What equipment does Solomun use?

For my mobile on the road set-up I use a retina MacBook Pro with an RME Babyface soundcard, Genelec 6010 monitors and a UAD satellite card. Since I am on the road all the time, I do lots of stuff on my notebook. “I only use a small selection of hardware nowadays, don’t have to go overboard with lots of kit.

What equipment does Solomun use?

What is Solomun’s music?

This set shows Solomun’s career progression, where he transitioned his filmmaking career to discover his true passion through music. In this set, we can find techno, house, soul, and R&B influenced tracks. The mix starts with a beautiful, quiet intro and continues on with outstanding deep tracks.

What kind of outsole does Salomon use?

© Lakota Gambill The Wildcross uses Salomon’s Quicklace system to dial in a close-to-skin fit. Salomon shoes are renowned for their traction, and that’s largely thanks to the Contagrip outsole the company uses.

What is Solomun doing now?

Another career highlight occurred in 2018 when Solomun appeared in one of Grand Theft Auto Online’s DLC packages. When he’s not producing music for the digital world, Solomun is performing as resident DJ at Pacha in Ibiza, Spain. Where can I buy Solomun tickets?

What is Solomo and how does it work?

SoLoMo, short for Social, Local, Mobile, is a marketing strategy that targets customers where they spend the most time: on social media, on their mobile devices, and in their local regions. It’s a holistic approach for marketing to today’s consumers.

Why is Solomun famous?

Mladen Solomun (born December 27, 1975), better known under his stage name Solomun, is a Bosnian-German DJ. He is a four-time DJ Awards winner for Best Producer, Best DJ and Best Melodic House DJ.

What is Solomon most famous for?

Solomon is known for being the king of Israel who built the first Temple in Jerusalem. He was also the second (after

Who was King Solomon?

King Solomon. Writing Proverbs. Engraving by Gustave Doré (1832 – 1883). King Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived and also one of the most foolish. God gifted him with unsurpassed wisdom, which Solomon squandered by disobeying God’s commandments.

What does Solomun mean?

Look up solomun in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Solomun is a Croatian surname of Biblical origin, referring to King Solomon . This page lists people with the surname Solomun. If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person’s given name (s) to the link.

Why is Solomun famous?

What did Solomon receive from God?

According to the Hebrew scriptures, this impressed God, so Solomon received not only knowledge and wisdom, but also “riches and wealth and honor, such as none of the kings have had who were before you, nor shall any after you have the like” (2 Chronicles 1).

What genre is Solomun?

Solomun (musician)

GenresDeep House, Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance
Occupation(s)DJ Producer Remixer
Years active2002–present

Who is Solomun?

Solomun is an internationally renowned and award-winning DJ and producer from Croatia. He is best known for his deep house and tech house sound, which has earned him millions of fans and followers around the world. He has released several singles and albums, including “Nighttime Tales” (2018) and “Friends of Friends” (2012).

What kind of music did Solomun play?

He played funk, pop, hip-hop, house, techno. The music spilled out the open windows, initiating an impromptu street party. Everyone from tourists to sex workers started dancing. The experience was too much fun not to repeat. Solomun organized a ticketed party in an art gallery. A hundred and fifty people bought tickets; five hundred showed up.

How did Solomun become a rapper?

Solomun organized a ticketed party in an art gallery. A hundred and fifty people bought tickets; five hundred showed up. He eventually resolved to commit to music. With his paltry savings, he bought a cheap computer and asked a local hip-hop producer to help him learn digital-composition software. “I started from zero, no money,” he told me.

Does Solomun have a spa?

At forty-six, Solomun needs to be more mindful of his health. He receives frequent massages—what he calls “lazy yoga”—and he often plays tennis. (Solomun has a powerful game; when we played doubles this summer, he hit a forehand that left a welt on my wrist.) At the spa, we moved on to the ice bath.

When did Solomun get famous?


His stratospheric rise in popularity kicked off in 2012, after a legendary first season on Ibiza with his own label-inspired Diynamic Neon Nights at Sankeys. Here, he and his crew took up the challenge and initiated a take-over of what was becoming a clichéd scene.

Who was Solomon and what did he write?

He was the son of David and Bathsheba, the former wife of Uriah the Hittite whom David had killed to cover his infidelity with Bathsheba while her husband was on the battlefront. Solomon wrote the Song of Solomon, the book of Ecclesiastes, and much of the book of Proverbs.

Was King Solomon a sage?

Although Solomon was the original sage for many of his proverbs, he also searched his kingdom and empire for other writings and ideas of erudite men and included them in his compilations. Outside of the Hebrew scriptures, writings also exist that are attributed to King Solomon.

What instrument does a DJ use?

In hip hop music and occasionally in other genres that are influenced by hip hop (e.g., nu metal), the turntable is used as a musical instrument by DJs, who use turntables along with a DJ mixer to create unique rhythmic sounds and other sound effects.

What equipment do DJs use?

At scratching competitions, DJs can use only scratch-oriented gear (turntables, DJ mixer, digital vinyl systems or vinyl records only). In recorded hip hop songs, scratched “hooks” often use portions of other songs.

What instrument does a DJ use?

Does a DJ use a mixer?

No matter what device a DJ uses to play the music, it always goes through the mixer. If the DJ makes the mix, then the mixer makes the DJ. Some mixers control the audio signal from playback devices like turntables or CD players. Other mixers are controlling the software that functions as your playback device.

What does a DJ do?

“DJ” is used as an all-encompassing term to describe someone who mixes recorded music from any source, including vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, or digital audio files stored on USB stick or laptop. DJs typically perform for a live audience in a nightclub or dance club or a TV, radio broadcast audience, or an online radio audience.

How does a DJ sound system work?

A DJ’s sound system is a laboratory for making music magic. Twin turntables are standard, allowing the DJ to switch easily between songs, or spin and manipulate records in tandem to create effects or unique musical combinations. The turntables are wired to a receiver, amplifier, and earthquake-causing speakers.

What does a DJ controller do?

DJ controllers provide an interface to mix and manipulate digital music files rather than vinyl records or CDs. They allow DJs to transition between tracks, adjust parameters in real-time, apply effects, and perform other creative techniques to produce a seamless DJ mix.

What is a DJ controller?

A DJ Controller is an all-in-one unit with a mixer and two turntables equipped for connecting to a laptop/PC with DJ applications. It usually only connects through USB and doesn’t have any analog inputs, although some do. It also may lack other features included in a mixer, such as an XLR microphone input and some controls.

What is the function of performance pads in a DJ controller?

Usually the main function of performance pads in a DJ controller is to let DJ use hot-cues. Hot-cues are one of the most useful DJ controller features. Hot-cue is a button function that allows the DJ to come back to a selected point of the currently playing track.

Why is a DJ controller better than a keyboard?

The controller’s interface takes over, delivering more efficiency and power than a keyboard setup. Most controllers have jog wheels, knobs, performance pads, faders and other useful inputs. This kind of intuitive interface gives modern DJs a convenient way to mix with fewer elements to manage.

What is DJ controller pioneer DDJ-RX?

DJ Controller Pioneer DDJ-RX (launched 2015) with the mixing software Rekordbox (by Mixvibes ), which comes packaged with many Pioneer products, running on a computer DJ controllers are devices used to help DJs mix music with DJ software using knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, backlit buttons, touch strips, and other components.

What kind of music does Solomun make?

house music

Solomun’s musical roots are in hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B. His sound has been described as “house music, but with deep, ultra funky basslines, euphoric melodies and emotionally charged vocals”. In 2015, he was holding two residencies on Ibiza, at night-clubs Pacha and Destino.

How tall is Solomun DJ?

Solomun is a forty-six-year-old German-Bosnian-Croat from Hamburg who looks like a Visigoth chief or a retired linebacker: six feet three and meaty, with a graying beard and long dark hair that he often wears pulled back.

How tall is Solomun DJ?

How old is Solomun?

Solomun was born on December 27, 1975, and is currently 47 years old. How tall is Solomun? Solomun was raised in Hamburg, and he is a DJ, producer, and three-time DJ Awards winner for Best Producer and Best Deep House DJ. After Solomun was born in Bosnia, as requested by his father, he moved to Hamburg with his family.

What is DJ Solomun’s net worth in 2023?

He is a four-time DJ Awards winner for Best Producer, Best Deep House DJ, and Best Melodic House. In 2011, Solomun remixed Noir & Haze’s ‘Around.’ The track was dubbed Remix of the Year by Resident Advisor. He was named Mixmag’s “DJ of the Year” in 2012. As of September 2023, Solomun’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $1.3 Billion.

Who is Mladen Solomun?

Mladen Solomun (born December 27, 1975), better known under his stage name Solomun, is a Bosnian-German DJ. He is a four-time DJ Awards winner for Best Producer, Best DJ and Best Melodic House DJ. After Solomun was born in Travnik, Yugoslavia (today Bosnia and Herzegovina ), he moved to Hamburg with his family, where he grew up.

What kind of music does Solomun play?

Solomun’s musical roots are in hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B. His sound has been described as “house music, but with deep, ultra funky basslines, euphoric melodies and emotionally charged vocals”. In 2015, he was holding two residencies on Ibiza, at night-clubs Pacha and Destino.

Does Solomun have a sister?

Magdalena Solomun

Solomun / Sister

Is Solomun married to his sister?

“ He is crazy about his wife. ” Pretty sure Solomun isn’t married to his sister but the fact remains, their connection is strong and The Hat is jealous. Still not willing to give up, The Hat goes in for her second cheers with the man himself. This one feels more sincere and she seems pleased.

Why does Solomon refer to his wife as his sister?

Why does Solomon refer to his wife as his sister (Song of Solomon 4:9)? The Song of Solomon is a beautiful, poetic presentation of married love. Chapter 4 deals with the wedding night; as the bridegroom and his bride consummate the marriage, they speak to each other tender words of praise and affirmation.

Where does Solomun live in Ibiza?

In 2015, he was holding two residencies on Ibiza, at night-clubs Pacha and Destino. Until the end of June 2014, he owned the Hamburg-based club Ego, co-run by his sister and Adriano Trolio. Solomun kicked off the Ibiza 2013 season by presiding over the Burn Studios Residency bootcamp.

Who is Solomun Trolio?

Until the end of June 2014, he owned the Hamburg -based club Ego, co-run by his sister and Adriano Trolio. Solomun’s musical roots are in hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B. His sound has been described as “house music, but with deep, ultra funky basslines, euphoric melodies and emotionally charged vocals”.

How much does Pacha pay Solomun?

Pacha pays out over €18 million a year to its DJ’s and one would expect that Solomun, as its star player, to pocket over 20% of that amount alongside David Guetta, whose salary of €3.2 Million was publicly disclosed in 2014.

How much did Pacha pay Solomun?

Solomun loathes talking about money, and he forbids associates to disclose his earnings. But a knowledgeable person who worked in Ibiza’s clubs told me that Pacha paid Solomun two million euros for twenty shows in the 2013 season. (The source noted that Solomun had to pay his +1 d.j.’s fee, and his own expenses.)

Does Pacha Ibiza have Solomun +1?

Then, you can’t miss Solomun +1, the indisputable appointment on Sundays for all party lovers at Pacha Ibiza. Solomun +1, more than a party to dance, is a party to awaken emotions. The DJ has always been clear: we all …

When is Solomun + 1 playing at Pacha’s 50th anniversary party?

You can also catch Solomun playing back-to-back alongside Marco Carola for Pacha’s 50th Anniversary Party on Wednesday 2 August. Head here for tickets and more info. Check out all the latest sounds from Solomun + 1 in this Spotify playlist and head here to subscribe.

How much does Pacha pay Solomun?

What is the difference between Pacha & Solomun?

Pacha has one main room, and Solomun prefers a simple formula. He believes that dancers yearn to be taken on a musical journey, and that the way to lead them is to create a long, involving set. When Solomun plays, he invites only one other d.j., his “+1”—tonight it would be Janson.

How do DJs record their mixes?

You can record your DJ mix on Rekordbox either on its own or with your DJ equipment plugged in. Most DJs will record their mix on Rekordbox by performing the mix with their DJ equipment and recording it in the software on their laptop while they are connected.

How to record a video DJ mix?

It’s possible to use the recording function within DJ software, such as Serato in the below example. This makes for very easy recording of your DJ mixes. Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to record a video DJ mix. Assuming that Serato DJ is all setup and you’re already been mixing it up. Then follow the below steps to record a mix.

Should you record Your DJ sets?

Every DJ should record his or her DJ sets. There’s a very simple reason: there is only one person in the whole world who doesn’t hear your DJing how it really is, and that person is you. Why? Because you’re too busy doing it. Ever heard your own voice on a recording, and thought, “Urgh! Is that REALLY how I sound?” Well, guess what?

Does DJ software have a record function?

Nearly all DJ software comes with a record function so it’s as simple as hitting the record button and away you go. For the most popular DJ software such as Traktor, Serato and Record Box, there is a record botton either on the top left or centre of the screen. Hit the record button once to start and again to stop.

How do you set up a DJ mix?

One of the key tricks when setting up your recordings is to follow the signal path and make sure that nowhere along the line is your mix peaking – watch for your master signal in your DJ software, on your mixer, and in your audio input settings – and make sure that it’s not in the red or peaking at any step of the way.

What CDJ do DJs use?

Most clubs use Pioneer CDJ. While there are several models, this brand is the most common because of producing quality DJ equipment.

What DJ equipment do clubs use?

A standard club will utilize equipment such as: turntables, a mixer, special software for music, headphones, and a sound system of some sort to produce electronic music. A lot of times, they don’t carry all of this. Sometimes, clubs will just have the PA system and expect you to bring the rest.

What software do DJs use?

On their laptops, they use DJ software for choosing tracks and preparing sets, which later, along with a mixer/DJ controller, serves them as a tool when performing. Traktor, Ableton, and Fl Studio are DJ software most used by professional DJs in the music scene, such as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Tiesto, Martin Garix, David Guetta, and many more.

Do you need a DJ controller for a club?

It’s likely that one day you will turn up to a club that uses DJ controllers instead of independent players with a mixer. Therefore you should be ready to use a controller and know the basics of working one in conjunction with a computer and software. Before you head over to DJ at a club you need to pack the right items in your bag.

What CDJ do DJs use?

What makes a good DJ?

Professional DJs have to be creative and develop musical transitions that work at a moment’s notice, which is also true for instrumentalists and musicians. Therefore DJs and instrumentalists share common ground when it comes to live performance. 4. DJs Use Digital Instruments The instrument debate is a big one in the music world.

Do clubs provide DJ equipment?

Most clubs have their own DJ Equipment. However, some DJs prefer to carry their own because they want to work with something they’re used to.

Which club equipment should I buy?

All clubs will be using good reliable equipment, but the choice of set-up can vary from club to club. The industry has been dominated by Pioneer equipment for a long time now. Ever since the Pioneer CDJ 1000 made its mark and proved itself as a bulletproof player, Pioneer has become the industry standard.

What is the difference between a club DJ and a mobile DJ?

Usually club DJs play other people’s music. Mobile DJs are the unsung heroes of the music industry. They travel far and wide to produce the soundtrack for weddings, corporate parties, school dances and other private events. Unlike nightclub DJs, mobile DJs are approachable, engage in conversation with attendees and may even take requests.

How to become a club DJ?

If you want to become a regular, however, you need to get familiar with some of the most popular club DJ equipment. Some of them include the Pioneer CDJ mixer and the Pioneer DJM 900 NXS 2 Mixer. Practicing on them will ensure you have a good grasp of the gear. DJ City has done a video review of the DJM 900 NXS 2.

Is Solomun a producer?

Solomun plays a major role in redefining European house music with productions, remixes and DJing by taking the very building blocks of House and deftly reconstructing them with a modern twist. A respected underground DJ and producer for a number of years, his stratospheric rise in popularity kicked off in 2012.

How did Solomun become a producer?

Within a few years, Solomun and these friends were running their own club in Hamburg, called ego, and had founded a record label, DIYnamic. Solomun’s first releases as a producer—including his sultry 2009 album, “ Dance Baby ”—made few waves outside Germany.

Where is Solomun now?

He has also been nominated for the Beatport Music Awards in 2014 and 2015. Solomun currently resides in Berlin, Germany with his wife and two children. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family. Want to suggest changes?

What does Diplo use to produce music?

Diplo’s production digital audio workstation of choice is Ableton Live. He uses a pair of Adam S3A studio monitors as well as a pair of Focal SM9 studio monitors.

What software does Diplo use?

Ableton Live is very professional and advanced software that is used by almost all mainstream artists who are topping the charts. Diplo uses Ableton Live for his music production and live performance. On the official website of Ableton Live, there is an article on Diplo answering some of the questions on him using the software.

Is Diplo releasing a ‘so long’ song?

In 2019, Diplo released the song “So Long” under the moniker Thomas Wesley, featuring American country singer Cam. In a press release, he stated that there are “several forthcoming collaborations with country artists” planned following “So Long”, which came in the form of Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil released in 2020.

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