Who was the tax adviser to famous DJ Tiesto charged with hiding $100 million from us?

Prosecutors say tax advisor Frank Butselaar helped clients avoid U.S. taxes on over $100 million in revenue. Among Butselaar’s celebrity clientele were Dutch DJs Afrojack and Tiësto.

Who was the tax adviser to famous DJ Tiesto charged with hiding $100 million from us?

Who is DJ Tiesto?

DJ Tiesto is a widely successful DJ, producer, and musician who DJs for massive audiences around the world. He has released five studio albums to date. Tiesto earns north of $40 million per year off merchandise, album sales, licensing and touring.

Did Tiesto pay taxes?

Greenberg said in its suit that Tiesto agreed to pay more than $75,000 to the Internal Revenue Service in 2020 for the tax years 2016 and 2017 as part of an agreement to resolve his potential liability for US taxes.

Was a Dutch tax advisor scheming to conceal $100 million?

A Dutch tax advisor who had a client list of top DJs and fashion industry figures was charged with scheming to conceal more than $100 million from the Internal Revenue Service.

Did a 63-year-old DJ conspire to hide money from his clients?

Prosecutors allege that Butselaar, 63, of Naarden, in the Netherlands, conspired to hide millions of dollars of income generated by his clients, including two internationally renowned DJs that used a series of offshore entities to conceal their earnings that were held by trusts established on his advice.

What nationality is Tiesto the DJ?


Tiësto / Nationality

Tijs Michiel Verwest (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈtɛis miˈxil vərˈʋɛst]; born 17 January 1969), known professionally as Tiësto (/tiˈɛstoʊ/ tee-EST-oh, Dutch: [ˈcɛstoː]), is a Dutch DJ and record producer.

Are Tiesto and David Guetta friends?

“We’re actually good friends,” Guetta said. “I have nothing but respect for him and friendship.

Who is Tiesto signed to?

Spinnin’ Records

Musical Freedom

Black Hole Recordings

Ultra Records

Revealed Recordings

Universal Music Group

Tiësto/Record labels

What record label is Tiësto signed to?

In 1994, Tiësto began releasing material on Noculan Records’ sub-labels Chemo and Coolman. Later that year he signed to Basic Beat Recordings, where he met Arny Bink. Tiësto released records on the sub-label Trashcan, founded by Bink, and created the sub-label Guardian Angel with Bink, where they introduced the popular Forbidden Paradise series.

Who is Tiësto and why is he famous?

Tiësto is a GRAMMY-winning producer, his massive hit ‘The Business’ on Atlantic Records is his latest Grammy nominated work which is certified Platinum in the US and has garnered over 1.3 Billion streams to date.

When is Tiesto ‘the business’ coming out?

Now, with his exclusive worldwide signing to Atlantic Records, Tiësto is poised to once again lead the next evolution of electronic dance music, as ever exploring uncharted terrain to create what may well be his biggest and boldest music thus far. Tiesto ‘ The Business ‘ will be available 25th September via Atlantic Records.

Who are Tiesto’s co-writers?

The other co-writers are the Swedish writing/production duo Julia Karlsson and Anton Rundberg, whose credits include Galantis’ “Runaway (U& I)” and Carly Rae Jepsen’s ” Party For One .” With the backing of Atlantic, “The Business,” became one of Tiesto’s most successful singles.

Who is Tiesto signed to?

Who were the original DJs?

British radio disc jockey Jimmy Savile hosted his first live dance party in 1943 using a single turntable and a makeshift sound system. Four years later, Savile began using two turntables welded together to form a single DJ console. In 1947, the Whisky à Gogo opened in Paris as the first discotheque.

Who was the first DJ to use a turntable?

By the early 1940s, radio DJ Jimmy Savile became known as the first DJ dance party playing jazz records in an Otley function room. He came to prominence at the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds and, in 1947, claimed to be the first DJ to use twin turntables.

What was the first DJ dance party?

He launched the world’s first DJ dance party by playing Jazz records in the upstairs room of a UK-based mutual society organization, and eventually became a radio DJ himself. The first commercial disco is often considered to be the Whiskey á Go-Go in Paris, France, which opened in 1947.

Who was the first DJ to mix & edit live?

Martinez is known as the first DJ who mixed and edited tracks live in 1964 and showcased what could be achieved with specialist gear. By the late 1960s, beatmatching continued to evolve and grow in popularity, as well as the technique of slip-cuing to line up tracks.

How did DJs change the world?

The following decades transformed people’s perceptions of the role of a DJ as others explored how DJs could use their role to create new art forms. In 1943, DJ Jimmy Savile held the world’s first live DJ dance party in the upstairs flex room of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds in Otley, England.

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