How old is Danny Rampling?

62 years (July 15, 1961)

Danny Rampling / Age

Danny Rampling (born 15 July 1961) is an English house music DJ and is widely credited as one of the original founders of the UK’s rave/club scene.

How old is Danny Rampling?

Who is Danny Rampling?

Those of you of a certain age will probably know Danny Rampling as that DJ who used to have a show on Radio 1 called “The Love Groove Dance Party” – a name that was considered naff even by the meretricious standards of the 1990s. But I think it’s awfully unfair to criticise him as

How long has Rampling been a DJ?

His long career began in the early 1980s playing hip-hop, soul and funk around numerous bars and clubs in London. Rampling was the first winner of the No 1 DJ in the World Award by DJ Magazine in 1991 and is a three-time DJ Awards recipient. He has reportedly sold over 1 million compilation albums.

Are DJ Danny Rampling & Ilona on a parallel musically?

But it’s not. We’re on a parallel musically, and we inspire each other’: DJ Danny Rampling on his wife Ilona. Photograph courtesy of Rampling & Rampling

When did Rampling start a band?

After working at Kiss FM in the days before it went legal, Rampling stuck it to the man in 1994 – by joining the establishment at BBC Radio 1 on a much increased salary. That showed them how much of a rebel you were, didn’t it, Dan? At the same time, he formed a band called The Millionaire Hippies.

How much is Judge Jules worth?

Jules is the nephew of celebrity chef Rick Stein. His wife, Amanda, is the cousin of techno DJ Tommy Four Seven. His net worth was estimated to be US$42 million as of 2023, making him one of the Top 30 highest net worth DJ/producers in the world.

What is Judge Jules net worth?

22. Judge Jules With a net worth of $42 million, this British DJ and producer could easily afford to stay at any of the most expensive hotels in the world whenever he wanted, without breaking the bank. Starting in 1997, Judge Jules’s career kicked off with his radio program and appearances on nearly 40 mix CDs that helped make him a well-known DJ.

Where is Judge Jules from?

He is from London. We have estimated Judge Jules’s net worth , money, salary, income, and assets. He also has an internationally syndicated radio show called “The Global Warm Up” (also produced by Somethin’ Else) which can be heard across the US, Russia, Europe (including RTÉ 2fm) and the Middle East or via Podcast.

What is David Judge’s net worth?

His popularity in the UK saw him land television appearances on shows such as Top Gear, Channel 4’s The 11 O’Clock Show and Top of the Pops. He has a reported net worth of $42million (£34million) according to Celebrity Net Worth. Judge is now starring on the 2019 series of Celebrity MasterChef on BBC One.

Who is Judge Jules on Celebrity MasterChef?

JUDGE Jules is the popular radio DJ currently starring in the latest series of Celebrity MasterChef on BBC One. The Londoner has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades, but how did his career begin and is he married? Here’s all you need to know… Who is Judge Jules and what’s his net worth?

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