mills is not playing near you. View all concerts 25,572 fans get concert alerts for this artist. Join Songkick to track Jeff Mills and get concert alerts when they play near you. KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! KOKOKO! Want to see Jeff Mills in concert?

Where is Jeff Mills from?

Detroit, MI

Jeff Mills / Place of birth

Born on June 18, 1963 in Detroit, Jeff Mills began his career as a DJ following high school. His talents were recognized by those who attended his shows, and even by radio personality The Electrifying Mojo at WJLB, who gave Mills a segment on his show.

When did Jeff Mills start DJing?

Early career and radio DJ A 1981 graduate of Mackenzie High School, Mills started his career in the early 1980s using the name “The Wizard.” He performed DJ tricks like beat juggling and scratching during his sets, some of which were pre-recorded.

When did DJs start?

It all began when Jimmy Savile launched the world’s first DJ dance party in 1943. Decades later, world-renowned DJs continue to create seamless and extended mixes that are out of this world. The 90s saw the advent of the first internet radio station, and in 1998 the first MP3 digital audio player was released.

Where did John Mills live before Axis Records?

The Tresor Club in Berlin where Mills was a resident prior to launching Axis Records. Mills left Underground Resistance in 1991 to pursue his own ventures. He relocated from Detroit, first to New York, then Berlin (as a resident at the Tresor club), and then Chicago.

When did John Mills release Blue potential?

Mills released Blue Potential in 2006, a live album of him playing with the 70 piece Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra in 2005. The album was a remix for classical interpretation, following musical acts such as Radiohead.

When did Jeff Mills start DJing?

How tall is Jeff Mills?

Jeff Mills (linebacker)

No. 52
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:244 lb (111 kg)
Career information
High school:Montclair

How tall is Jeff?

Jeff is 1.8 m tall. 傑夫身高1.8米。 She’s the women’s 1500 m champion (= the winner of a race run over that distance). 她是女子1500米賽跑冠軍。

How old is John Mills?

John Mills was born on February 22, 1908 (died on April 23, 2005, he was 97 years old) in Felixstowe as Lewis Ernest Watts Mills. Sir John Mills CBE was an English actor who appeared in more than 120 films in a career spanning seven decades.

What does Jeff Mills play?

Jeff Mills
GenresDetroit techno, minimal techno
Occupation(s)DJ, record producer, composer
Instrument(s)Turntable, synthesizer, drum machine
Years active1980–present

What is Jeff Mills most famous track?

You can’t mention Jeff Mills without mentioning ‘The Bells’. By a distance his most iconic track, it’s also arguably one of the top techno tracks of all time. And for good reason: any time Mills (or indeed, any other DJ has the gumption to let it out of its cage), it’s pretty much always the cue for absolute pandemonium.

What alias does Jeff Mills use?

The Wizard aside, Millsart is perhaps Jeff Mills’ most renowned alias. A medium for traditionally ‘deeper’ cuts that deviate ever-so-slightly from Mills’ wholly techno-focused efforts, Mills has produced some of his most sublime work under this alias.

How did John Mills become a DJ?

As the rise of hip-hop elevated the art of the DJ, Mills added beat juggling and scratching to his repertoire, leading to a gig with Detroit’s WJLB station as the Wizard — still a legendary name in Detroit. This, in turn, bled into production work, as Mills made original versions of hip-hop, then proto-techno tunes, to play on his show.

When was Jeff Mills born?

Jeff Mills (born June 18, 1963, in Detroit, Michigan) is an American DJ, record producer, and composer.

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