How do I get my DJ mix noticed?

7 Tips For Getting Your DJ Sets Noticed On Mixcloud

  1. Tag your mixes! Possibly one of the most important things to promote mixes on Mixcloud is that you learn how to tag. …
  2. Add a timestamped tracklist. …
  3. Pick a great profile picture. …
  4. Write a compelling description. …
  5. Be consistent. …
  6. Use your social media channels. …
  7. Be the community.
How do I get my DJ mix noticed?

How do I promote a DJ mix?

Promoting DJ mixes requires a DJ to have a recorded mix of music that is post-edited and mastered for quality of audio. Finding a platform to upload a DJ mix can be easily achieved e.g. Soundcloud, Mixcloud or YouTube. Communication and interacting with people will support building awareness of your mixes and yourself as a DJ.

How do I get a DJ on Mixcloud?

You can choose the URL*yourartistname* and best of all, it is free of charge! You may have heard the famous phrase “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”. This old adage really is so true when it comes to getting your DJ set or podcast noticed on Mixcloud.

How do I get a few gigs If I’m a DJ?

You never know those people may be influential or know the right people to share your mixes and get you a few gigs even. Another touch that you could always do is to have a business card with the links to all of the platforms that you push out your DJ mixes on.

How do you make a mixtape for a DJ?

You can use a simple program like Audacity to record and make small edits to your mixes. Simply plug your mixer into your computer, open audacity and start recording. When you’ve mastered mixing you’ll be able to make mixtapes to promote yourself as a DJ. But don’t start handing mixtapes out until your mixing is perfectly on point.

Do DJs pre plan sets?

Pre-Sequencing A Set And Playing It Back Some big time DJs agree (we won’t mention names!), and have been known to pre-sequence sets, creating perfect mixes of their latest tracks in the DAW before hitting the stage.

Can I sell my DJ mixes?

Sell ​​mixes online Now DJs have rights and opportunities to sell mixes and make money. For example, Beatport Mixes allow artists to upload mixes and earn money from sales. To legally sell a mix, a DJ needs to pay some of the money to the authors whose songs are included in the mix.

Can I sell my DJ mixes?

Should you sell DJ mixes online?

When selling DJ mixes online, it’s important to keep in mind who you’re you’re targeting. For example, suppose you want a large following of fans willing to purchase your mixes. In that case, Bandcamp may be better for you since they offer the ability to sell music directly from their site and make money off merchandising as well.

Can a DJ make money from a mixtape?

DJs have been producing a mixtape for almost decade but it was only recently that they were given the option to make actual money from selling it. Beatport Mixes and The Future FM are the platforms that allow DJs to upload their mixes legally and make a profit from it. Make sure to check out how to release your EP for tips and advice.

Where can I legally upload and monetise my DJ mixes?

Mixcloud is the only place where you can legally upload and monetise your DJ mixes. Here’s how to do it.. Want to know a way you can not only get your mixes out there legally, but maybe even make a bit of money from them too? It’s possible using Mixcloud Select, the Patreon-like DJ fan scheme from Mixcloud.

How do most DJs become famous?

They Create (and Finish) Music and Mixes DJs can only become famous once they’ve got some kind of portfolio, but it’s got to be good; and trust us when we say that the very first thing an artist creates is never their best. The more you do it, the better you get: your best work is always your next work.

What makes a successful DJ?

Successful DJs have their own sound and follow that. They don’t grow it for fashion, but to create a sort of anti-fashion, we could say. Trying to please is the worst thing that can happen to a DJ as much as politicians – by doing that, you only express your desire to have authority and discard all integrity.

What sets established DJs apart?

First of all, what sets established DJs apart is that they have a sound where, even if they’re not performing tunes they produced, you can still tell it’s something that they’d play if you know that DJ. To be a successful DJ, you need to make a seamless and hypnotic mix for dancers that want to get lost in the music.

Should a DJ be a diva or a performer?

Be a performer but not a diva. The DJ is there for the dancers, not the other way around. He should be a humble soul, who drops their ego and honors music, and is there to maintain the flow. A musician and listener all in one. You play other people’s music. Never forget that.

Where can I find the best music for a DJ event?

But, if it’s an event that’s more sewn to a genre-oriented crowd like a club venue, you need to know your material. Websites like Mixmag are perfect if you want to stay on top of the newest music as are internet music stores like Beatport, where you can find a diversity of mixes tailored to DJs.

Do you need to master DJ mixes?

So you’ve finished a DJ mix, and you want to make sure it sounds as loud and punchy as possible before sharing it. That’s where mastering your mix comes in. Put simply, mastering your mix gives it a final “sheen” that is hard to do any other way. It makes it sound more coherent, and more professional.

Do you need to master DJ mixes?

Should you Master Your DJ mix?

So you’ve finished a DJ mix, and you want to make sure it sounds as loud and punchy as possible before sharing it. That’s where mastering your mix comes in. Put simply, mastering your mix gives it a final “sheen” that is hard to do any other way. It makes it sound more coherent, and more professional. And it’s not hard to do!

How do you mix a song with a DJ?

1. Match the beat of the tracks you wish to mix together To do this, you’ll need to master one of the most basic mixing techniques, beat matching. 2. Mix in the incoming track with the EQ settings lowered Lowering the bass frequency is a technique most DJs use to avoid clipping and bass clashes. 3.

Can you record a DJ mix online?

There’s only one way to be a part of the online DJ mix resurgence: record and share every mix you make. But recording your mixes can be tricky. There’s a lot to consider. How do I control the signal? What are the right levels? How do I polish my sound before I upload?

How do I master my own mix & music?

Mastering your own mix and music is a unique challenge. It requires an ability to change personalities and take on the mindset, reasoning and technical skills of the task at hand. When you are producing, devote your whole attention to production. When mixing, devote your whole attention to getting a great mix.

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