How do I find my DJ name?

How to Choose a DJ Name That Stands Out

  1. Step One – Research DJ Names. The first thing you should do is research what other DJs are using and consider why. …
  2. Step Two – Brainstorming DJ Names. Get a dictionary, thesaurus, pen and paper. …
  3. Step Three – Narrowing Down The Names. …
  4. Step Four – Ask Your Peers.
How do I find my DJ name?

How to choose a DJ name?

You should 100% consider how easy your chosen DJ name will be to find in search before you go ahead with it. You need to make sure your chosen name isn’t competitive, meaning no other company or musician has taken it. For example, googling “MK” as in DJ Marc Kinchen also brings up “Michael Kors” handbags and watches.

How do you write a DJ’s name on a USB?

Every area DJ knows that when you play here, you need to take a great logo file on USB with you, because you look like a mega-rockstar at some huge festival with your logo up on the floor-to-ceiling screens. However, for my friend, the lighting designer at the club simply typed “DJ Her First Name” in Arial font.

What percentage of DJs have a real name?

Turns out that 33% had their real name as their DJ name (eg DJ Staci or DJ Nichols), 55% had a moniker having nothing to do with their actual names (eg DJ Track Star), and 17% had a combination name using a tricked-out form of their real names (eg DJ Staci, the Track Star).

What are the best DJ name generator websites?

Here are some DJ name generator websites that I came across when doing this research. The better ones seem to be ‘ Cue up name generator ’, ‘ Rum & Monkey ’ and ‘ Random Techno Festival Name Generator ’. I’ll let you be the judge. For inspiration, check DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ list and make a note of names you like.

Who is the most popular DJ woman?

Top 12 Female DJs in the world

  • Mariana BO. …
  • Amelie Lens. …
  • Alison Wonderland. …
  • Miss K8. …
  • Nina Kraviz. …
  • Nora En Pure. …
  • Mattn. …
  • Deborah De Luca.

Who are the Best Female DJs?

The female DJs listed here are some of the leading ladies in the electronic dance music industry.The following is a list of 15 best female DJs around the world: 1. Charlotte De Witte Charlotte De Witte is a Belgian DJ and record producer famous for her “dark and stripped back” brand of minimal techno and acid techno music.

Who is the most famous DJ in the world?

Famous artists such as Chris Liebing, Monoloc, Alignment have been welcomed on her label. Charlotte De Witte is one of the most popular DJs in the world. She had also won ‘Best techno Artist (female)’ twice in International Dance Music Awards. 2. Monika Kruse Monika Kruse is a German techno DJ & producer, best known for being a disc jockey girl.

Who is a female EDM DJ?

Topping the list of female EDM DJs is Nervo, a Grammy Award-winning twin sister duo of Olivia and Miriam Nervo. These talented twins were born in Melbourne, Australia, on February 18, 1982. At age 16, they worked as models for the Australian Chadwick Models Agency, kickstarting their career in the limelight.

Who is the most popular DJ woman?

Who is the Best Alternative DJ?

This year’s Alternative Top 100 DJs list by DJ Mag includes the techno ranger at No.1. One of the most recognizable techno DJs, Charlotte de Witte first started DJing in 2010, mostly playing electro music. She went on to win the Studio Brussel DJ contest in 2011 and play at Tomorrowland that same year.

Where do DJs find songs?

Where do DJs get their music from?

  • Crossfader Music Pack (FREE DJ MUSIC)
  • DJ Record Pools.
  • DJ Mailing Lists.
  • Tracklists.
  • Playlists.
  • Soundcloud.
  • Youtube.
  • Shazam.

Where do DJs get their music?

DJs use streaming services in addition to open music platforms. For downloading and streaming music, there are both paid and free options. In this article, I’ll share what I’ve discovered and show you where DJs get their music so that you can do the same. There are many free music download options available, but the quality is likely to be poor.

How do I find DJ music?

Here’s how to find DJ music. Check out these affordable online platforms to discover new music. SoundCloud is the platform for music discovery. New and established artists alike upload their latest tracks and remixes to the platform. You can follow your favorite artists, and search by genre to find specific sounds to fit in your DJ set.

Where can I Download Dj music for free?

Free Music Archive is a popular source for DJ music. All MP3s are free to download. If you want access to royalty-free music, you can purchase a license and download. Some of their Creative Commons-licensed tracks are free, too. Operated by Paste Magazine, Noisetrade lets you download tracks completely for free.

Is YouTube a good place to find a DJ?

Every major artist and label has a solid presence on the platform, with extensive back catalogs of releases along with live shows and playlists. YouTube is a great resource to keep up to date on new releases and find out what other DJs are playing, whether you’re into house music or hip hop.

How do I protect my DJ name?

A registered trade mark can provide you with the exclusive right to use, licence and sell your DJing services in connection with your name. This means that you can ultimately prevent others from copying or misusing your name. If you need help with registering a trade mark, our experienced trade mark lawyers can assist.

How do I protect my DJ name?

Do I need to copyright my DJ name?

Yes, you can trademark your DJ name or your band name. There are a couple of different ways to do this depending on your situation. Since trademarks are used to distinguish the source of goods, you can trademark your DJ name or band name if you’re producing and selling music while using the name as a trademark.

Is Your DJ business protected by copyright?

Unless you’re playing your own tracks, the answer is probably yes. Music is protected by copyright, and when you play it in public without an artist’s permission, you may be guilty of copyright infringement. Thus, this is your guide to protecting your DJ business from risk. Let’s do this.

Can a DJ Download Music without a license?

The golden age of free music downloading software came to an end due to copyright infringement laws. As a DJ, you aren’t selling bootleg CDs or MP3s. However, without a proper license for the music, you may be infringing on copyright when you play or sample certain songs without permission.

Are recorded music copyrighted?

Also, keep in mind, for the recorded music that we all know, use, and love, there are actually two copyrights associated with a piece of recorded musical work/song: Copyright in the composition of the music. (Think sheet music) Copyright in the sound recording of the music. (The actual audio recording of the work/song—think the masters.)

Do DJs really need to know their music?

DJs need to realize that the music they mix, play, use, and purchase is not their music. It doesn’t matter if the music is given to you, serviced to you, or acquired by you…. it’s not your music.

What’s another word for DJ?

On this page you’ll find 15 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to disc jockey, such as: announcer, broadcaster, deejay, disk jockey, radio announcer, and dj.

What's another word for DJ?

What is another word for DJ?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for DJ. disc jockey. (or disk jockey), shock jock, veejay, VJ. mistress of ceremonies. huckster, pitchman.

Do DJs need a name?

This has worked well for people like Richie Hawtin, Nina Kravitz or Roni Size. None of these have needed specific DJ names as they have slightly unusual surnames, at least in english-speaking countries. However, most people have fairly common names for either their first or second name.

What does a DJ do?

“DJ” is used as an all-encompassing term to describe someone who mixes recorded music from any source, including vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, or digital audio files stored on USB stick or laptop. DJs typically perform for a live audience in a nightclub or dance club or a TV, radio broadcast audience, or an online radio audience.

What is an ID for DJs?

“ID” is short for “identification/identify”. It is used when the artist(s) or title of a song (or both) is not yet known/revealed.

What is a DJ ID?

However, besides the publishing industry, we also come across DJ IDs in the entertainment industry. Usually DJs have an ID designed by them and added as a personal signature to their work. For example, in a nightclub, the DJ broadcasts his ID’s between songs, advertising them and giving the guests pleasant moments.

Are radio and DJ IDs ‘public’ or ‘private’ promotions?

We can say that radio and DJ IDs are ‘public’ promotions for radios and ‘private’ promotions for DJs because jingle /ID is a descriptive short musical element spoken of any station’s name, frequency, channel number, DJ or show name.

Can a DJ use id-id?

As a DJ you can use “ID” and “ID-ID” tracks during your sets in many clever ways even as a beginner. You can use your self-produced tracks in the “ID-ID” form with little to no worry about the audience associating the track with your producer name when going back to your performance recordings (a great way of testing the track on a live audience).

Why do DJs play ‘id’ tracks during a live performance?

It’s also common practice to play “ID” tracks during a live performance to promote new songs before their official release. If the listeners don’t know the song title yet and they suppose that it’s gonna be released at some point, they are more likely to closely follow the DJ’s/producer’s social media while awaiting the track’s release.

What is the full name of DJ?

Disc jockey

DJ / Full name

A disc jockey, more commonly abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays recorded music for an audience.

Can I have the same DJ name as someone else?

Your artist name cannot be a name that is already a trademark registered to someone else. It also cannot be so close to a registered trademark that the two are likely to be confused with one another. Yes. They can always take legal action.

How many names do DJs have?

In reality, most DJs seem to have two or three “other” names we wish we could also use. Unfortunately, your relationship with your DJ name will have to be pretty monogamous. Accept this fact of life. For example, I’d love to be DJ Apocalips, but it’s a bit too doomsday/nasty for doing weddings!

Should I put ‘DJ’ in my name?

Anyone can have “DJ” added, so don’t feel like you need to make “DJ” an essential part of your name. Likewise, you may want to be wary of putting your favorite genre in your name. Like if you called “Techno King” but then later decided you play pure Electro then it’ll be a harder transition.

Can you have the same name as someone else?

While there’s no explicit rule that says you can’t have the same name as someone else (with the exception of trademark and copyright laws), common courtesy says don’t choose the same name. Plus, when you build a podcast you’re building a brand. Would you name your chain of furniture stores McDonald’s?

Should you create a second DJ persona?

Consider creating a second DJ persona – Is it possible to keep your original name for the area where it is most known (let’s say in the mobile DJ community) and add a second separate name for a new venture (eg your new nightclub name, for your nightclub gigs?)

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